Highlights from Our Creator Meet & Greet in LA

Earlier this week we invited a group of our LA-based creators to swing by our new office in West Hollywood and get to know some of the VidMob team. We feasted on hearty barbeque and sipped on cocktails, as we learned more about the talented people that make up our community.

We were blown away by the enthusiasm and above-and-beyond dedication of our creators. Their excitement and passion for what we’re building, their insights for how to grow the platform, and their down-for-anything hustle meant so much to hear in person. We’re so lucky to have them on our team!

It was also great to see both old and new faces alike—from those that have been with us from the very start and those who’ve recently joined the ranks. Providing an opportunity for our creators to meet in person and get to know one another was a fantastic way to not only learn more about the similarities and differences, but also to foster our growing creator community.

Even VidMob West’s office pup, Burt, got in on the action.

Many thanks to all who attended! We feel so lucky and energized after meeting with our community. We learned a great deal by getting everyone together to share their stories, discuss how they use the platform, and get to know one another. We can’t wait to announce some of the exciting updates we have coming your way as a result of this event, and we look forward to hosting our next meet-and-greet!

Stay tuned for our next creator mixer, which will be held at our headquarters in NYC. Want to attend? Reach out to us at support@vidmob.com to get on the invite list and receive event updates. 

Editor Spotlight: Billy Higgins

If you’re struggling to create great video content to populate your business’s social media channels or to optimize your website, look no further than VidMob editor, Billy Higgins.

Meet Billy Higgins: The Business Editor Extraordinaire

Billy is a VidMob editor that has over 15 years of impressive experience. He’s helped brands like the Wall Street Journal and USC generate some top-notch content.

After joining VidMob, Billy—who lives and works in San Francisco—has been able to connect with a variety of businesses and people from coast to coast.

Like These New York-Based Businesses

Billy helped PupCulture, when they wanted a video to promote through their Twitter Ads Account; Pi Bakerie, when they needed a video to celebrate Pi Day; and Pazzi Pasta, when they were looking to improve their website’s Google search rankings with video.

3 Reasons Why Billy Makes a Great Editor for Businesses

1. Responsive

Both Pi Bakerie and Pup Culture needed a video overnight. Billy was quick to engage, to respond, and to deliver exactly the video both businesses asked for. He’s a one-draft wonder!

2. Imaginative

Pazzi Pasta knew their homepage needed video. But they weren’t sure of the best vision for turning the great clips they’d taken into an overview about their business. Billy knew exactly the angle that needed to be taken—and even included suggestions for copy.

3. Brand-Focused

Billy gets that, at the end of the day, to make a business video successful, it must sell the brand well and sell it authentically. What makes Billy really special, is that he took the time to understand the brand aesthetic, voice, and personality of each individual business (despite never having met the owners nor visited their locations!) and carefully selected the clips that best showcased their unique look.

The Billy Higgins Top 3

1.   Pup Culture: Pup Culture was looking to increase foot traffic in their SoHo, NYC location by using promoted video ads on Twitter. Billy helped create this adorable 30-second, social-optimized ad, tailor made to promote their brand in front of the best possible (read: dog-loving!) audiences.  

2.   Pazzi Pasta: Pazzi Pasta wanted to increase their front-page search results. So they turned to Billy to create a homepage video to help boost their SEO and educate first-time visitors on what makes their restaurant unique.

3.   Pi Bakerie: With Pi Day approaching, Pi Bakerie needed some fun and entertaining content to celebrate their namesake social holiday. In one day, Billy was able to create this punny and social-friendly content worthy of #HappyPiDay.

To favorite and hire Billy for your next project, check out his VidMob Editor Profile here. And to see more of the videos that are created daily on our platform, subscribe to our new YouTube channel or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.