The Reel/Report: Jamie Bradley

Get to Know the Head of Project Management.


Hi Jamie! Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your role at VidMob, what office are you located in, and how long have you been at the company?

I have been with VidMob for 2 and a half years and I am the Head of Project Management in the Creative Operations Department. Proud member of the NYC office aka: former Chipotle Headquarters.


Where are you from originally and why did you move to the big apple?

I’m originally from Connecticut – picket fences and a lot of UGG boots growing up. Why would anyone want to leave!? Ultimately, I think New York is the only place that can contain me. I love the energy. I am all about experiences and discovering new things so I consider this city my playground. From “Revel”ing around Brooklyn to hopping on a sunset drag showboat cruise, there’s always another thing I get to do for the first time.


What made you want to work in the creative industry? When did you discover you wanted to pursue this kind of role?

I have always loved surrounding myself with creative people. I love being challenged and challenging others to see things a little bit differently. While creativity is incredibly inspiring, I have also found it paralyzing throughout my life. How do I create something totally unique? Where do I start? Working in an industry where I get to help shape creative, encouraging creators to realize their vision- that’s my sweet spot.


What do you miss the most about working in the NY office?

We’re a pretty physical office. When we have an in-between moment – from a meeting or a call, you’ll usually find us tossing a ball or playing giant badminton or seeing how many Reese’s cups Liebs can catch in his mouth from 40 ft. away.


You’re an incredibly talented actor and singer. When did you start acting and singing, and do you still do any theatre or perform anywhere today?

Well that’s TOO kind. I have been singing for as long as I can remember. My parents are very musical- my dad has the pipes and my mom’s got the moves so we had a soundtrack for every occasion. I did my first public performance at 13, singing the National Anthem at a middle school track meet. I remember practicing for weeks and I still always changed keys in the middle of the song to hit the high notes.

I grew up on theater and performing so adulthood was a bit of a shock- when does all of the singing and dancing happen? Turns out, you just have to make the world your stage. You’ve probably seen me busting a move on the subway or singing show tunes down 7th avenue more times than I can count. God bless karaoke bars.


How does your theatrical background help you work at VidMob?

I think it relates to the saleswoman in me. Performing has given me so much confidence and selling is ALL about confidence. I tend to have an answer for everything, whether I know the answer or not. Most of the time, that helps me to creatively problem solve and keep my team going even when things get tough!


What do you enjoy most about working with members of the Creator Community?

As I said earlier, nurturing creativity fills my buckets. On top of that, to get the opportunity to work with so many different creators, from all over the world, bringing their love, care and identity to the work; it’s truly such a gift.


Being in your role requires constant communication with VidMob Project Managers all over the world. How have you adjusted to working from home during COVID-19?

Adjusting to work from home has highlighted the importance of bringing my humanity into my work. We aren’t just working from home. We’re adapting to a world that can at times leave us feeling lonely, isolated and discouraged. I am reminded to show up to every meeting with heaps of energy and constant compassion.

And share! Don’t just stick to work topics. I need to have my water cooler conversations, so now I do them on slack. I encourage people to share their weekend plans before the meeting ends. It may feel trivial or irrelevant to share, but people are connected in those moments of vulnerability. It’s what keeps us all going.


Have you adopted any new exciting new hobbies during quarantine?

Is walking a hobby? Because no joke, I feel like I just discovered it. Ironically, in quarantine, I have been outside more than I ever have in my entire life. The only one happier than me about it, is my dog.

I also bought a massive box of yarn in the hopes of becoming an avid knitter. The box has been untouched for about 4 months, so…to be determined.


What’s one thing you want the members of the Creator Community to know about you?

I am in constant AWE of everything you guys are doing. One time I opened After Effects and realized about 3 minutes in that it was a very bad idea. I bow to you.