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VidMob Awarded Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner Badges

The largest video creation marketplace integrated into Facebook & Instagram,
enabling brand marketers of all sizes to create video content at scale

NEW YORK — June 1, 2017 —VidMob, the leading technology-enabled marketplace for video creation, announced today that it has been formally badged as a member of both the Facebook Marketing Partners and Instagram Partners programs. VidMob was awarded the coveted partner badge within the Content Marketing specialty.

With a community of over 5,000 professionally trained video creators in the United States and around the globe, VidMob empowers advertisers and social media marketers to create and publish amazing video content at scale. Small, midsize and large companies all face the challenge of keeping pace with the rapidly growing need for engaging video marketing assets that are natively designed for every digital and social platform.

Video has proven to be the most engaging way to connect with consumers on Facebook and Instagram. But, until now, producing video at scale has been a drain on marketing budgets and production resources. VidMob is changing the game by connecting marketers with their choices of professional video creators to produce a suite of native videos that will captivate fans in a cost effective manner.

As Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated during a recent earnings call, video has become a “mega-trend” similar in impact to mobile in terms of consumer adoption and engagement. VidMob exists to help brands take full advantage of robust video advertising opportunities available on Facebook and more recently on Instagram Stories.

“It has become universally accepted that video is the stickiest medium for deep engagement with consumers, but the challenge has been employing it at scale,” said Alex Collmer, CEO & Founder of VidMob. “For brands to take full advantage of the tremendous opportunity video represents on Facebook and Instagram, they have to consider volume, versioning, evolving ad formats and language localization. Our army of talented creators aims to ensure that each of these challenges is met efficiently and affordably.”

VidMob’s curated network of video creation professionals are expertly trained on Facebook and Instagram best practices, as well as other social platforms, and they have a broad range of skills including basic editing, complex editing & storytelling (long form), subtitling, language localization, motion graphics, animation, sound design and color correction. VidMob also offers access to voice-over talent.

For more information about VidMob, please visit: http://www.vidmob.com

About VidMob
VidMob is the first truly scalable end-to-end global technology platform for video production, offering a single hub for a company’s entire video creation needs. As the Web transitions to a video-driven medium, every company needs to dramatically increase and improve the volume and quality of their video communications. The VidMob platform enables companies of all sizes ranging from Fortune 500 multinational corporations to local small-to-medium sized businesses to collaborate directly with over 5,000 post-production professionals, who manage the execution of the entire post-production process. This includes file transfer and media management; draft review; collaborative tools and messaging, and content management. By using its technology platform to empower human creativity, VidMob’s clients are able to create high-quality video content with unprecedented efficiency and speed.

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