Headed to Advertising Week New York with Kenvue: Q+A on Data-Driven Creative

By : Jill Gray


As we ramp up for Advertising Week New York, we sat down with our two fireside chat speakers, esteemed client, Ander Lopez Ochoa, EMEA Head of Digital, Content, Media & eCommerce Marketing at Kenvue and our VidMob Head of Marketing, Jill Gray. Here, they answer some questions on the data-driven creative process and how data and creativity work best together. 


How do you see data and creativity coming together?


Ander: Data has been one of the underlying competitive drivers for many businesses to improve their consumer engagement as well as their media execution. We are now witnessing the growth of a new category of data in relation to creativity. A new category which will enable not only best-in-class execution but ownership around how we think about proprietary/competitive algorithms that will supercharge our creative execution.


Jill: Thanks to AI, we now have actual creative data.  AI Recognition technology unlocks a layer of data in ads that can finally link creative decisions to media outcomes.  This changes the game!   


What types of creative do you find perform best?


Ander: There is no single answer to this question, as it widely depends on your brand objective, but we certainly need to make sure all of our creatives are fit for purpose, fit for platform and will build mental availability of our brands through consistency and distinctiveness.


Jill: The beautiful thing about creativity is that it is always changing.  What works today on one platform or for one brand will not be the same thing that works one year from now.  The moment creativity becomes a formula, it stops working.  That’s why brands need a way to constantly discover new insights that drive meaningful performance outcomes. 


What’s your process for refining campaigns? 


Ander: The main changes versus the way we used to work in the past, lie in the fact that we are now able to pre-test, at scale, the fit for purpose/platform of our creatives, before even going live; and even, very soon, we will be able to anticipate its performance. But right now, we do pre-tests and post-tests of every creative and allocate budgets post-production to be able to adapt to insights.


Jill: VidMob has 2 solutions:  


1) automated tools for creative controls – assuring that no creative gets media spend behind it that doesn’t meet minimum platform best practices and brand consistency guidelines.  


And 2) VidMob has a creative discovery engine that looks at historical creative for your brand and identifies new creative insights to apply to new production.  


How do you envision the future of data-driven creative?


Ander: It’s not always that you get the challenge to work & define the future of a totally new category within marketing; creative intelligence is growing, as was programmatic, targeting or even website analytics a few years back.


But the future of data-driven creativity will be structured around (1) Data, (2) Algorithms, (3) Prompting and (4) ML Generation. 


Jill: In a world of generative AI, the only thing that will matter is the prompt. How will you know WHAT creative to make? Data-driven creative will be the only way forward.  


Join Ander and Jill on stage at AdWeek on Tuesday, October 17 to continue the conversation on Creative Effectiveness! Buy your ticket here