Improve your ad performance with data-driven creative that’s built for LinkedIn.

VidMob helps marketers turn their creative spend into a growth driver for their business.


“With VidMob we’ve seen tremendous gains in view-through and click-through rates. By utilizing the technology we’ve been able to drive those results forward.”

– Ander Lopez Ochoa

How VidMob works for LinkedIn.

Increase creative effectiveness and campaign performance by leveraging Intelligent Creative

3 month packages for LinkedIn starting at $25,000

Creative Compliance and Benchmarks

We’re keeping score. Automatically.

Ensure your creative consistently performs by aligning it with LinkedIn and brand best practices.

  • Align your benchmarks and goals and set perimeters for AI-driven analytics.
  • Select the best creative you want to track by brand, market, platform and object.
  • Automatically know which creative assets are within brand guidelines and benchmarks.

AI-driven scoring.

One dashboard providing real-time insights that’s powered by our proprietary AI models.


Go global (consistently).

We’ll help you to monitor your brands consistency and performance no matter what market you’re in.


Score creative automatically.

See how well your creative aligns with brand guidelines, mandatory attributes, and platform best practices. Check assets before they go live.

Effective Ad Production

VidMob will produce creative that is fit-for-LinkedIn at scale

Our creative network extends your team’s capacity to build new assets and expand into new markets confidently. Work with industry’s top creative directors, copywriters and motion designers.

  • Tap into VidMob’s database of creative insights for specific platforms and industries based on analysis by our proprietary AI models.
  • Create high quality ads at scale with our pool of top tier creative talent across 80 countries.
  • Add all your creative stakeholders and agencies to collaborate in one platform.

Access to top creative talent

Build effective creative assets, delivered by expert creators fluent in the latest digital best practices.


Increase efficiency and diversity.

We’ll reduce creative fatigue and deliver a wide range of creative.


Integrate workflows

One platform to manage projects, review drafts, and communicate with your team and stakeholders.

Ad Insights & Optimization

Drive performance while staying true to your brand

Integrate data and creativity to enable a uniquely powerful loop for creating and learning.

  • Improve media ROI and understand the creative drivers behind performance.
  • Explore how details like logos, copy, text treatment, colors, objects, people, emotions, and facial expressions impact KPIs.
  • Provide actionable recommendations to the creative team
  • Build ads that work from the start.

It’s all connected.

The VidMob platform brings together performance insights connecting creative, campaign and media.


Leverage AI.

VidMob’s creative analysis happens in real time, frame-by-frame as it runs and measures engagement as it happens.


Integrate with ease.

We can integrate seamlessly with every major ad platform and across 50 different ad types

Brand Success Stories

See how VidMob has changed the way these companies produce and test creative.

Intelligent Creative Spotlight: Ander Lopez Ochoa, Johnson & Johnson
How J&J Leverages Data and Tech to Elevate their Creative

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