4 Tips to Enhance Your 2021 Holiday Creative

What’s Inside

Drawn from the successful design and messaging tactics of 68 brands and 3.2 billion global impressions across Facebook and Instagram, Holiday Creative Insights, Delivered shows what works, what doesn’t work — and why.

See how your ad creative can influence online shoppers:

  • How consumers respond to ad creative based on campaign objectives
  • What kind of creative drives +30% higher online purchase rates
  • The sweet spot for engaging video ads
  • Top copy tips to reach buyers, and what turns them off

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4 Musts for your Q4 Creative



Shoppers flocked online last holiday season, and 2021’s set to be another big year for brands. To help marketers up their eCommerce game this fall, VidMob’s latest holiday report is filled with actionable insights.

Our must dos include:

  • The shapes and colors that command consumer attention 
  • The photos that generate engagement
  • The ad copy that converts

Discover a quick, practical guide to building ad creative that delights and engages your shoppers.