Vidmob’s Adobe After Effects Plugin Makes Designing More Efficient

By : Hayley Carloni


Alright, picture this: you’re a designer in the wild world of ad content production. Every day feels like a never-ending sprint, and just when you think you’ve caught your breath, BAM—another curveball. So much of the work is chasing down missing briefs or trying to make an ad “pop” with a four-hour deadline. Deadlines loom like storm clouds, and keeping up with constantly-changing platform formats and brand guidelines? It’s like reading hieroglyphics. But guess what? Vidmob is here to save our tired souls with their shiny new Adobe After Effects plugin.

Say Hello to Vidmob’s Adobe Plugin

Vidmob, the creative data genius, has dropped its new Adobe Plugin. This isn’t just any plugin—it’s the first in a series aimed at making Generative AI-powered creative production a breeze. The After Effects plugin brings creative briefs and insights, and offers AI-powered pre-flight testing right within the software. It’s like having a mini creative assistant who never needs coffee breaks.

Why You’ll Love It:

  1. Brand Consistency in GenAI: All your assets will stick to brand guidelines, making your brand metrics happy and keeping a cohesive image. Plus, GenAI speeds up content creation so you can finally stop pulling all-nighters.
  2. Optimized Media Spend: It streamlines the asset approval process to make sure all your ad creatives are up to snuff before placement. No more wasting money on underperforming ads—cha-ching!
  3. Sustainable, Budget-Friendly Production: Real-time quality assurance in After Effects reduces design and rendering times, supporting sustainability. Unlike other tools that measure waste, Vidmob’s plugin stops waste before it even starts.
  4. Streamlined Creative Collaboration: Makes creative data accessible throughout the workflow, improving communication and speeding up QA and feedback rounds between creative and non-creative teams. It’s like a group hug for your workflow.

Back in December, when I found out this plugin was on Vidmob’s roadmap, I was all in. When I got my hands on it in February, it was like giving my creativity a shot of espresso. Finally, we can cut down on manual reviews or post-production testing. With just a click, we can ensure the ads we’re creating meet brand expectations and platform requirements—in real-time—right there in Adobe After Effects.

Smarter Production Decisions

This means any ads produced with the plugin will be compliant with digital ad algorithms, performing better. No more guessing if you followed the brand guidelines properly because the ads are tested for accuracy. Now, we can make informed production decisions, minimize design time, and make every penny count. Automatic pre-flight testing for platform and brand compliance? Check. Streamlined asset approval process? Double-check. It’s like having a super-organized project manager who never takes a vacation.

Tackling Sustainable Production

Let’s talk about the need for faster, budget-friendly, and more sustainable production. Over the past two years, marketing and creative headcounts have been slashed across almost every industry. This plugin offers faster asset QA and modification, saving meeting and production time, and cutting overhead costs—AKA the dreaded “non-working costs.” By eliminating some of the minutiae, designers can actually focus on designing and being creative instead of stressing over format specs.

Bridging the Media and Creative Gap

We’re all tired of media budgets disappearing into the abyss of underperforming assets. Want to know why? Media and creative teams don’t typically communicate. Most designers couldn’t tell you if assets they’ve created are performing if they wanted to. If they know which assets are working, they don’t have insight into how creative decisions impact performance. That’s why I love the creative quality checks in the plugin. They ensure that only the most brand and algorithm-friendly assets are sent to the media team for placement. This finally gives proof of our good work because it links our efforts to creative AND non-creative team performance goals. Did I mention this saves time?

So here’s to you, Vidmob. Thank you for giving us weary creators a glimmer of hope in the chaotic world of ad production. With your After Effects plugin by our side, we can tackle whatever challenges come our way—armed with a newfound sense of efficiency. Cheers to the future of ad creative, where compliance headaches are a thing of the past and we can finally focus on what we do best: making magic happen.