VidMob Completes Type 2 SOC 2 Examination

By : James Kupernik


From the very first days that we started architecting the VidMob platform, we’ve always built toward user data being private and protected by default. It was that foundational element in our approach to data security that we’ve continued to prioritize over the last 5 years which makes us thrilled to announce the completion of our Type 2 SOC 2 examination!

In October of last year, we were proud to have completed the Type 1 SOC 2 examination, without a single exception. Type 1 is a “point-in-time” report stating that we had a suitable design of our security controls on a specified date. Basically, we demonstrated that the design and implementation of our policies and procedures were suitable for the control objectives. While it was a great milestone for the company, for us, doing something once doesn’t fully validate the security posture we feel our customers and partners should expect from us.

Our eye was always on the operational effectiveness of our controls over an extended period of time. Type 2 SOC 2 applies a rigorous review of our systems and processes over a review period, for us Nov 1, 2019 – April 30th, 2020. Our effectiveness during this period was demonstrated without exception. The standards for this examination go well beyond the technology that powers our platform and protects your data. From the development and release of our software to the training of our employees and how we securely provide a managed service offering, it requires a company-wide embrace of security as a primary value in all decisions, processes, and actions.

With the completion of this examination, you no longer have to just “trust us.” As part of this audit process, third-party auditors tested VidMob’s controls, including examination of our policies and procedures regarding software development life cycle, network and firewall configurations, application security testing, computer operations, logical access, encryption standards, backup and disaster recovery, and other critical operational areas of business.

Our successful completion of this audit solidifies our commitment to the security of your data when using the VidMob platform. VidMob’s Type 2 SOC 2 report is available under NDA to all existing and potential customers. Get in touch with us today if you’d like a copy.