HIV Ireland Surpasses Its Goals


People reached


Increase in queries relating to discrimination


Increase in Peer Support participation

Sustainable Development Goals #3:
Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages


Using VidMob’s creative insights and best practices, HIV Ireland launched a 5-week campaign to help people living with HIV learn about and access their Peer Support Program and additional community support services. Campaign results surpassed all of the organization’s expectations and left them with exciting insights on how to reach even more community members for future campaigns.

About HIV Ireland

HIV Ireland is a nonprofit organization that provides services and support for people living with HIV and works to prevent new HIV acquisitions. Since 1987, HIV Ireland has been at the forefront of many innovative initiatives addressing community health and wellbeing needs relative to HIV and AIDS in Ireland. They are the only nationally-focused HIV organization in Ireland. Since its establishment, HIV Ireland has consistently engaged in policy development, lobbying, and campaigning on issues around HIV, sexual health, and the promotion of human rights and equality for people living with HIV (PLWHIV). Their education programs and campaigns aim to eliminate the misconceptions and stigma related to HIV.

HIV Ireland’s goals include:

  • Ending new HIV acquisitions in Ireland.
  • Eliminating HIV-related stigma and discrimination.
  • Ending inequalities for key populations affected by HIV.
  • Promoting good health and well-being for people living with HIV


The Challenge

How can we help people living with HIV (PLWHIV) learn about and access HIV Ireland’s Peer Support Programme and community support services?

HIV Ireland currently has 28 PLWHIV participating in their “Peer Support Program.” The campaign aims to increase participation by 42%, specifically targeting areas outside of Dublin, which currently has the highest representation of individuals accessing the program. Given the lack of knowledge about protections afforded to PLWHIV under Ireland’s Equality legislation, the campaign also aims to increase PLWHIV accessing the organization’s community support service by 100%.


The Approach

To help meet these goals, VidMob produced a series of videos utilizing our platform’s creative insights and best practices to maximize the performance of each ad. This included:

  • Combining human presence with a focus on portraits featuring faces and torsos
  • Including photo-realistic assets with natural color palettes
  • Focus on diversity with more women of all nationalities
  • Include personal story content with a combination of positive and calm emotions

We also utilized Meta best practices to help optimize the performance of the ad, such as:

  • Always on-Logo
  • Key messages to appear within the first 3s
  • Video length of 15s

Once the videos were completed and approved, HIV Ireland launched a paid campaign on Facebook and Twitter, running the ads for five weeks. 


The Impact

We are immensely proud to have helped HIV Ireland not only hit its campaign goals but far surpass them:

  • Sixty-seven people living with HIV are now participating in HIV Ireland’s Peer Support Program, an increase of 139%, surpassing their target of a 42% increase. 
  • Individuals accessing peer support from outside of Dublin increased from six to ten individuals, an increase of 67%. 
  • Self-referrals to the Peer Support Program increased by 300% during the five weeks the campaign was running.

In addition, HIV Ireland received 20 individual advocacy queries relating to discrimination, an increase of 182%. There was also a 46% increase in people availing of their advocacy service during the five weeks of the campaign compared to the previous five weeks.

Website traffic also increased compared to the five weeks before the campaign:

  • +682%
  • +65%
  • +59%

Part of VidMob Gives’ mission is to help nonprofit organizations build capacity around data-informed video as a primary means of marketing and communications. In addition to hitting their programmatic goals, HIV Ireland was able to test various calls to action (i.e., “Join,” “Help,” and “Learn”) to understand better what type of language may lead to more support.

“The feedback on our CTAs has left some food for thought. It’s worth reflecting on this and how we might apply this learning to developing future campaigns for greater engagement.”

– Stephen O’Hare, Executive Director, HIV Ireland


The Creator Network

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