Leading Beauty Brand Drives CPC Efficiency with Creative Testing on Pinterest


A leading beauty brand wanted to drive a more efficient Cost Per Click on Pinterest by understanding the impact specific creative elements had on ad performance.


The brand partnered with VidMob to implement a creative testing framework to understand which creative drivers around messaging, talent, and color met their goal of an efficient CPC.

VidMob produced 2 videos and 4 static ads and used Creative Intelligence to analyze mid-campaign creative performance.

Using the insights from the first round of creative, VidMob optimized 2 videos and 3 static ads to inform best practices for future campaigns.

Data-Backed Creative Decisions

VidMob tested original and optimized assets to determine which creative drivers most impacted CPC efficiency on Pinterest:


Strategy  Tested four identical video concepts, each opening with a different claim

Learning  Identified top-performing claims for future creative

Results  2% more efficient CPC for highest performing claim


Strategy Tested static ads with non-celebrity and celebrity talent against a pink color pop to determine the best-performing combo

Learning Non-celebrity talent was more impactful than celebrity talent, while color pop was less substantial

Results  9% more efficient CPC for non-celebrity talent vs. celebrity talent*


Strategy Tested a pink color pop against a gray background with product-led creative to determine performance impact

Learning While not the top creative element driving performance for talent-led creative, color pops are still relevant to lowering CPC

Results  7% more efficient CPC with optimized pink background vs. original background



  • Bright colors increase performance
  • Unlike other platforms, non-celebrity talent performs better than celebrity talent*
*Non-celebrity talent was applying product, while celebrity talent was not. As Pinterest recommends application, further creative testing will explore the value of celebrity vs. non-celebrity talent applying product.