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  • June 14th 2018

    Pinterest Thursday revealed a new specialty within its Pinterest Marketing Partners program: Creative.

    Creative joins Advertising, Content Marketing, Audiences and Measurement under the Pinterest Marketing Partners umbrella… read more 

  • June 7th 2018

    VidMob combines computer vision and language AI services for data-driven creative asset production.

    VidMob is a social video creation platform that marketers of all sizes can use to develop personalized advertising communications at scale. VidMob uses machine learning (ML) to power its SaaS application. This application uses…read more 



  • May 14th 2018

    VidMob Raises $6.4M in Additional Capital Taking Its Total to Over $20M

    VidMob announced today that it has closed an additional $6.4M extension to its previously announced Series A financing. The additional funding will be dedicated to growing the company’s Engineering and Data Insights teams and…read more 

  • May 14th 2018


    With the Fresh Raise, VidMob Will Expand Its Creative Insights Platform and Grow Internationally to Meet Growing Client Demand…read more 

  • May 10th 2018

    The Importance of Social Video for Brands – with Emma Cookson of You & Mr. Jones and Alex Collmer of VidMob

    VidMob is a social video editing platform that partners with brands across industries to help them create social videos. VidMob recently raised an additional $6.4 million, bringing its total funding to $20 million…read more 

  • April 13th 2018

    Interview with Alex Collmer, Founder & CEO, VidMob

    [MTS] Tell us about your role at VidMob and how you got here. What inspired you to launch a video technology platform?
    [AC] I’m the founder and CEO of VidMob. My entire career has been spent as…read more 

  • March 8th 2018

    How VidMob is helping marketers create video at scale in the age of short-form video

    At any moment a marketing team needs to instantly transform themselves into a video production house. Whether a crisis emerges for a brand, or a major marketer is involved with a big event like an awards show, it’s no longer enough to just produce a commercial. Now…read more 



  • March 8th 2018

    The Everlasting Life Of A Campaign

    The sad fact is that all ads die.

    Just like plants, animals, and radioactive elements, ads decay over time and eventually cease to function. This is a big part of the reason marketing efforts have historically been thought of in terms of finite campaigns. But that’s all changing….read more 

  • December 14th 2017

    Snap Lets Brands Develop Their Own AR Activations with Lens Studio 

    Just days after Facebook announced the public beta of its augmented reality development tools, Snap has done the same with Lens Studio, allowing brands to design and distribute their own AR activations within the Snapchat app…read more 

  • December 14th 2017

    Snapchat Launches Augmented Reality Developer Platform Lens Studio

    Snapchat is finally opening up so outside developers can help it offer infinite augmented reality experiences beyond those it designs in-house…read more 

  • December 14th 2017

    Snapchat Wants You to Build its Next Dancing Hotdog

    Snap is opening up its augmented reality platform to everyone on Thursday. That means anyone with some graphic design and Photoshop skills can now create AR features for Snapchat’s camera…read more 

  • November 23rd 2017

    How VidMob Wants to Make Human Creativity Scalable

    VidMob, a video creation marketplace which announced this week that is has raised $7.5 million in funding, is seeking to make the process of video creation easier for marketers. The platform connects…read more 

  • November 17th 2017

    NEW YORKNov. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — VidMob, the world’s leading video creation network and platform, announced today that it has secured $7.5 million in a Series A round of financing. In addition to the…read more 

  • November 8th 2017

    How Brands like WeWork and Spotify Get Creative with Facebook Advertising

    Our Creative Partner Panel invited Jonny Mole of Shuttlerock, Brett Klee of ReFUEL4, and Jerry Bell of VidMob to share the stage…read more 

  • October 4th 2017

    #Promote Innovation Challenge: Announcing the 2017 Winners

    In May, we announced that the 2017 #Promote Innovation Challenge would highlight marketing solutions leading the industry in three categories: Content + Creative, Video, and Ad Tech. We were blown away… read more 

  • August 16th 2017

    Business Insider Names VidMob One of the Most-Interesting Ad-Tech Upstarts of 2017

    We’ve also included firms looking to shape the future of video and TV advertising, where software and algorithms have barely scratched the surface of what they can achieve… read more 

  • July 5th 2017

    Snapchat Has Made Ad Skipping a Feature of the App—and That Poses an Existential Question

    NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns was shooting hoops a few weeks ago in a video shared on Snapchat Stories, the social-messaging video feature.

    It all looked like a pretty typical Snapchat post—until he… read more 



  • July 5th 2017

    Driving Business Impact with Ads in Instagram Stories

    Since globally launching earlier this year, Instagram Stories has quickly become a game-changer in the way businesses reach their customers and drive results. With 200M Instagrammers using stories daily, more and more brands have integrated stories’ full screen ad capabilities… read more 

  • June 19th 2017

    VidMob Featured as Launch Partner in Yext App Directory

    NEW YORK — June 19, 2017 — VidMob announced today a software integration with Yext, the digital knowledge management provider, as a featured partner in the new Yext App Directory. The new Yext App Directory allows businesses to connect digital knowledge…read more 

  • VidMob Awarded Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner Badges

    NEW YORK — June 1, 2017 —VidMob, the leading technology-enabled marketplace for video creation, announced today that it has been formally badged as a member of both the Facebook Marketing Partners and Instagram Partners programs. VidMob was awarded the coveted partner badge within the Content Marketing specialty. read more 


  • February 23rd 2017

    VidMob Launches Self-Service Platform for Snap Ads, Enabling Any Company to Buy, Create, and Manage Campaigns

    NEW YORK, NY — February 23, 2017 — VidMob announced today that it is launching a self-service advertising platform for Snapchat. While existing ads partners cater solely to large brands and advertising agencies, VidMob’s campaign management tool will… read more 

  • February 23rd 2017

    VidMob Launches Self-Service Platform for Snap Ads, Enabling Any Company to Buy, Create, and Manage Campaigns

    VidMob announced today that it is launching a self-service advertising platform for Snapchat. While existing ads partners cater solely to large brands and advertising agencies, VidMob’s campaign management tool will bring the potential of Snap Ads to companies of all sizes for the first time. read more 

  • February 23rd 2017

    Now Anyone Can Advertise on Snapchat, Thanks to VidMob

    With its forthcoming IPO in play, Snap, Inc. has been a hot subject of discussion as the company looks to hit upwards of a $22 billion valuation. And given… read more 

  • February 23rd 2017

    VidMob Rolls Out a Self-Serve Campaign Manager for Snap Ads.

    Snapchat is settling into ad tech, and so are its partners.

    Video production and editing startup VidMob, one of five Creative API partners that Snapchat announced in late January, launched a self-serve platform on Thursday that lets advertisers and publishers create, manage and buy Snap Ads within a single interface.  read more 

  • February 23rd 2017

    VidMob, whose platform provides clients access to thousands of video post-production professionals, is expanding its scope, announcing this morning that it is launching a self-service ad platform for Snapchat. This means that small-to-medium sized businesses will be able to buy, create and manage video ad campaigns through one interface… read more 

  • January 31st 2017

    VidMob Named a Snapchat Partner to Help Brands Ease Creation of Snap Ads

    VidMob announced today that the company has been named a Creative API Partner. VidMob will make it easier for brand advertisers to create Snap Ads that they can run on the platform… read more 

  • January 31st 2017

    Snapchat Launches Ad Tech Platform 2.0 Inspired by Facebook’s Model

    Snapchat is launching its ad platform 2.0, and it’s borrowing Facebook’s strategy to catch up to its rival as quickly as possible… read more 

  • January 31st 2017

    Snapchat Opens Up Its APIs to All Advertisers, Quickening Monetisation March

    Brands no longer need to go directly through Snapchat to buy their ads in a move that opens the floodgates to a larger volume of advertisers that perhaps have been reluctant to spend with the app due to its limitations… read more 


  • January 31st 2017

    Snapchat Launches New Facebook-Inspired Ad Technology Platform

    Snapchat is launching a new Facebook-inspired ad platform. While it has had an API since 2016, today marks its official opening of the platform out of beta with sixteen partnerships already in play with a goal of reaching a wider user-base, including brands and agencies, and allowing them to buy directly on the social network… read more 

  • June 3rd 2016

    The Video Content Stack: How to Scale Video Production

    Software may be eating the world, but video is feasting on the attention of today’s consumers… read more 

  • May 27th 2016

    4 Ways Marketers Can Conquer Video Content

    To keep pace with surging demand for video content, CMOs will need to… read more 

  • January 13th 2016

    Video Feature: Some Standouts at the International CES

    LAST week, manufacturers from all over the world gathered in Las Vegas — as they do every January — for International CES, a giant electronics show… read more 

  • December 24th 2015

    Got a new smartphone? Download these apps

    You’ve booted up your new smartphone and are eager to download a bunch of apps… read more 



  • December 14th 2015

    Personal Branding Trends for 2016

    Video is a powerful way to create emotional connections when you can’t be there in person. You can deliver a complete communication and engage in conversations with the viewer. Real-time video creates the closest possible approximation of a face-to-face meeting… read more 

  • December 8th 2015

    VidMob on The View!

    Watch VidMob on The View with special guests Wendy Williams and Babyface… watch full episode here →


  • November 19th 2015

    VidMob’s New iPhone App Wants to Help Businesses Make Better Facebook Videos

    New York-based video editing startup Vidmob launched an iPhone app Thursday that is all about making better videos. The Vidmob app is offering users to upload their videos, and then find a professional to edit them for a fee through an on-demand marketplace, complete with variable prices and… read more 

  • November 19th 2015

    VidMob Launches Video Editing Marketplace App on iOS

    VidMob has announced the official release of its app on iOS, which allows users to hire editors to create professionally edited videos from their own photos and video clips… read more 

  • October 15th 2015

    VidMob Raises $2M To Build A Marketplace Where You Can Find Professional Video Editors

    So you’ve shot some cool video footage– congrats! But if it needs any editing, you’ve still got a lot of work ahead of you.

    Or you could try out a startup called VidMob, which is building a marketplace for professional video editors… read more  

  • October 15th 2015

    VidMob Announces First App Marketplace for Smartphone Users to Get Professionally Edited Videos

    VidMob today announced that the company will soon launch the first app marketplace for getting professionally edited videos made from the photos and videos on smartphone devices. The VidMob app works by allowing… read more