Insights from the Meta Performance Marketing Summit: Why Creative Matters in 2023

By : Jade Manzi


VidMob recently had the opportunity to attend Meta’s Performance Marketing Summit in San Francisco, where we gained valuable insights from thought leaders on topics such as measurement, creative, AI, and maximizing impact using Meta Advantage. The summit provided a comprehensive overview of Meta’s perspective on the current media landscape, with a particular focus on the importance of good, differentiated creative in driving successful outcomes.


Creative Is King

One of the most significant takeaways from the summit was the emphasis placed on the leading role that strong creative plays as brands try to capture and hold attention in an increasingly crowded marketplace. It’s vital for brands to stand out from competitors and reach new audiences, and the Meta ads algorithm will favor a strong, differentiated approach to creative as part of this process. 

“Creative is one of the most important things you can focus on in 2023 to drive your performance advertising programs,” said Heidi Levyn, Industry Manager, Retail. “That is because creative fuels auction outcomes, and in turn, auction outcomes fuel business outcomes.”

The panelists highlighted the value of incorporating fresh and captivating creative to differentiate ads and prevent ad fatigue from repetitive exposure. Meta has also made it easy to leverage AI and ML to maximize creative performance with Meta Advantage.


The Impact of Creative on Campaign Success

Creative effectiveness has been front and center of many marketing conversations of recent and it was emphasized again at the summit. Meta revealed a provoking stat – that creative is the most impactful element of any campaign, with 56% of all outcomes attributable to creative. Beyond setting a bid and target segment, it’s creative that’s the biggest determining factor in the price and audience reach. 

This stat underscores the impact and contribution that creative makes in achieving campaign objectives and delivering positive results. Marketers can take back control of their performance marketing campaigns by focusing on getting the ad creative right. They support this again on the Meta creative center, suggesting that better performing creative can lower costs like:

  • 19% lower cost per link click
  • 21% lower cost per website conversion
  • 27% lower cost per app install

The Effect of Repeated Exposures to Creative

Another notable insight shared at the summit was the impact of repeated exposure to the same creative. After four repeated exposures, there was a 40% drop in click-through rate (CTR), which continued to decline. The effect was even more pronounced on conversions, with a 60% drop.

These findings highlight the need for diverse and engaging creative that can capture and maintain audience attention throughout the customer journey. 


VidMob’s Creative Scoring: Unlocking Intelligent Creative

At VidMob, we believe that creative is the new targeting. To help businesses optimize their creative strategies, we offer an essential service called Creative Scoring. Through our B2B, tech-led, SaaS-driven approach, we empower clients to effectively score and measure their creative quality, learn their brand’s best practices, and create high-performing content for every platform at scale. Sign up for a free demo today to learn how we can help you elevate the creative in your ad campaigns.