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2018 State of Social Video
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This report reveals what's changing with Gen Z and Millennial content consumption and what that means for marketers.
2018 US State of Social Video
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2018 State of Social Video
View Results By Country:
Motion for the Win
A large percentage of younger audiences' time spent is watching video.
In every hour of digital time:
A large percentage of younger audiences' time spent is watching video.
In every hour of digital time:
All social boats are rising
of Gen Z
and Millennials
Spent more time on social media this year vs. last year.
*across all platforms studied
Compared to last year, Gen Z has embraced YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram while Millennials show the most love for Instagram and YouTube.
Year-over-year Usage Growth
Less than 5% of Gen Z and Millennials open a browser first.
Top 3 first apps opened by Gen Z are Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.
Top 3 first apps opened by Millennials are Facebook Instagram, and Snapchat.
It's a Stories World
Over 70% of Instagram and Snapchat users watch Stories on both platforms daily.
Percentage of Millennials who consume Stories on each platform.
34% of Gen Z watches Facebook Stories.
Watching Stories
Gen Z
Younger social users consume much more than they create.
Gen Z
How-tos, Tutorialsand Hacksare the most popular types of videos watched (46% of Gen Z and Millennials).
Vlogs draw 42% of Gen Z, followed by Pranks (37%) and, a distant third, Unboxing (27%).
1 in 4 Gen Z andMillennials actively seek videos of products and services they are considering buying.
54% watch Snapchat Stories for the laughs.
Instagram (46%) and Facebook Stories (42%) users like a good giggle too.
Female Gen ZSnapchatusers overwhelmingly choose comedy as a reason to watch social videos.
Rethink Personalization
What does personalization mean?
Across the board, similar style andtaste is mostimportant for whether either generation likes an ad.
41% of Gen Z feels more positive towardsadsthatarevisuallybeautiful vs. 32% of Millennials.
Freshness Over Frequency
Gen Z dislikesoverlyrepetitive ads (44% say it annoys them; 28% say they tune out).
Millennials either tune out or dislike brands who run the same ads over and over.
Executive Summary
VidMob is a creative technology platform that connects brands with a global network of expert creative talent to produce, analyze and optimize mobile video. We conducted a multi-market study of Gen Z and Millennial consumers to understand their motivations, attitudes and usage of social video. Findings yield actionable creative insights for brand marketers looking to connect with young audiences.
VidMob surveyed 1,000 16-24 year olds and 1,000 25-34 year olds in the U.S. between May 14 through May 23, 2018 about their media consumption and digital advertising preference. Similar surveys were conducted in the UK, Netherlands and Germany.
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