Want to Improve LinkedIn Campaign Performance? Create a Video

By : Emily Connaker


LinkedIn may not come first to mind if you’re planning your next video campaign, and that could be a costly mistake. Video is a relatively new format for LinkedIn and it doesn’t work the same way as it does with other digital platforms. However, it is highly effective when aiming to engage and grow your audience. 

The issue is marketers are struggling to design and produce compelling LinkedIn video content — they want to drive better performance but don’t know how. It’s imperative marketers nail their video campaigns as members are 20x more likely to share a video on LinkedIn than any other post type. So, getting the expertise and resources to produce quality creatives should be a high priority. 

To take the next step, there is a data-driven solution that makes it easy to create and optimize high-performing LinkedIn video campaigns. VidMob, the leading creative effectiveness platform, became an official LinkedIn Marketing Partner in 2018 and has since analyzed over 200,000 ads, gleaning insights to boost campaign performance on the platform. It’s all about making creative decisions that drive impact. Brands now act on insights, not instinct and are seeing incredible results. Read on to learn how.


Why is Video Content Important on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the most established social media platforms in today’s social media market, with 930+ million users. It’s a platform that every business or professional should be leveraging. One of the best ways to boost your engagement on LinkedIn is to post videos that resonate and have a strong call to action.

Launching quality videos helps you connect with your audience on a deeper level. While other forms of content certainly have their place — and your LinkedIn strategy should include a good mix — video content offers an unmatched level of authenticity. 

Here are some reasons to consider this avenue:

  • LinkedIn video content can drive three times more engagement than plain text posts. 
  • Video content helps build trust — People connect better with faces than words. This approach humanizes your business, encouraging relationship building.
  • Video content appeals to Millennials, who are now the largest living demographic. They’re also the primary B2B decision-makers, so you must create relatable content to drive results on LinkedIn. Explainer and behind-the-scenes videos are a great starting point, in addition to brand stories, expert interviews, and trending industry news.

Making Quality Videos Can Be Challenging

Videos have undeniable power. They are attention-grabbing, easy to consume, and shareable. So far in 2023, consumers have spent 56.3% of their social network time engaging with videos. And where are they watching? On mobile, though connected TV (CTV) streaming is becoming more prominent, growing 27.2% in 2023 alone.

Despite the obvious benefits, marketers still aren’t maximizing the potential of video. The Content Marketing Institute’s 2022 Content Marketing and Visual Storytelling Survey found only 12% of marketers feel like they’re using video to its full potential.

The issue is mostly due to a lack of expertise and insight rather than the potential effectiveness. Unfortunately, creative design and production pay the price, creating a trickle-down effect. 

The numbers show that LinkedIn video ads are an underutilized strategy. That means money is being left on the table. However, with some guidance, companies could see results soar. 

Data shows that creative drives 70% of digital campaign results and can help your business generate 10-20x more sales. So, without realizing it, creative elements (or lack thereof) could hinder performance. Tweaking your creative design could make all the difference between a failing campaign and one that skyrockets your ROI.

To create winning LinkedIn video campaigns, you need to understand video performance. You also need access to crucial data.


A Video Campaign Solution: VidMob + LinkedIn

LinkedIn and VidMob are working together to provide a solution to help marketers incorporate more video into their paid advertising campaigns. Certain customers will now see notifications in their Campaign Manager offering information on how they can incorporate video into upcoming campaigns and use VidMob to better measure, build and optimize their videos. 

With VidMob, you can get insights on specific creative elements within your LinkedIn videos,  from video length, to product usage, messaging, to color contrast. That creative data is tied to your KPIs so you know which elements – and why –  they’re making or breaking your campaign performance. Now you can stop guessing on how to build and optimize your LinkedIn videos by investing in data-driven creative.

Learn how a data software company used VidMob’s platform to produce videos built to LinkedIn best practices and cut costs by 50%.


Introducing the Power of Creative Scoring + Analytics 

As an official LinkedIn Marketing Partner, VidMob has insights and production solutions for most budgets. These solutions are directly integrated into the LinkedIn Campaign Manager which offers convenient notifications related to your ad campaigns.

  • Creative Scoring: Ensure your creative consistently performs by aligning it with platform and brand best practices. You can ensure you’re meeting LinkedIn’s creative benchmarks for optimal ad performance.
  • Creative Analytics: Use AI to eliminate guesswork and make data-driven creative decisions that drive 60-100% KPI lifts.
  • Creative Hub: Use your own designers or get paired with an expertly-trained VidMob creator to build new or optimize existing LinkedIn video creative. Creative decisions will be data-informed so you know they’ll be platform-perfect.


Take Your LinkedIn Campaigns to the Next Level

VidMob is proud to be a LinkedIn Marketing Partner, helping brands stand out on LinkedIn.

Read more about VidMob’s recent creative insights for the B2B, financial services, tech, and luxury industries for LinkedIn videos then reach out to see how VidMob can help you.