Heineken increases campaign efficiency by 58% with Creative Data from Vidmob

By : Paulo Almeida


In recent years, non-alcoholic beer has gained popularity in the global beverage market, and Brazil is no exception to this trend. According to Euromonitor International, consumption of non-alcoholic beer has tripled in Brazil over the past four years and is expected to reach one billion liters by 2027. This increase is primarily driven by young people’s desire for a healthier lifestyle.

 Recognizing this shift in behavior, major beverage companies are adopting innovative strategies to attract new consumers. The Dutch brewery Heineken, is a prominent example in Brazil. Present at major events such as Rock in Rio, The Town and CCXP (the world’s largest pop culture festival), Heineken 0.0 — the non-alcoholic version of the brand — has piqued the interest of traditional beer consumers.

Heineken also has a significant presence at major sporting events, such as Formula 1, where it executes  various global marketing campaigns. One notable initiative is the Heineken Village, an immersive space offering attractions like shows, games, and other activities. “The consumption of non-alcoholic beer is not just for avoiding  alcohol, but for those who sometimes prefer a non-alcoholic option for responsible consumption”, says Fernanda Saboya, director of Consumer Connections at Heineken. “This concept of personalization motivates us even more to develop a zero-alcohol beer that leads sales in Brazil. The brand values ​​the consumer experience and invests in initiatives like Heineken Village, providing interaction and synergy between the consumer and the brand.”

To enhance the performance of Heineken Village’s creatives in Brazil, the company invested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) by leveraging Vidmob’s creative data. Vidmob’s platform allows marketers to analyze digital  advertising assets to understand customers’ interactions and make more informed decisions. This AI-driven approach has led to a  58% increase in the effectiveness of Heineken’s promotional videos on Instagram and Facebook and resulted in overall effectiveness for its other major brand campaigns.

 Results Transformed with Creative Data Insights

Vidmob insights revealed that elements like a designed race track and textual components  negatively impacted engagement in the first three seconds of videos. Vidmob suggested prioritizing creatives with less text and elements, using only “Heineken Village,” which yielded better results. Additionally, aerial footage of the racetrack significantly boosted user retention and engagement, especially in feed.

 Vidmob recommended making the message more direct by including dates, address, event details. For stories, Vidmob advised starting videos with aerial footage. The presence of women also increased retention and interactions, particularly in stories. In this format and in the feed, Vidmob further recommended showcasing people participating in activities like shows, ziplines, and bars to enhance engagement. These strategies helped Heineken’s campaign become a success story powered by creative data.

 The effectiveness of creative data in a campaign is measured by comparing the results achieved by videos optimized with Vidmob’s insights to those produced without them. In Heineken’s campaign featuring four videos, creatives using Vidmob’s creative data reduced CPM (cost per thousand impressions) by 58.1% and CPC (cost per click) by 14.9%.

 “We analyzed the existing ‘Heineken Village’ campaign and suggested changes based on the platform’s insights. Since the product targets a young audience, and not just motorsport fans, the pieces became more modern, lighter, and attractive”, explains Miguel Caeiro, Head Latam at Vidmob.

 Vidmob’s exclusive AI tool analyzes ads frame by frame, identifying elements like people, facial expressions, objects, colors, environments (indoor or outdoor), logo positions, and text among others. This data is crossed-referenced with performance and audience interaction metrics from media platforms, resulting in a rich and detailed analysis of each element in the campaign.These insights enable marketers to understand  and improve creative decisions, enhancing business performance and results.

Vidmob is a global leader in AI-powered creative data, pioneering a new era in campaign management for global brands. This new approach empowers marketers and agency professionals to understand which creative elements work and ensure creative adheres to brand guidelines and platform rules, which transforming campaigns into success stories by reducing production costs and exceeding KPIs.