The Essential Guide to Signal Loss for Digital Marketers

Navigating the New Norm

2021 is set to be one of the most transformational years in digital marketing:

  • Mounting global privacy regulation is redefining the boundaries between brands and consumers
  • New digital data policies from the world’s tech giants spell the end of third party cookies and IDFA, triggering Signal Loss for advertisers

Combined, these updates are fundamentally changing how advertising works for brands.

Whats Inside

VidMob’s Essential Guide to Signal Loss equips digital marketers with everything they need to know about what’s changing, and how to stay agile in a new advertising era.

A bite-sized overview of how today’s legal and technological changes came to be, what they mean for marketers, and the creative opportunity ahead, the Essential Guide is designed to help brands light the path forward.

A primer for boosting creative performance despite the loss of third party cookies and IDFA, download your copy now. Walk away with a:

  • Clear breakdown of how privacy regulation impacts businesses today
  • Handy overview of the groundbreaking decisions being made by the world’s tech trailblazers about consumer data privacy, and what that means for marketers
  • Pocket-sized Signaling Decoder to help you decipher Signal Loss acronyms on the fly
  • Practical understanding of how to differentiate between key types of valuable advertising data, and what’s changing
  • Solutions-based framework for navigating these changes with ease, and understanding of how Creative Data —the roadmap to Intelligent Creative— offers exciting new opportunities ahead for performance-minded marketers