VidMob + Facebook MobileWorks Program


The Facebook MobileWorks program transforms your creative assets into mobile-optimized short-form videos ready for activation on Facebook and Instagram. Any work completed on behalf of MobileWorks participants is wholly owned by the client, without reservation.

  • 1 creative concept (2 formats + 1 thumbnail)
  • 1 month creative intelligence subscription
VidMob Services
  • VidMob Creative Direction
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • FB/IG Platform Optimization
Special Terms
  1. The Project described below will be paid for by Facebook. Project Owner will not be responsible for any fees unless the Project scope changes.
  2. VidMob will have the right to create and distribute case studies based on the Project, provided that (a) VidMob will not disparage Project Owner or otherwise portray Project Owner in a negative manner in any case study, and (b) Project Owner will have the right to approve any such case studies in advance of distribution by VidMob.
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