JumpFly and Discount School Supply gain a 32% lift in ROAS on Facebook by using intelligent creative


Discount School Supply offers high-quality school supplies at low prices. The brand wanted to optimize their Business-As-Usual creatives to be higher-performing ads that would increase performance of ROAS on Facebook.



JumpFly leveraged VidMob’s Creative Intelligence tool to analyze creatives that Discount School Supply had previously run on Facebook.

VidMob identified key creative drivers that had impacted ROAS for past creatives on Facebook and produced optimized ads using the existing top-performing assets and formats.

Creative Made with Brand-Specific Insights

VidMob optimized Discount School Supply’s existing Business-As-Usual assets by designing two new data-informed videos and one variation. Each new asset created by VidMob actioned on the Creative Intelligence insights in unique ways:

Creative Performance Results


Lift in ROAS for VidMob assets compared to original BAU assets*


More efficient (lower) Cost Per Purchase for VidMob assets compared to original BAU assets*

*Creative Intelligence results after assets exited learning phase