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Want More from Your Creative?

See how these brands use VidMob to quickly scale their communications on Pinterest.


L’Oreal had a batch of rich, vibrant stills leftover from a recent product photoshoot for their “No-Makeup Makeup” campaign that they wanted to use on Pinterest. The beauty brand turned to VidMob to produce three different approaches to the sponsored pin—the aspirational look, the step-by-step tutorial, and the collection feature—to capture the attention of beauty pinners searching for organic, all-natural makeup inspiration on Pinterest.

Covet Fashion

To combat creative fatigue on Pinterest, Covet Fashion, a fashion gaming app for iOS and Android, turned to VidMob to refresh a series of promoted pins to drive more downloads amongst style-minded audiences on Pinterest. Using actual assets from the game itself, VidMob produced a handful of chic pins with clear call-to-actions and text overlays to capture fashion enthusiasts searching for new, trendsetting looks.


Zola wanted to boost brand awareness and consideration for their online wedding registry by targeting newlyweds and wedding planners on Pinterest. VidMob produced three concepts for promoted video pins: one that relied on Zolas existing ad creative, another that featured custom animations, and a third that combined the two. VidMob built each concept for sound-on and sound-off by featuring prominent text overlays and calls-to-action to compliment voiceover copy and a visually attractive end card displaying Zola’s promotional incentive.  

The North Face

The North Face wanted to experiment with promoted video pins on Pinterest to drive awareness for their latest backpack collection. To give new life to the outdoor exploration company’s website videos, VidMob produced pins that featured more than just one backpack to showcase the variety of their collection, while at the same time attracting a wider audience with just a single piece of creative.


Lancome wanted to explore how they could reimagine existing creative to produce fresh assets that would revitalize sluggish campaigns. Using a few frames from the beauty brand’s existing ad, VidMob generated a custom video pin that retained the essence of the original while still turning heads on Pinterest.

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