10 Resources for Advertisers, Creatives and Marketers

By : Amanda Batista


It’s summertime and that means vacation vibes, trips to the beach, barbecues, and hopefully some relaxation for you hard-working performance optimizers. 

To help you up the ante on your recreational and rejuvenating summer break, we’re sharing our latest and greatest content resources, each under five minutes or less, in one consolidated list for easy access, reading and sharing. To beat the heat, our teams have furiously focused on serving up turnkey insights, timely industry news and best practices while highlighting innovative thinkers, creators, and performance-driven leaders. 


1. VidMob Pop In: Snap, Jeff Miller
View time: ~3 min
Live from Cannes, VidMob’s CEO Alex Collmer enjoys a candid catch up with Snap’s ARCADIA Co-Founder, Jeff Miller. Hear them talk things #AR and where brands are headed with their media mix.


2. WARC White Paper: Signal Loss
Read time: ~5 min
As a marketer, you’ve probably become increasingly familiar with the term “Signal Loss,” otherwise known as the essential impact of limited reach to different audiences. Written by VidMob’s own marketing leader, Andrea Ward, this content offers helpful insights and tips to navigate this impending, important industry shift.


3. Intelligent Creative Spotlight: Chira Schaad
View time: ~3 min
Brand, content and creative trailblazers: They’re just like us! This video highlights the story of L’Oreal’s Head of Brand Engagement, Chira Schaad, and how she transformed the creative process with insights and data. Intelligent Creative helps the entire beauty brand work more efficiently.


4. Smart Advertiser’s Guide to Creative Automation
Read time: ~2 min
That demand for content production is burdening creative teams, leaving them uninspired and focused on the wrong way of thinking. So what is the most effective and efficient way to share brand stories? Enter Creative Automation.


5. On Purpose: A VidMob Brand Documentary
View time: ~3-5 min
A three-part documentary series that shares our commitment to building a purpose-driven company.


6. VidMob Pop In: LinkedIn, Peter Weinberg
View time: ~3 min
LinkedIn’s Head of the B2B Institute, Peter Weinberg, shares his wisdom with us on why now more than ever B2B brands should keep top of the funnel top of mind.


7. VidMob Analysis: The Role of Color in Creative Campaigns
View time: ~3 min
We analyzed the personal care and beauty verticals by asking key questions about the use of color in their ad creative and how it affected campaign performance. The report offers key findings and observations about color, as well as tips and takeaways to inspire what you (or your team) make next.


8. VidMob Pop In: Google, Venetia Taylor
View time: ~3 min
Head of Creative Strategy, Venetia Taylor, hits on the idea of revealing the “soul of the data” – or the richness of insights we now can glean from our creative. She also shares her hopes for a new age of imagination where people take precedence as the most critical creative audience.


9. The Future is Here, And it’s Just in Time
Read time: ~2 min
Inside this blog post written by our CEO, Alex Collmer, you’ll find a few examples from our friends at ABI, Johnson & Johnson, and Diego, of how some of the smartest companies are using Intelligent Creative to transform marketing.


10. 4 Insights to Improve Your Holiday Ad Calls to Action
Read time: ~5 min
Get ready for holidays in July with a helpful view of CTA best practices to optimize your brand’s 2022 holiday shopping season. Check out last year’s analysis of what sorts of ad creative influenced online shoppers, top copy used to engage gift givers and more.


For more, we invite you to check out our Resources Library for additional education and knowledge sharing.