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Stills for Snap-worthy Video.

No video? No problem. Take your stunning photos and turn them into vertical video that audiences love to watch.


Colgate came to VidMob with only their brand logo and a storyboard. With a little bit of brushing up and catchy copy, VidMob was able to create this inspiring finalized Snap Ad with a powerful message.


Lancome came to VidMob with only a series of stills they wanted to optimize and run on social. VidMob was able to transform these bold and colorful stills into a motion-rich, social-ready video ad in under a day.


Spotify wanted to transform their quirky Snapchat still for Maroon 5. In 24 hours, VidMob was able to deliver Spotify’s frame into a vertical asset with creative copy that drew in their listening audience.

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Fender wanted to promote their Bluetooth speaker by reimagining their still frames to encourage their audience to swipe up and shop. Using an ear-catching soundtrack and creative deliverables, VidMob produced 3 Snapchat static Ads that promoted their superior sound.


JCPenney wanted to take existing still assets and energize them with motion in an effort to avoid generic catalogue-style content. VidMob’s expert Facebook creator delivered three in-feed formats that showcased the breadth of JCPenney’s new product offerings in order to drive online purchases and build product awareness.


Udemy left the creativity up to VidMob when they wanted to transform their still frames into fun and lively Snap Ads to promote their online courses. VidMob was able to deliver two videos that showcased their discounts and money back guarantee with compelling copy and colorful visuals.



To spark their holiday season, Shutterfly wanted to enhance their festive still frames with bright copy and cheery animations that encouraged their audience to swipe up and download their app. VidMob created 7 eye-catching Snap Ads that demonstrated how they could create personalized holiday gifts for their loved ones.


Coach wanted to throw some glitter onto their colorful and themed Snap Ads as well as promote their Coach X Snapchat pins. With subtle motion graphics and creative title design, VidMob delivered 7 sparkling Snap Ads in only a day.

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