How Social Video Ads Drive Business Results

What’s Inside

In an era of multi-tasking, multi-screening, and multi-streaming, social media has emerged as a key destination for brands to connect with consumers through video advertising. In fact, across the £1.5 billion in paid media managed through our partner 4C on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat, nearly 60% is deployed using video ad formats. Why? Budgets are allocated to the placements delivering the best results. 80% of brands running social ads through 4C see at least a 10% in sales revenue.

Looking ahead as platforms like TikTiok will take a central role in the lives of today’s youth, the role of video will only become more prominent. The time for marketers to shore up their video strategies is now. This requires both talent and tools with social at the core. But social video can be difficult to manage. The walled gardens of each platform carries different specifications when it comes to audience targeting, creative formatting, and performance measurement. The Forrester survey revealed that 62% of UK marketers lack centralized technology to deploy campaigns across multiple channels.

  1. 60% of social media campaign budgets is allocated to social video, among UK advertisers.
  2. Creative is the leading driver (70%) of campaign performance.
  3. Creative Intelligence is the missing link and it’s yielding significant ROI improvement.

Check out this webinar co-hosted by 4C, LinkedIn, Essence Global and VidMob, to learn more about how social video ads can deliver business results for your company.