Fortune 50 Beauty Brand Doubles View-through Rate for Product Launch Videos


View to 25%


3-second View Through

The Challenge

A Fortune 50 beauty brand launched a game-changing skincare mobile technology. The product had received a large amount of press coverage, but viewer engagement and sales remained soft. Hoping to drive brand awareness among a target audience of women aged 25-44, the brand partnered with VidMob to transform its existing long-form video assets into social video ads that communicate the product’s ground-breaking features in a digestible and dynamic way.

CPG – Beauty
Facebook, Instagram
Brand Awareness

The Solution

Within three days, VidMob created six unique concepts of varying lengths (:07 – :19) in three size variations to test different benefit statements. Assets ran across Facebook and Instagram in-feed and stories.

VidMob’s Creative Intelligence tool applied AI to analyze each video, frame-by-frame, with asset performance and uncovered the following mid-campaign insights:

  1. Higher color contrast is correlated with increased viewer retention.
  2. Slower text speed and larger text size correlated with higher viewer engagement.
  3. Actionable text in the end frame led to a higher click-through rate.
  4. Having a model hold up the product generated higher view-through and click-through rates.
  5. Combining product, model, and text in the first frame helps drive awareness of the new product.

VidMob optimized the original videos and rotated them into the live campaign. The entire project was turned around in under a week.

The Results

VidMob’s edits led to a dramatic improvement in client KPIs: a 79% increase in view-through rate at the 25% mark, and a 92% lift in three-second view through rate. VidMob’s work was applauded both in and outside the client company, winning multiple internal and international awards for excellence in marketing. The client was thrilled with the results.

“I am blown away by the detailed insights and the action we’re taking from the data. So thank you!”
— Brand’s Digital Marketing Manager