Common Questions

  • What is VidMob?

    VidMob is one-half job creator and one-half stress alleviator for those who work with video.
    For our editors: We make finding today’s most exciting video projects as easy as naming your hourly rate in our auto-bid system—so you can just set it and forget it. We’ll be sure to notify you when you’ve been awarded a job, allowing you to spend less time on crafting manual bids or proposals and more time on doing what you love.
    For our users: The VidMob platform breaks the bottlenecks of your production workflow in order to create one, seamless hub for all things video. A hub that you can access from your desk or while on-the-go—create and collaborate with your team while you connect and communicate with our network of over 5,000+ editors. These editors will give your video the legs it needs to run on today’s most important social and communication channels. And once your video is live, you can monitor performance and instantly request necessary tweaks to improve its success—all from our desktop or mobile platforms.

  • How does VidMob work?

    Whether you like to work solo or as a team, creating a project with VidMob is easy. Begin by detailing the project scope and provide any raw media (any of your team members can assist here, too). Then find an editor in our marketplace of over 5,000 video professionals to work with you to bring it to life. Discuss and review drafts as a team, provide timestamped feedback for your editor, and share the final video(s) directly through our platform—all while being able to monitor each for performance and optimization in our analytics dashboard.

  • How does VidMob create jobs?

    We built VidMob because we believe in the work and art of human creativity—an intangible that we don’t think can (or should!) be replaced by an algorithm or machine. Instead, we see technology’s role as a facilitator to help bring together video creatives—like those in our network of over 5,000 video professionals—with meaningful and important work they would be otherwise unable to access. We hope that, through VidMob, video creators and editors can keep their craft sharp and thriving.

  • Who is the typical VidMob user?

    We see VidMob serving important purposes for both businesses and the average consumer. So whether it’s a brand looking to recut a popular ad for Snapchat or a newlywed couple seeking a video memory of their big day, we see VidMob as suiting both equally and excellently. However, given the high demand for video communications in today’s marketing landscape, a good majority of the work that comes through VidMob is for business clients and advertising creative.

  • How can VidMob afford to offer this service?

    To help cover the costs of ongoing platform development, hosting, streaming, payment processing, security, and the marketing required to grow and maintain the VidMob marketplace, VidMob will assess a platform fee to each project contracted through its service. The platform fee will be displayed when the editor sets up his or her auto-bid. The platform fee will generally be 20% of the overall project price but may vary due to project pricing, size, scope, and complexity, as well as the scope of the additional services that some clients ask VidMob to perform.

  • Why should I pay and communicate with my editor/client only through VidMob?

    Safety first! Communicating through our platform is the only way we can ensure both parties abide by our Terms of Service, which guarantees your account’s privacy and security. Plus, we think it’s far simpler to keep all things VidMob in one, trustworthy location. You create on the platform, you communicate on the platform, you pay on the platform–everything you need to get great video, done simply.

  • Are there plans to expand the app to the Android platform?

    While our current focus is to continue to expand upon and improve our desktop platform (which anyone with a computer and internet can access here!), we do have plans to build an Android app sometime in the upcoming future.