A New Way to “Create a Project” and Other New Feature Updates

As VidMob grows and evolves, so too does our platform. With every new hire, every new partnership, and every new innovation in video our menu of services continues to expand.

Today, we’re excited to make a few product announcements. If you’re pressed for time, here’s one line that sums it all up: we’ve made it faster and easier to create new video projects, add media files, and publish directly to social channels.

If you have 30 spare seconds, read on to earn bragging rights for knowing more than your colleagues do about VidMob.

Your New Project Create Flow

We’ve built a better way for you to jumpstart your projects by simplifying how it’s done.

Now, when you log into VidMob, tell us what kind of project you’d like to make and you’re off to the races. We’ve made it easier to get specific with your video creator on which social ad formats you need, how many you need, and how quickly you need them.

Pro tip: Create a lot, learn what works best, then invest media dollars on the winning creative. Choose the VidMob Intelligent Testing Package to let your video creator know you want multiple ad versions to test. S/he will proactively recommend creative versions based on channel expertise.

One more thing! You can now upload customized briefs instead of entering project details manually.

Log in to VidMob and give the new project create flow a test drive. We’d love to get your thoughts!
**Note: This new flow currently applies only to the Social or Digital Ad type. We’ll be launching updates to our other video offerings in the near future! Stay tuned.

Organize and Delete Multiple Files at Once

By popular demand, we’ve made it a cinch to organize and reorganize your project media. Select multiple files at once in order to relocate to other folders or mass delete in one fell swoop. Simple as that.

The Project Share Page Gets a New Look & More Apps

When you click on the “Share” button after finalizing a draft, you’ll now see a heartier list of social accounts and storage platforms to select from. Depending on which platform(s) you choose to share to, you can either save and store your new video for later, push live to your favorite video hosting site, or even publish directly to your social ad accounts to instantly kickstart campaigns.

Thanks for taking the time to check out what’s new here at VidMob. Have a great idea to make VidMob next-level? Don’t hold back—we’re all ears!

PS: A whopping round of applause to our dev team for pushing these updates in near-record time. How lucky we are! Want to join this insanely talented group of tech superstars? We’re hiring.

Edit Suite Update: Now, Mobile-Friendly!

For many of our editors who’ve been with us since the beginning, the request for an easier way to communicate with clients while on-the-go has been imminent. And we’re excited to say that day is now here…

The Edit Suite Mobile Site!

We built the first installation of the Edit Suite mobile site with quick access to projects and mobile communication in mind.

1) Check In on Projects from Your Phone

Need to double-check a due date? Keeping an eye out for time-sensitive messages? Easily locate all of your active projects via the mobile site’s home screen, to see where things stand.

2) Access Chat while On-the-Go

Before today, the Edit Suite wasn’t optimized for mobile—which often made timely communication tricky for editors who rely on their phones. But now? Our chat feature on the mobile site is as familiar and seamless as sending a text. So you can stay on top of all client communications in order to provide the best possible VidMob experience.

Let Us Know What You Think

Seeing as the Edit Suite mobile site is still in its early stages, we’d love to hear your feedback and feature requests on how we can make future versions even better! Write to us at support@vidmob.com.

Tips for Video Optimization

Optimization is tricky, fickle thing—especially when it comes to video. Thankfully, we have a few tips to help make optimization an easier beast to tame.

Know Your Platforms

Video-focused platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram all have one big thing in common: video. But that doesn’t mean you should treat them the same. In fact, doing so could work against you.

Each platform has individual and subtle nuances that attract their unique audiences and keep them engaged. Users seeking video on Snapchat aren’t looking for the same thing as users seeking video on YouTube.

So when it comes to creating video content that will resonate with these different audiences, it’s important to keep these nuances front of mind. Be sure to know the platform, its audience and expectations, and take good care to create content that’s a match.

Hire a VidMob Expert

But how are you supposed to customize content for each channel without spending an unthinkable amount of time and money? Hire a VidMob expert. VidMob has 5,000 trained and vetted video creators—many of whom are versed in Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, and other important video platforms’ specs and best practices.

Working with a VidMob creative expert will guarantee that the content you create will look and feel like it belongs on the platform where it lives—without you ever having to re-shoot or create bespoke creative for each channel.

A/B Test

To really refine your creation efforts, it’s important to have specific objectives in mind for the video you’ll run on these different channels. If you’re running a video ad on Facebook with the objective to generate more leads, ask a VidMob creative expert to whip up two separate outputs so you can test, for example, which CTA works best. Or, if your objective is brand awareness, try tracking which opening frame draws more views.

These findings will help you better understand how your audience reacts and responds to your content on these different channels—which will allow you to develop key learnings on to how best display your brand on each platform. For example, your Snapchat audience might really like bright visuals and bold CTAs…but that approach could really turn off your more subdued Facebook audience.

Isolating these test item will help you narrow down exactly what is and isn’t working for your audience. And we’ve made it super easy to work with a VidMob expert to generate those outputs for optimal and effective A/B testing.

Want more tips on how to A/B test using VidMob? Check out our Help Center How-To here.


3 Reasons to Publish Your Video from VidMob

Finished your VidMob video? Ready to share it with the world? Here’s are a few tips to making the most of our publishing features:

1) Don’t Limit Yourself to One Platform!

To-date, users can publish their completed videos directly to their Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook Page or Ad accounts. We will be adding other platforms to this list in the near future. Have one you’d like us to prioritize? Drop us a reminder at support@vidmob.com.

2) Eliminate Unnecessary Downloading and Re-Uploading

By publishing directly through VidMob, you can eliminate the needless step of downloading from our platform only to re-upload to the publishing platform.

Instead, simply hit the share button in VidMob to get direct access to your top-performing channels. Not ready to publish right away? You can also save your video to your publishing platform for future access.

3) Track Your Stats & Optimize Performance

VidMob collects the performance data for all videos published via our platform—no matter where they live. Quickly monitor how each video resonates with your audience and easily refresh tired creative by sending it back into the VidMob marketplace for a new take.

Have questions or want more advice for publishing your videos through VidMob? Write to us at support@vidmob.com.

Editor Update: Access Our Stock Libraries from the Edit Suite!

We’ve made an exciting update to your Editor Resources tab, located under Work in Progress.

Previously, this tab only linked to our external stock libraries, but now, we’ve included a powerful search tool that allows you to  locate media from all four libraries at once, directly from the Edit Suite!

Watch How It Works:

Or Read about it here:

To access this new feature, you’ll need to have a project in the editing stage. If you open the project and click on the Editor Resources tab, you’ll see the new set up:


In the top left you’ll notice the “Keywords” box. Here you can search for any type of stock media assets from our libraries. Simply type in what you’re looking for, select either Audio, Video, or Graphic from the “Media Type” drop down menu, and hit “Search.” Depending on which media type you select, you’ll also see a series of optional filters in the middle of the tab. If you receive a large number of results, you can use the “Text Search” on the right side to search within your results.

From your search results, you’re also able to preview and download as many pieces of media as you’d like, and if you click on the star icon next to “Download,” it will instantly be added to your Favorites List. After favoriting a few assets, click the orange “Favorite” button to see everything you’ve favorited, regardless of the media type.


And that’s the basics!

Here are a few more tips to optimize your search:

When looking for music, try searching for the instruments you are looking for. Instrument data is embedded in each track’s meta-data, so this will help you find the specific music you need.

Many of the tracks are labeled based on their mood or genre. By searching things like “upbeat” or “simple,” you’ll find results that closely fit those feelings.

Keep in mind that your Favorites List is reset every time you leave and re-visit the editor site. Each project is so different, which is why we didn’t want to weigh your Favorites List down as you take on more and more work.

When previewing a file, note that you’ll see watermarks on any image or video assets. Upon download, the watermark will promptly be removed.

If you have any feedback on the current system or ideas for how we can improve in the future, please reach out to support@vidmob.com.

Keep cutting, editors!

Introducing VidMob Desktop

At VidMob, we pride ourselves in listening to our clients and delivering solutions to make their lives easier. As more and more businesses have begun using VidMob to rapidly scale the amount of video content that they produce, one of the consistent requests that we have heard from folks was for a desktop version.

The reasons for the request were many: that’s where their higher-end media lived; it’s easier to chat with an editor on a work computer; they would prefer to review drafts on a computer’s big screen; typing out long feedback was much easier on a keyboard than an iPhone; it’s easier to get group feedback from co-workers on a computer; and many more.

You asked, and we listened.

So we have spent the past six months talking with clients about the specifics of their needs, designing an experience to match that, and then implementing the technology. Through all of this, we kept today’s award-winning mobile experience in mind. Because the only thing better than a great desktop app, is a seamless experience across desktop and mobile, that enables you to interface with your projects in the optimal way, wherever you are.

What we are rolling out today is only an MVP (minimum viable product). It has bugs. And there are still many features that we plan on adding to today’s framework in the coming weeks and months. But it’s a significant step towards our goal of enabling any company in the world to create a virtual “production department” in about the time it takes to enter your email address.

Here are some highlights of the new desktop version of VidMob:

Create your company’s new
“Production Department” in seconds.


Invite other team members to join you.


Manage the roles and privileges of your team.


Create new projects in seconds.


Upload media with ease, no matter where it lives.


Manage your project assets in a single place.


Create brand asset repositories.
Chat privately with other team members.
Access VidMob’s libraries of licensed music, stock video clips,
motion graphics, and more.


Browse curated pools of professional post-production experts.


Collaboratively review drafts of your video, and respond
with color & time-coded feedback.


A single dashboard to manage all of your team’s
video production.



As I said earlier, we know that there are bugs. Our team is small, but we punch above our weight. We will find them, and we will fix them. In our usual spirit of transparency, we have included links on the homepage dashboard of the desktop version to all of the latest Release Notes, so that you can see the features/bugs that we are working on, and what we have fixed already. There is also a link on the homepage to a form where you can let us know about new bugs or features that you’d like to see added to the list.

Visit the New VidMob Desktop Here: https://client.vidmob.com/

To stay in touch and up-to-date on the VidMob Desktop’s upcoming new features and improvements, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.