Ulta Beauty uses Creative Data to drive Gen Z Purchases








Improved Avg Cost Per Purchase

The Challenge

Ulta Beauty, the nation’s leading beauty retailer, wanted to drive click throughs and purchase rate around an exclusive product launch by Tarte called Sugar Rush. Ulta had product stills and video footage of teenage girls applying Sugar Rush products, but was looking for a way to highlight the new product line on social. Hoping to increase basket size among its Gen Z target, Ulta enlisted VidMob’s help to turn its existing footage into social-optimized videos that highlight each product’s unique key features.

CPG – Beauty
Facebook, Instagram
Brand Awareness, Engagement

The Solution

Within seven days, VidMob created five mobile-first videos from the still images and unedited footage that highlighted the Sugar Rush product. The formats included carousel ads for Instagram stories, collection ads for Snapchat, and a promoted video for twitter.

VidMob’s Creative Intelligence pulled mid-campaign creative insights that revealed a high drop-off amongst viewers. Leveraging insights around text words per second, CTA messaging, and featuring people, Ulta and VidMob were able to test ways to simplify the Instagram asset to better capture viewers’ attention.

VidMob used this data to test three new creative assets optimized from the original concepts. Within 24 hours, different CTA messaging, split screen layouts, and frame lengths were implemented to better capture viewers’ attention. Data revealed that the optimized Option B concepts resulted in the greatest improvement in client KPIs.

The Results

Creative Intelligence insights had a dramatic impact across the funnel for Ulta, including increases in click throughs, purchase, ROAS, and improved average cost per purchase.The campaign’s success is the beginning of a long-term partnership between Ulta and VidMob.

“VidMob shared eye-opening creative insights that we were able to take immediate action on to make our ads work harder. Optimizing our Sugar Rush assets based on objective creative data led to incredible results, 2x lift in ROAS!”
– Troy Hayes, Ulta’s Video Manager