Creative Insights and Trends during Covid-19

Whats Inside

Social media users cycled through various stages of acceptance as quarantine realities started to set in last month, or at least that seems to be one takeaway from VidMob’s report that tracks the performance of various creative elements in social ads throughout lockdown measures taken to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Country Manager, CEE, Israel and Turkey at VidMob, Ellad Kushnir Matarasso, Vidmob’s Head of Data EMEA, Lisa Haskins, Vidmob’s Head of Direct Response, Dave Morrissey will walk you through the following topics: 

  • Creative Intelligence
  • Covid-19 Creative Insights 
  • Creative trends amidst COVID-19
  • Creative Challenges
  • CPM Trends
  • Building your own Best Practices

The creative data mentioned in this webinar comes from an analysis of 8,500 ads within the Entertainment vertical. If you are interested in diving into this data, reach out to