VidMob Selected for Launch of Snap Lens Studio!

For Snapchatters, 2017 was arguably the year of the dancing hotdog. This quirky, fun hotdog quickly won the hearts of users, appearing alongside or as the starring role in hundreds of thousands of snaps.

Between these World Lenses (like the hotdog) and Snap’s Face Lenses (like the fan-favorite puppy dog), Snapchat offers an incredibly unique opportunity for brands to both enter into and interact with their audience in real time. Notably, this ability to seamlessly immerse a brand into a user’s day-to-day communications has a serious impact on brand favorability and affinity—some brands boasting a boost of 19+ and 6+ points respectively.

Which is why, today, we’re so thrilled to announce that VidMob has been selected by Snap to be an expert lens creator as part of the Snap Lens Studio! Only a small handful of agencies and creative platforms were given the distinction, and we are honored to be among them. As an official Snapchat Creative Partner, we’re excited to be at the forefront of this amazing product. Our pool of specially trained AR and 3D specialists are eager to begin creating your brand’s version of the dancing hotdog superstar.

Create & Run Audience Filters on Snapchat

You’re likely familiar with the fun, captivating filters Snapchatters love to overlay on their selfies and snaps. These filters vary daily—most prolifically with the changing seasons, big holidays, or by city and location. They’re part of what makes Snapchat a standout social media platform and are iconic of the Snap experience, allowing users an additional layer of personalization and play in their day-to-day communications.


Previously, brands could tap into this play by creating Geofilters, accessible by Snapchatters in a fenced location. Now, Snapchat has expanded their targeting capabilities, allowing brands to create filters tailored to a specific audience no matter their location—which is huge. Now, brands can guarantee their message is seen only by their intended audience. Win!

So how do you get your Snapchat audience to start snapping with your filter? Well, first you’ll need to create one. (If you have something designed and ready to rock, skip ahead to the “Deploy Your Filter on Snapchat with VidMob”)

Connect with One of VidMob’s Snapchat Specialists

Snapchat named us a Creative Partner because they trust in the quality of work our creators consistently produce. Our Snapchat specialists can design your custom filter in a matter of days—or even hours if you’ve got a particularly tight deadline.


Already have a few assets you think could work? Send it to one of our creators for the finishing touches so it’s approve-ready in a flash.

Deploy Your Filter on Snapchat with VidMob

Ready for Snapchatters to start playing with your filter? Head over to our Snapchat Manager to launch your new filter into the Snapchat ether. From there, you can track your filter’s performance and compare it to others within your larger media strategy—making adjustments to budget as necessary.


It’s that simple. Let VidMob be your one-stop shop for creating and running timely, magnetic filters your fans will love to snap.

Chat Upgrades & Real-Time Project Updates Now Live!

Another week, another set of exciting new features and updates! Ready to jump in and see what’s new?

Chat Gets a Fresh Spin

We’ve added a few features that will help you expedite the collaboration process—like the ability to include attachments within a chat and to tag fellow collaborators:

Add Attachments to Chat

Having a tangible reference when providing direction or feedback is a must-have for successful collaboration. Sometimes, that’s re-sharing a brief or attaching a reference visual. Other times, it’s providing edits to a script or a supplying a new music file.

Whatever your needs, we’ve made it easy to attach media files directly into chat—so when you’re referencing a clip you’d like to use for the opening, you can drop it right into the conversation.

User Mentions

We all miss messages here and there. And if you’re involved in a particularly busy project (we’re talking lots of chats, feedback, notifications, etc.), it can be all too easy to miss your most important notes. In order to help solve for this, you can now tag your collaborators with an @mention to ensure they get notified on chats that’ll benefit from their input.


You might have noticed that VidMob’s Chat has bit of a different vibe. We swapped the soft grey background for a stormy, more serious shade to really make the text pop for easy reading.

Real-Time Project Updates

When you’re logged into VidMob, you’ll now have instant visibility into your project and team’s activity. So when changes happen, you’ll be able to track and respond to them in real time.

Activity Feed

Keep track of what your team is up to on VidMob in real time.

Chat Alerts

Receive chat notifications the minute they’re delivered.

Project Status

The state of your project will automatically update in your left-hand nav as you and your team progress through project creation.

Excited about these updates? Let us know what you think or, better yet, write to us with your ideas for the next new feature!


A New Way to “Create a Project” and Other New Feature Updates

As VidMob grows and evolves, so too does our platform. With every new hire, every new partnership, and every new innovation in video our menu of services continues to expand.

Today, we’re excited to make a few product announcements. If you’re pressed for time, here’s one line that sums it all up: we’ve made it faster and easier to create new video projects, add media files, and publish directly to social channels.

If you have 30 spare seconds, read on to earn bragging rights for knowing more than your colleagues do about VidMob.

Your New Project Create Flow

We’ve built a better way for you to jumpstart your projects by simplifying how it’s done.

Now, when you log into VidMob, tell us what kind of project you’d like to make and you’re off to the races. We’ve made it easier to get specific with your video creator on which social ad formats you need, how many you need, and how quickly you need them.

Pro tip: Create a lot, learn what works best, then invest media dollars on the winning creative. Choose the VidMob Intelligent Testing Package to let your video creator know you want multiple ad versions to test. S/he will proactively recommend creative versions based on channel expertise.

One more thing! You can now upload customized briefs instead of entering project details manually.

Log in to VidMob and give the new project create flow a test drive. We’d love to get your thoughts!
**Note: This new flow currently applies only to the Social or Digital Ad type. We’ll be launching updates to our other video offerings in the near future! Stay tuned.

Organize and Delete Multiple Files at Once

By popular demand, we’ve made it a cinch to organize and reorganize your project media. Select multiple files at once in order to relocate to other folders or mass delete in one fell swoop. Simple as that.

The Project Share Page Gets a New Look & More Apps

When you click on the “Share” button after finalizing a draft, you’ll now see a heartier list of social accounts and storage platforms to select from. Depending on which platform(s) you choose to share to, you can either save and store your new video for later, push live to your favorite video hosting site, or even publish directly to your social ad accounts to instantly kickstart campaigns.

Thanks for taking the time to check out what’s new here at VidMob. Have a great idea to make VidMob next-level? Don’t hold back—we’re all ears!

PS: A whopping round of applause to our dev team for pushing these updates in near-record time. How lucky we are! Want to join this insanely talented group of tech superstars? We’re hiring.

Need More Creative Ammo?

Exceptional video is all in the details. It’s the perfectly synced song, a well-timed graphic flare, or footage that transports you to another world. It’s the ammo you need to make your video complete. So, we’re excited to share the news that VidMob has launched a Stock Media Library full of millions of videos, photos, and illustrations to purchase for your project.

You can seamlessly access the library as you create your project, and add and remove choices with one click. Preview your stock library selections at no cost, and buy only what you think works best. All costs are passed through from our third party partners—no markup by VidMob!

Here are a few of the highlights from this integration with our first partner, Pond5:


Whether you want to create something from scratch or need to spice up a video bordering on ZZZ, you can find what you need in a quick search.

Track down videos, photos, music, illustrations, and motion graphics by keyword, media type, or from our top curated selections.


Add to Your Project

Add as Preview

Upload watermarked versions of stock media directly to your project. This way, you can know for sure if it’s the right match before you make a purchase.


Purchase for Use

Know exactly what footage you want to include? You can purchase it on the spot, ready and cleared for use in your project.


Time to finalize assets you’ve selected as a preview? Your editor will notify you with a list of the media used in your project, so you can purchase it for cleared usage in your video.

Also, note that you can always review the items added to your cart before making a purchase, and swap other items in/out until you’ve settled on the perfect mix for your video.

Excited about this new feature? Share this post with your team! Have even better ideas for how to improve VidMob? Write to us at We’d love to hear from you.

Feature Update: Draft Notifications, Manage Collaborators, Vimeo Sync

At VidMob, we’re eager to create a platform that is a true solution for our users. And with our growing tech team (we’re hiring!), we’ve been busy ramping up a slew of new features per the supportive feedback we receive from our community. Check out the new additions below:

Draft Update Indicator

This is especially exciting for users that are active in multiple projects. Now, you no longer need to rely on emails to receive a project status update. Instead, we’ll point you to the source with our draft update indicator, highlighting the project in blue.

From there, within your project, we’ll identify the updated draft with a blue dot. You’ll also notice a yellow count, informing you of how many unread comments have been left on that draft.

We hope that this will make managing the draft feedback process more efficient and fluid for you and your team.

Collaboration Manager Update

We have a special section for managing your VidMob Team, so why not provide the same ease when managing your project collaborators? Introducing the new Collaboration Manager Page: where you can easily add, remove, and adjust the roles of any of your project collaborators.

For a refresher on the difference between Team Members, Project Collaborators, and Draft Contributors, check out our post here.

Vimeo Account Sync

Similar to our integration with YouTube, Vimeo users can now link their accounts with VidMob. This allows our Vimeo users quick access to their account videos for use in VidMob projects and for direct publishing to those accounts.

Not only that, linking your Vimeo account eliminates any unnecessary downloading and re-uploading when it comes to accessing your Vimeo videos or publishing to Vimeo. Cheers to less work!

Got great ideas for how we can improve the VidMob experience? Write to us! Know how to bring those ideas to life? We’re hiring.

New Draft Review: Invite Non-Collaborators to Projects

What do you think of when you hear the word “draft”? If it’s endless notes, comments, or iterations (instead of beer menus and happy hour) then this update is for you. We improved our review experience to simplify how your team gives feedback—so you can spend more time sipping drafts than reviewing them.

Your New Draft Review Screen

We added a few new elements to the draft review screen to help improve your ease of navigation and ability to quickly and easily review your team’s comments.

Breadcrumb Trail:

Efficiently navigate through your project structure to identify which draft you’re viewing and for which output or version (if applicable).

Collapse Comments:

Quickly toggle between your team’s feedback for easy approval and a list-view of current contributors—with the option to invite more.

Share Button:

Invite Draft Contributors (i.e. those not involved as Project Collaborators) to view specific drafts and add their comments for approval.

What’s a Draft Contributor?

Unlike a Project Collaborator, Draft Contributors only participate in the draft they were invited to join. Project Collaborators are involved for the entirety of a project.

Similar to Project Collaborators, Project Owners invite Draft Contributors via a unique invitation link. This link will only allow a contributor to view the specific draft associated with the invitation link.

When to Use a Draft Contributor vs. a Project Collaborator

Project Collaborators are ideal for feedback that you’ll need to receive throughout the life of a project. But what if you’re an agency and you don’t want your client to get involved until the project is a few steps away from wrapping up? Simply invite them to join as a Draft Contributor, so they can view and comment on more finalized iterations.

How to Invite Draft Contributors

There are two ways you can invite contributors to provide feedback—plus two ways to modify a contributor’s permissions.

1)   Invite

–   Share by Email

Send a share link via email with a custom message.

–   Share by Direct Link

Generate a unique share link that you can send however best suits you.

2)   Modify Permissions

–   Password Protected:

Worried your draft might get into the wrong hands? Password protect it for an extra layer of security.

–   Disable Comments:

Allow contributors to access a draft for viewing only.

New: Comment Approval

For both Draft Contributors and Project Collaborators, it’s important to make sure too many cooks aren’t stirring things up in the kitchen. To avoid flooding your editor with contradictory feedback, all Project Owners and/or Co-Owners must approve comments before they can be seen by the editor. This way, you can maintain control of the project’s overall vision without too many distractions.

We hope these new features will make draft review as relaxing and fun as it is to knock back a cold one. As always, if you have any feedback on these new features or ideas on how to improve the VidMob experience, write to us!