Platform Updates

Platform Updates: Live as of 1/29

As we embark on 2016, expect to see even more Edit Suite improvements and Google Drive support for the VidMob platform landing following New Years.

Edit Suite: Latest Updates

 Update 1.8

Editor-Controlled “Enable Media: Now, when editors enable a user to add more media they’ll also be in control of when to disable it. This way, editors can decide on a timeframe with their client for adding additional media on terms that work for both.

Bug Fixes: Nipped a few bugs in the bud, like having media download instantly instead of opening in a browser.  

 Upload Progress Bar: Draft upload will now show an in-line progress bar to let the editor know the progress of the upload.

Seamless Editor Sign-Up: Accidentally sign up as a user first instead of an editor? We’ve got you covered. Users who signed up with the app first will now also be able to seamlessly register as an editor.

New Feature: We want to know what our editors think! Now, editors will have the option to complete a “post project” survey for each project they complete. We hope this’ll help us gather important feedback from editors on time spent, value of project, and quality of user media in order to improve our platform and our communication with our editor community.



Edit Suite: Archived Updates

Here are all the other changes we’ve already made to your Edit Suite, thanks to all your helpful feedback!

Update 1.8

– DataTables!  What does this mean? Simply that editors can now sort and search through the “Job Listings” tab by column headers, such as “Media Length” or “Number of Bids Received.” Added bonus? This also fixes the pagination issues on search. Hooray!

– Media Contributor: Our team of Edit Suite Admins can now identify specific users within a collaborative project that are having media issues to make problem-solving more efficient.

– Tool Tips: Not sure what the different elements of the Edit Suite mean? Now editors can simply hover over a column title to get a more in-depth description of the meaning.

Update 1.7

– “All Categories” Auto-Bid (and there was much rejoicing):
This has been one of our most-asked-for features and we are psyched to let you know it is finally live! Now, when creating an auto-bid, the first selection option in the drop-down is “All Categories.” Hooray! This means that the details of the auto-bid you’ve set up will now apply to projects in all categories, if this is selected. Feel free to celebrate ???? 

– Project Notes now available in Edit Suite:
This update is the perfect example of how and why feedback from our community is so important! No matter how much testing we did, we all missed that “Notes to Editor” within the app didn’t translate anywhere in the Edit Suite (doh!). But not to worry. These are now visible as a new tab in the Edit Suite, just under Project Details. And because anyone can see these notes, as they are project-related, we hope that this will help answer many of your questions relating to what the user wants or is looking for.

– Enable “Add More Media”:
Sometimes, a project will benefit from the addition of new media. Previously, this option did not exist within the app. Now, in the chance that an editor would like to request a user to contribute more media to improve a project,  the editor has a button within the Project Details to “Enable New Media” to be added. As we know, by default a user cannot add new media to a project that is “In Editing.” However, when an editor engages this button, the user will be granted a one-time opportunity to upload media to the project. As soon as media is submitted they are unable to add media again. The editor would have to hit this button again for additional uploads, should the editor wish.

App: Latest Updates


Update 1.9

 –  User Post-Project Survey: We want to know what our users think! We’ll now be including a survey link along with the download link for all complete projects.

 – Download Improved: And now, when a completed project is emailed to our users, clicking the download link will automatically initiate the download instead of the browser playback.

– And, as always, astute bug zapping.



App: Archived Updates

Here are all the other changes we’ve already made to your app, thanks to all your helpful feedback!

Update 1.1.1

– Improved our DropBox integration and media upload communications.

– Reduced load time of your pics & clips in the Media Summary.

– And (as always) more superb bug zapping!

Update 1.1.0

– Zapped more pesky little bugs.
– Playback audio now plays even when your phone is set to vibrate/silent.
– You can now see your most recent editor’s bid card in order to favorite them for a future project.
– MobFeed videos are now viewable both in the app and in browsers to improve the sharing experience!

Update 1.8

– Zapped a few pesky crash bugs to improve app functionality.
– Collaborators new to the VidMob app will be presented with a dialog box to join the project after our intro video plays.
– Scrolling ability fixed in the Draft: Feedback area.
– Enhanced communication functions to make use of app more seamless for new users: such as allowing access to user’s Camera Roll and notification that media uploads default to wifi while on cellular.