VidMob Drives Innovation From the Big Screen to the Small Screen Using Creative Ad Data

Analyzing Creative Themes in Theatrical Social Ads to Inform Home Entertainment Release Strategies

“VidMob has proved to be a great and consistent partner for us. The data and insights that we have gotten through their Creative Intelligence platform are must-haves in how we identify our go-to-market creative strategy for Home Entertainment releases. The data VidMob provides is so powerful that we continue to use them to inform meaningful insights to guide our strategy for all major releases.” 

– Major Entertainment Brand

The Challenge

The theatrical release of a film is often a cultural zeitgeist, with fans eagerly anticipating when they can watch the film at home afterward. The home entertainment release is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the success of a strong theatrical premiere, and with so many ways to consume content in today’s world our client needed to find new ways to use theatrical learnings to personalize the campaign for home entertainment releases.

Data-Driven Approach

With creative being an important driver to reach their audiences, the client decided to put data behind their digital ads to maximize results for the home entertainment releases of big title movies. To do this, they determined the following ways to identify which creative elements of the theatrical release window were most successful with audiences and used the learnings to inform their creative strategy for the upcoming home entertainment releases:

  1. Digital Creative Analysis: The client partnered with creative technology platform VidMob to analyze and understand the key creative elements that were delivering the most impact for digital ads running during the theatrical campaigns for the movies in advance of the home release. VidMob’s proprietary Creative Intelligence tool analyzed ads running across multiple social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest frame-by-frame to identify the specific top-performing themes and tactics influencing the campaign.
  2. Creative Learnings: Our client used the creative data to determine which creative ad elements were resonating the most with their audiences, cross platform. The analysis included factors such as whether or not to feature lead vs. supporting cast members, pace of cuts, messaging strategies around critical acclaim and text-based overlays, the audio impact of soundtracks, musical components, voiceovers, key visuals around specific scenes from the movies, settings such as nightlife or the outdoors, or the presence of animals.
  3. Higher-Performing Creative: The client applied VidMob’s creative analyses and learnings to help inform creative that would emphasize the most impactful components of the films to drive higher engagement with audiences for the Home Entertainment releases across its paid campaigns.