It’s Official! VidMob Joined the Pinterest Marketing Partner Program

We’re so excited to be chosen to join Pinterest’s new PMP Creative specialty. Pinterest launched this program to help brands maximize opportunities to engage Pinners with inspiring expressions of brands, products, and services. Tapping into VidMob’s global network of expert video creators and deep learning creative insights, brands can quickly scale production of high-performance Pins that drive brand favorability and purchase intent.

Here’s an example of a campaign we recently worked on for General Mills who launched a series of popular video Pins about innovative Chex® recipes.


To commemorate the partnership, we co-hosted a party at Cannes Lions with Pinterest. Themed ‘Cocktails & Creativity’ we featured live editing by one of our top creators, Hayley Carloni, giving party-goers a chance to see themselves in video Pins. Who doesn’t love five seconds of fame?

Cannes Daily Wrap Up: Vendredi

What a week it’s been! June 22 marks the last day of the Cannes festival and this will wrap our daily coverage.  It’s been fun. We sipped lots of rose, talked all things video and commemorated a new and very special partnership with Pinterest. Without further adieu, here’s your daily dose of Cannes…

Panel Picks:

Tencent: Creating Exceptional Experiences for One Billion Users

Yesterday, Tencent, one of the top public gaming companies in the world, took the Cannes stage to talk about redefining the meaning of connectivity. The Chinese-based brand discussed how people all over the world desire to be interconnected. To help facilitate this connectivity, Tencent argues that brands, media, and services must transform their way of thinking in order to adapt to the user and their digital experience. SY Lau, Tencent Senior Executive VP, pulled back the curtain on how this mentality led to the overall success of Tencent as a company and informed many of their tactics and strategies.

So how does Tencent successfully create knock-out experiences for a billion users?  SY Lau boils it down to four core values:

1.   The Founder’s Spirit: Recognizing, acknowledging, and honoring the original core values of the company embodied and originally brought forth by its creators.
2.   An Open Platform Mindset: Identifying a company’s limitations in order to feed the industry ecosystem in a healthy way.
3.   Digital Level: Supporting others within the industry. Tencent revealed how they teamed up with other companies in China to drive a “new industrial revolution.”
4.   Craftsmanship: To use Lau’s words:

“From the days of our inception, user experience has been the fundamental core value of our company[…]As we evolve and we realize that the devotion to excellent user experience could only be created by an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship.”

Want to dive deeper? You can watch the full session here.

What Can Creativity Do?

Perhaps the better question is, what can’t it do? Yesterday, Steve Vranakis, Executive Creative Director at Google Creative Lab, explored the far-reaching applications of creative impact in What Creativity Can Do. Notable examples—like the Assembly Youth Campaign for Syrian refugees and the VR exhibits at the Natural History Museums in London and Berlin—focused on transforming issues like environmentalism and the refugee crisis and how creative explorations of those topics can bring them to light in new, more poignant ways.

A few inspiring snippets from Vranakis’s discussion:

“At Google, we believe in giving superpowers to others. It is the people who will do things and not the other way around.”

“There’s no limit to what creativity can do. Creative people are some of the best people on this planet to help reinvent the planet. Use creativity and imagination for a better future.”

Creativity Top 5: Presented by AdAge

Facebook has teamed up with AdAge to create a weekly video series that covers all things creativity (the buzzword of the week!). Naturally, our favorite was this week’s, which covered the best creative moments that flew under the radar during Cannes. Take a minute to watch the recap here.

À beintôt, Cannes!

From the Palais to the piers, the VidMob team had such an incredible week hanging with our partners and clients, learning about the latest innovations in creativity, exploring the imaginative activations and, of course, throwing a fabulous party with Pinterest. We hope you enjoyed following along. Until next year!

Cannes Lions Daily Wrap: Mercredi

Bonsoir, happy Wednesday, and welcome back! Day three of The Cannes Festival has come to a close. Once again, here’s a glance at some top events and exciting bits that caught our eyes and ears. There’s a lot happening across the world, and two more days still to come! So, without further ado…

No Ferris Wheel? See What Snapchat Is Up to This Year Instead…

Photo courtesy of:

In attempts to top their iconic Ferris wheel of years past, Snapchat is going all out to flex their Cannes-worthy creativity by transforming the Centre D’art La Malmaison into an “immersive audio-video installation” with visual artist Christian Marclay.

The installation, which is titled Snap Stories, is a nod to both Marclay’s signature work, The Clock, and the ephemeral nature of Snapchat’s Story feature. Both explore the nature of content and time—Snapchat’s Stories are threaded, 10-second snapshots that last a day, and Marclay’s The Clock recounts an entire day in one-second clips. Combined, the Snap Stories experience recontextualizes publicly submitted Snaps into five rooms that all play off the concept of sound. Each room has its own unique aesthetic, tone, and vibe, but these were our favorites:

All Together: This room recaps over 400 Snaps sequenced by Marclay himself, which adds up to a four-and-a-half minute orchestra of common, everyday activities, like walking and eating.

The Organ: Invites guests to play on an interactive keyboard, where Snaps are organized by their pitch. Every note played flashes a corresponding image on the screen. In essence, songs like Mary Had a Little Lamb now have their very own visual symphony of Snapchats.

Sound Tracks: Applies the slow-motion filter from Snapchat to turn everyday tools, toys, and activities into sounds reminiscent of horror movies.  Now the simple act of ringing a doorbell or playing the violin all sound akin to a scene from your favorite scary movie.

The exhibition is open (and free!) to all visitors until June 22—go check it out!

Some Clean Winners: LADbible and Plastic Oceans

Photo courtesy of:

Pairing up with AMV BBDO in London, LADbible and Plastic Oceans won the Design Grand Prix for their campaign “The Trash Isles.” The heart of the campaign was a petition to the UN to recognize the growing mass of ocean plastic as an official country. The hope was to not only shine a spotlight on the almost absurd amount of trash accumulating in our oceans but to get world leaders to finally tackle the issue head-on—because recognizing the island of trash as its own country would mean, legally, governments would be required to act and clean it up. To learn more about this inspiring campaign and the 200,000 people recruited to become citizens of the Trash Isles, click here.

Want to see what else the team is up to in Cannes? Here’s how we’re kicking it with our partners:

James, Jerry, Jill, and Jeph (just kidding, Steph) snap a few filtered pics at the Snapchat Booth. Basic and beautiful, team!

When a client asks if VidMob can produce stellar Instagram Stories in 24 hours:

James rolling up to the Cannes afterparty like…

When all your friends get laminated, printed name tags and you want to feel included…nice try Greg!

That’s all for now, check back tomorrow for more news, events, and more!

Want to know what happened earlier this week? Check out our recaps from Monday and Tuesday for the scoop.

Human Creativity: The Next Dimension

VidMob Partners with Amazon to Tap the Power of Machine Learning for Content Creation, Optimization, and Discovery

This is the start of a new chapter for VidMobthe launch of the Agile Creative StudioTM.

We have spent the past seven months building a first-of-its-kind creative insights platform to enable marketers to understand, at a deep level, which creative choices drive business goals. Up until now, marketers have been limited to “asset level” performance data, e.g. Asset A did better/worse than Asset B. No data to explain why, and thus, nothing to take action on.  Guesswork is so 2017. We are building a complete set of tools to give brands a comprehensive understanding of how specific creative attributes within videos impact campaign performance.

Not sure where to place your logo?
Wondering which color pairings drive view duration?
Curious as to how a celebrity spokesperson impacts conversion?

We can tell you.

Want to know if showing the puppy boosts ROAS?
Need to prove to your boss that giggles drive more leads?
Interested to know if drum beats generate higher ROI than violin melodies?


The Agile Creative Studio is about knowing which creative characteristics move the needle on the KPIs you care about. It doesn’t end there, because, what good is knowing cool stuff if you can’t act on it?  Our creative analysts and expert creators are at the ready to deliver optimized creative assets based on insights while campaigns are live. This means your creative keeps getting stronger and your campaign performance improves with time.    

Over the course of the next few months, we will unveil the full toolset, but we don’t want to keep you in suspense. Here is an overview of what we’ve got cooking.  

If you want to learn more about how Agile Creative Studio can work for your business, drop us a line at


Cannes Lions Daily Wrap: Mardi

Day two has come and gone! The Cannes Festival of Creativity is nearing the halfway mark. If you missed out on day one, no worries. You can get a quick recap of yesterday’s top stories here. As for today, check it out…

Panel Picks: “YouTube What Matters Next?”

We don’t have to tell you that YouTube is the monopoly of video content, whether personal or professional. Susan Wojicicki, CEO of YouTube, took the stage this Tuesday morning to discuss how YouTube has changed not only the industry but the world itself. She also explored brand building, engaged audiences, accountability in the digital age, and more. Accompanied by L’Oreal chief digital officer, Lubomira Rochet, these two powerful women opened up about the success of their brands and how video is changing the ad industry. (And don’t we know it!)

If you’re interested in the full scoop, you can watch it here.

From Susan Wojicicki:

“Our goal is to build products that work for everyone.”

“Every day we see how an open platform can inspire creativity, share information, and build meaningful communities.”

“Users are going digital and so brands are also going digital. That is an incredible opportunity for us to enable new connections, to reinvent advertising, and to think of new levels of engagement.”

“We’ve seen video really change in terms of the way that it’s consumed.”

From Lubomira Rochet:

“We’re reinventing our advertising model around sequencing, targeting, and personalizing our content today.”

Spotify on the Future of Music

Photo courtesy of Spotify:

Earlier this month, Spotify was named Cannes Lion Media Brand of the Year. The revolutionary music app is used by nearly 170 million audio lovers and enables artists to connect with their fan bases at any scale. This year, Spotify’s presence can be seen at their Spotify Beach headquarters on the Croisette, exhibiting a range of exhibits and interactive tools.

In addition, Spotify is partnering with Cannes Lions’s See it Be It initiative, which puts a spotlight on gender imbalance in the industry in order to spur action and real change. As a part of that initiative, Spotify will be hosting a series of discussions, concerts, and parties throughout the week, so be sure to check it out!

Exhibits: Instagram’s Storyscape

Photo courtesy of AdAge:

Need your daily interactive art intake for the day? Well, we’ve got a story for you. Facebook Beach is featuring STORYSCAPE, a filmic sculpture by British artist and designer Es Devlin. Presented by Instagram, this 360-degree experience is projected onto a cylinder, relaying visual narratives told by individuals. The projections cover every surface of the “skyscraper” and is meant to explore the democratization of storytelling. The original foundation of a story held by an individual is exponentially spread to “perspectival shift” and “cultural change.” It runs until the end of the festival, so be sure to stop by, sit back, relax, and enjoy storytime.

That’s all for now, be sure to check back tomorrow for Wednesday’s highlights.

À plus tard!

Cannes Lions Daily Wrap: Lundi

The ball is rolling! The Cannes International Festival of creativity is officially underway. As promised, here are the panels and speakers we couldn’t stop talking about today, plus some of the exciting news we heard around town.

Adobe: “Accelerating Creativity in the Age of AI”

“Being able to create something doesn’t equate to being able to create something that can inspire and motivate.” — Natasha Jen

In this packed, hour-long discussion hosted by Adobe, Natasha Jen from Pentagram and artist Mario Klingemann looked to the future to debate the many ways AI will inform not just our everyday lives, but more specifically, the creative process. This panel covered everything from brand identity and systems packaging to exhibition design and digital interface, and how artists can embrace algorithms and data to further their craft.

Another quote we love:

“The efficiency is going to increase a lot, productivity is going to increase a lot meaning now we’re going to be able to create and really kind of visualize and materialize our ideas a lot faster” — Natasha Jen

The Dance Between AI and Human Creativity

“We cannot really create something from nothing. There are always impulses coming in that trigger something in us, which then allows us to connect things in our head…with machine learning, we can have the machine give us these impulses based on what things might be relevant to us—and help us augment our creativity”  — Mario Klingemann, Artist

So, What Is Creativity in the 21st Century?

“I only see things as creative when somebody else solves a problem differently than I would have expected.” – Mario Klingemann

We are entering a new kind of creative generation that is enhanced by AI but also limited to what is deemed “creative.”

If you’re interested in the rest of the discussion, you can watch it here.

Future Lion’s Capturing Creativity

AKQA announced the winners of the Future Lions competition. Recognizing young innovators, this award shines a light on ideas that were simply unimaginable due to lack of technology. With over 386 schools submitting their work across 55 countries, one of the winning ideas came from a team of Miami Ad School students.

Their life-changing idea, named “Hush” for Apple, allows iPhone users to activate Siri in scenarios where they feel too threatened to pick up the phone and dial 911. The technology lets the victim utter a “safe word” that triggers Siri to call 911 and provide the details of the danger the user is in, without illuminating the screen.

If you want to see their brilliant video, you can watch it here.  

Wrapping Up:

P&G announces their advancement in committing to gender equality through a series of partnerships intended to spark diversity throughout their chain. Their hope is to promote and reveal more accurate and realistic portrayals of women in everything from advertising to media, all while amping up social good. Kudos!

Check back tomorrow for more about our favorite moments, videos and announcements from the festival.


Au revoir, and bonne journée!


Cannes Lions 2018: What You Need to Know

Bounds of creativity, the most innovative people in the industry, sandy beaches, and French cuisine. The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has fallen upon the creative and marketing industry once again. If you’re not up to speed with the five-day festival, we’re here to give you the lowdown on the top events to look forward to, news updates, and what makes this year’s festival different. We’ll be sure to cover the festival as the days roll by, but for now, here’s a breakdown on what Cannes Lions is and what the creative industry is buzzing about.

How did Cannes Lions come to be?

Bearing its roots in 1954, Cannes Lions has given global recognition to the world’s most authentic and cutting-edge influencers in the marketing and creative communications industry. By connecting the worldwide network of the creative world, Cannes has provided the opportunity for self-expressers and innovators alike to celebrate, build, and learn through its iconic event hosted every year in Cannes, France.

With more than 16,000 attendees, Cannes pulls from brands, activists, artists, and more from all around the world. 200+ speakers, ranging from Conan O’Brien to the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki, are taking the stage this year over the course of five days, covering topics like “Five Campaigns that Shook the Advertising World” and “What Creativity Can Do.” For Cannes Lions, creativity is, and will always, drive the world.

This year, after fielding some critique, Cannes decided to revamp a few things:

  1. The festival is now five days, not eight. Cannes is out for “quality over quantity,” refocusing purely on creativity and cutting out the rest.
  2. Companies can submit to six Lions categories max. The best work will shine and juries won’t get fatigued.
  3. Pass prices are down! So are prices for hotels, taxis, and more, making the festival more accessible to companies and creatives of all stripes.  

Here are this year’s awards categories:

  1. Communication
  2. Craft
  3. Entertainment
  4. Experience
  5. Good
  6. Health
  7. Impact
  8. Innovation
  9. Reach

In the Cannes News Now: #WomenCannes

Calling all lionesses! An anonymous collective is calling for women to wear black at the festival. In a movement called #WomenCannes, the group is hoping to bring their social movement to light by wearing black as a statement of solidarity and safety. They’re also aiming to use their platform to reflect upon the sexual misconduct that takes place in the ad industry and hoping to shine a light on the lack of qualified women who are excluded from the festival.

Their website also features a call to action for agencies to submit the women they’re sending on behalf of their company, hoping to garner support from fellow female “lionesses” while on stage, celebrating the nominations and awards won by females in the industry. #WomenCannes also features the #TimesUpAdvertising hashtag as a part of the US-stemmed group aimed to address and reveal the gender inequality and sexual harassment in the advertising world. These hashtags are now circling the social media, with companies, and men and women alike, showing their support for the campaign.

Speaking of #PowerfulWomen, Tarana Burke, founder of the #MeToo Movement, is also a speaker this year! She’ll be taking the stage on Thursday, June 21 to talk about what inspired her now 11-year devotion to work and what she’s doing to keep the ball rolling when it comes to sexual assault awareness.

Now What?

So, now that you’re up to speed with all things Cannes and all things Creativity, be sure to keep checking our social media and blog for coverage on the festival, with updates on our favorite events and what Cannes has brought to the table in 2018. For now, au revoir!

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