Editor Guidelines

General Editor Guidelines

We love our editors. After all, they’re what make VidMob so great! And at VidMob, we take great pride in the work our editors churn out. They’re sharp, inventive, and—most of all—irreplaceable. Which is why we’ve compiled our General Editor Guidelines to help make sure our community hits the mark. So, here’s a little sage advice:

 Keep it real.

When editing a project creator’s video, only use the footage a project creator provides via VidMob’s platform. And if a project creator is requesting you to do otherwise? Politely explain how doing so would violate your pact with our community to abide by our T&Cs—which could jeopardize your access to the Edit Suite!

 Love the library.

Unless you’re working at the specific request of a project creator (and if that creator is not using his or her final project for commercial purposes), be sure to only use the stock music, effects, or media from our public libraries.

 Meet the deadline.

Because if you don’t, you could risk getting flagged—and no one wants to see that happen! Instead, try to go the extra mile and turn the project in early for bonus brownie points and a boost in your editor rating.

 Get permission.

Remember that these videos, and any content provided by the project creator, belongs to the creator. Which means you don’t have access to the creator’s media outside of editing for VidMob. So, if you’d like to use a video you’ve edited for either your VidMob profile, your personal website, or a highlight reel, you must ask for the project creator’s permission first.

 Work with us!

Remember that being a part of the VidMob community, and using VidMob to find work you love, is a special privilege. Communicating with a project creator outside of our platform will likely result in your account getting flagged and a possible rejection from the Edit Suite. Which, let’s agree, neither of us want to see happen!

 Report when necessary.

If you uncover any projects that deal explicitly with illegal or dangerous activity, and you are concerned about the safety, health, or wellbeing of those involved, please report the project creator to VidMob immediately.

 Be true to you.

When creating your profile, we hope it goes without saying that the videos you upload must be yours through and through—we want to see what you’re all about (as opposed to someone else). Originality all the way.


To get the full scoop, read our T&Cs here.