Cannes Lions Daily Wrap: Lundi

The ball is rolling! The Cannes International Festival of creativity is officially underway. As promised, here are the panels and speakers we couldn’t stop talking about today, plus some of the exciting news we heard around town.

Adobe: “Accelerating Creativity in the Age of AI”

“Being able to create something doesn’t equate to being able to create something that can inspire and motivate.” — Natasha Jen

In this packed, hour-long discussion hosted by Adobe, Natasha Jen from Pentagram and artist Mario Klingemann looked to the future to debate the many ways AI will inform not just our everyday lives, but more specifically, the creative process. This panel covered everything from brand identity and systems packaging to exhibition design and digital interface, and how artists can embrace algorithms and data to further their craft.

Another quote we love:

“The efficiency is going to increase a lot, productivity is going to increase a lot meaning now we’re going to be able to create and really kind of visualize and materialize our ideas a lot faster” — Natasha Jen

The Dance Between AI and Human Creativity

“We cannot really create something from nothing. There are always impulses coming in that trigger something in us, which then allows us to connect things in our head…with machine learning, we can have the machine give us these impulses based on what things might be relevant to us—and help us augment our creativity”  — Mario Klingemann, Artist

So, What Is Creativity in the 21st Century?

“I only see things as creative when somebody else solves a problem differently than I would have expected.” – Mario Klingemann

We are entering a new kind of creative generation that is enhanced by AI but also limited to what is deemed “creative.”

If you’re interested in the rest of the discussion, you can watch it here.

Future Lion’s Capturing Creativity

AKQA announced the winners of the Future Lions competition. Recognizing young innovators, this award shines a light on ideas that were simply unimaginable due to lack of technology. With over 386 schools submitting their work across 55 countries, one of the winning ideas came from a team of Miami Ad School students.

Their life-changing idea, named “Hush” for Apple, allows iPhone users to activate Siri in scenarios where they feel too threatened to pick up the phone and dial 911. The technology lets the victim utter a “safe word” that triggers Siri to call 911 and provide the details of the danger the user is in, without illuminating the screen.

If you want to see their brilliant video, you can watch it here.  

Wrapping Up:

P&G announces their advancement in committing to gender equality through a series of partnerships intended to spark diversity throughout their chain. Their hope is to promote and reveal more accurate and realistic portrayals of women in everything from advertising to media, all while amping up social good. Kudos!

Check back tomorrow for more about our favorite moments, videos and announcements from the festival.


Au revoir, and bonne journée!


Demonstrated Motivation

Adding engineers to a team can be a challenge, particularly for small teams who currently work well together.  The notion of hiring more engineers simply to move quickly rarely produces the desired outcome. A great team can be can quickly grind to a halt by just throwing more “coders” at the problem. Not because they aren’t experienced or talented, but because working with a team is hard and requires investing yourself in understanding how products are built.

Here at VidMob, we’ve challenged ourselves to find the balance between rapidly creating and deploying products that drive immediate value for the company with building a quality and stable platform. As we grew our engineering team more than 3x in since 2015 and look to double that count this year, the key trait that we’ve identified when evaluating talent is a demonstrated motivation. The motivation to understand why or how a solution was achieved.

This rarely is discovered through a candidates work experience but appears from the passion they have when talking about their other technology interests. Building quadcopters, robots, gaming platforms, or working with APIs when there might already be well-crafted solutions available, are examples of how VidMob candidates (and eventual hires) have demonstrated their motivation to learn. It reflects the importance that is placed on the journey to learn and not necessarily the end result. Candidates who exhibit this trait typically are strong problem-solvers and become invested in the success of the product. Often, they will go out of their way to refactor code to make their job easier, the product more maintainable, and leave the codebase better than they found it.

We are looking for great candidates to join our team today. Head over to for more information.

VidMob Proud Sponsor of NERD Summit 2018

Merriam-Webster defines nerd as “an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person.” Based on that definition, it would seem that by attending NERD Summit 2018 we would just be walking around a room full of unpleasant people not talking to each other. As luck would have it, nerds at this summit were none of those things. They are part of the growing New England Regional Developers (NERD) community, which VidMob is proud to sponsor for 2018.

@VidMob engineering is booming in the Berkshires.” @pbx (Paul Bissex)

New England, specifically the Berkshires, is a special place for us as our engineering team lives and works in this beautiful area. Our team of three quickly grew to a team of 11 over the last two-and-a-half years and NERD Summit 2018 was a great event for us to connect with this growing community.

Starting out as a Drupal conference, NERD Summit has turned into a 2-day event with over 50 sessions giving plenty of opportunities for the community to connect and learn from each other. For our team, we found great talks on “How to Do Code Reviews Like a Human” and “Data Science with Python, and Serverless Computing on AWS,” among many other sessions we attended. Joe Monti and I hosted sessions on“Where to Start when Starting a New Project” and “Managing the MVP in an Early-Start Startup.” As we discovered across all sessions, the participants were very engaged and asked great questions. We were very appreciative to have had to opportunity to speak.

The highlight, though, was the Keynote on Quantum Computing and the Future of Software Development given by Jerry Nixon from Microsoft. To say we are just scratching the surface of what will be possible with technology is an understatement. From Microsoft’s Quantum webpage, In just hours or days, a quantum computer can solve complex problems that would otherwise take billions of years for today’s computers to solve.” I believe that says it all. Jerry proclaimed this will be “the year of the press releases” as several companies will announce major milestones in the development and utilization of this technology.

Beyond trying to comprehend the advances that Quantum computing will bring to society, we left this summit very encouraged and enthusiastic about the depth and diversity of the NERD community. From high schools students trying to learn what it will take to break into this profession to seasoned engineers tackling tough problems using AI and Machine Learning, we are convinced more than ever that not only does a tech community exist here in Western Massachusetts, but it is thriving and we are excited to help it grow.

If you are interested in connecting with this community and VidMob, we are hiring Software and Frontend Engineers, along with Data Scientists, to join our team in Pittsfield, MA. Please visit for more details.

Cheers to a Great 2017!

This past year has given us so much to be grateful for. From opening new offices in Chicago and Los Angeles to ramping up relationships with our awesome partners, it has a been a milestone year for us as a company. And we couldn’t have gotten here without your enduring support!

Here’s a brief roundup of our most memorable stories as we reflect on 2017:

January-March (2017)

April-June (2017)

July-September (2017)

October-December (2017)

For more on this past year’s stories, check out VidMob in the press.

Our Series A Funding Announcement

My, how time flies! Two years ago this month, we launched our mobile app. A year ago this month, we launched our desktop app. This month, we are so proud to announce that we’ve raised our Series A funding.

What this means to our team, our creator community, and all those who have believed in us from the get-go is hard to put into words. We’re super excited about building out an even stronger team across our four locations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Massachusetts. And we’re eager to ramp up our ability help even more companies, agencies, and brands improve their video production efforts and make human creativity scalable.

A very special thanks to our Series A round investors, including Manifest Investment Partners, Interlock Partners, Stampede Ventures, Acadia Woods Partners, and Macanta Investments.

Highlights from Our Creator Meet & Greet in LA

Earlier this week we invited a group of our LA-based creators to swing by our new office in West Hollywood and get to know some of the VidMob team. We feasted on hearty barbeque and sipped on cocktails, as we learned more about the talented people that make up our community.

We were blown away by the enthusiasm and above-and-beyond dedication of our creators. Their excitement and passion for what we’re building, their insights for how to grow the platform, and their down-for-anything hustle meant so much to hear in person. We’re so lucky to have them on our team!

It was also great to see both old and new faces alike—from those that have been with us from the very start and those who’ve recently joined the ranks. Providing an opportunity for our creators to meet in person and get to know one another was a fantastic way to not only learn more about the similarities and differences, but also to foster our growing creator community.

Even VidMob West’s office pup, Burt, got in on the action.

Many thanks to all who attended! We feel so lucky and energized after meeting with our community. We learned a great deal by getting everyone together to share their stories, discuss how they use the platform, and get to know one another. We can’t wait to announce some of the exciting updates we have coming your way as a result of this event, and we look forward to hosting our next meet-and-greet!

Stay tuned for our next creator mixer, which will be held at our headquarters in NYC. Want to attend? Reach out to us at to get on the invite list and receive event updates. 

Our New LA Office!

Our west coast team is growing fast (we’re hiring!), so it was high time for an office space upgrade to accommodate. We’re excited to share with you a little behind-the-scenes tour of VidMob West’s new home base.

Take the Office Tour

Nestled at the base of the Hollywood Hills, VidMob West secured a spacious condo and converted into a pretty rad place to work.


The big, open-air layout and high ceilings allow for plenty of energizing California sunshine and blue sky views—with the added bennie of a conference room that overlooks a pool!


The industrial-mod decor gives the space a streamlined, polished look, while the pops of teal are a bright nod to the vibrancy of the nearby Pacific coast.


But the best part has got to be the killer vinyl selection, brightening the background noise.


And, of course, the company of resident office pooch, Burt!


For even more office pics, check out the gallery below.

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We’d love to hear what you think of the new space. Drop us a line in the comments below or get in touch at Want to join the team? Check out these positions!