Behind-the-Scenes: Our App Redesign

By : Katie Fagan


Ever wonder what happens to all that feedback you so kindly provide to businesses—you know, like after taking a survey or hitting the “send feedback” button? Well, we’re about to show you!

As we prepare our platform for launch, we thought it would be great to not only update you on our progress, but to also show you how we’re using your feedback to make VidMob the best it can be. Because, let’s face it, without all your comments and suggestions, we wouldn’t be able to get the platform to be its most functional, most intuitive, most fun-to-use self. It’s your help that gets us there. So here’s a sneak peek into our app redesign, where you can see your hard work at play. Now, how cool is that?

Project Creation

We’ve simplified the project creation process so that the very first time a user signs into the app, they’re prompted to get a project underway right away. Why? Because that’s the heart of what makes VidMob  so exciting—project creation! Now our users don’t have to waste any time getting started. They can just jump right into the fun.


Perhaps the biggest change in our project creation flow is the ease of our collaboration integration. At VidMob, we believe that most of life is a multi-camera shoot. Whether it’s you and your wife with videos of your son learning how to ride a bike, or you and 100 friends celebrating at a wedding, life is enjoyed together! So just imagine how amazing your videos could be if it were a cinch to collect that all footage in one place for an editor to work with. Well, guess what? With our new redesign, it’s never been easier to do just that.

My Projects Home Screen

We’ve reorganized where and how projects will live in the app so that they’re all in one, easy-to-access space. Hooray for simplicity (are you noticing a trend here in our redesign?) That way, you can find the exact project you want, faster.

The Bottom Nav Bar

We agreed with you that the best features of our app should be the ones that get the most love, which is why we relocated our most important app functions into our new, bottom nav bar. Here, you can easily find the MobFeed, your messages inbox, the My Projects page, and access to your profile—all the VidMob essentials in one place.

And just think, these are only some of the new redesign features that will be coming your way for our next round of beta testing and eventual launch. We hope that you are just as excited to see your suggestions in action as we were to make it happen!