Palmolive Australia lifts VTR 45% with high-performing product visuals and animations


Colgate-Palmolive offers quality personal care products that are trusted by millions around the globe to care for their families and homes. Colgate Australia wanted to increase VTR and EARL on Facebook and Instagram by finding a way to give second life to older assets they had used for a previous social campaign.


Colgate Australia utilized VidMob’s Creative Intelligence to extract insights from Palmolive’s historical social media data.

VidMob used Palmolive’s creative history to identify key elements that impacted creative performance. VidMob leveraged the platform’s global network of expert creators to implement the learnings into new creatives.

Data-Backed Creative Decisions

VidMob used Colgate Australia’s previous creatives to produce new social assets in 9:16 Story and 1:1 In-Feed formats for Facebook and Instagram. The new creative included outputs for self-care products across Lime, Aloe, Cherry Blossom and Honey fragrances. Alongside those were also assets that used talent and copy that focused on Renewal and Refreshing.

Performance Results

45% ▲ 

Increase in 3 Second VTR

27% ▲

Increase in Estimated Ad Recall Lift (EARL)