• How do I become an editor? Do I have to pay to sign up or join the editor community?

    We take great pride in the quality of our editors. So while it is free to sign up and access jobs in our marketplace, editors must first be granted approval. To start: simply sign up, create an editor profile, and submit a sampling of your best work for evaluation. Once given the green light, editors can set up their auto-bids and get work straight away. Didn’t get accepted? Don’t sweat it—we want you to succeed as a member of our post-production community! You’ll have another shot at reapplying in the future.
    Looking to become an editor for our enterprise clients? This requires an additional vetting process. Please reach out to support@vidmob.com to see if you qualify for an enterprise trial.

  • How do editors get paid?

    Editors get paid upon the completion and acceptance of a final draft by the user (pending there are no other final assets required). Here’s how it all goes down: upon accepting an editor’s bid, the user is then charged the bid amount. This amount then gets held by VidMob in an escrow account until the user has accepted the final draft of the project. This payment is held in credits with VidMob where the editor can then request a payout through PayPal whenever they want. Payouts usually take 1-2 weeks to fully process.

  • What types of projects can I work on through VidMob?

    The projects that come through VidMob typically range from anywhere between a quick social re-cut to building a full commercial narrative. While most of our clients are business-focused, there can also be a good sprinkling of consumer-based projects (like wedding videos and family vacations) for the taking. Depending on the categories you select and the way you set up your auto-bids, you’ll become available for any (or only some!) of these jobs. Want to learn more about VidMob best practices for setting up your profile to win the work you want? Check out our editor onboarding materials here.

  • An an editor, how much time do I have to commit to VidMob?

    As much or as little as you want! Our editors are their own bosses and make their own schedules. So while you do have to finish any projects you’ve been awarded, you don’t have to bite off more than you can chew—simply turn off auto-bid to prevent any new jobs from coming in until you’re ready to take on more. And if you’re hungry to keep building? Head on over to the Edit Suite and bid on as many projects as you can stomach.

  • I’ve been on global sites where editors from other countries lowball their bids below minimum wage! Is there a minimum bid for all editors across the platform?

    We want to provide our editors with the freedom to charge whatever they feel their time is worth, so we do not require a minimum or maximum bid. Instead, we rely on our algorithm to provide clients with a smart selection of editor bids that best represent a fair market value—in other words, a client is going to have to work very hard to see the lowest bid received or the highest bid received on their project. To learn more about how our algorithm works, click here.

  • What is the auto-bid and how does it work?

    As an editor, tell me, how much time have you wasted creating proposals or bidding on work that you never win? We built VidMob to make finding work the easiest it’s ever been—no proposals, no unnecessary manual bidding, no wasted time. Here’s how it works: enter your preferred hourly rate into our bid sheet and our system will auto-calculate how that will translate to incoming jobs on our platform. If your bid appears to a client and they select you for the job, we’ll notify you via email so you can get to work straight away. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it solution to save you more time for doing what you love.

  • How long does it take for my bid to get accepted or rejected?

    Because of the way our auto-bid system works, it could happen instantly! It all depends on the delicate flux of available jobs and client preferences.

  • What video editing applications and programs do you recommend?

    To create a premium-quality product, we highly recommend using Avid’s Media Composer, Adobe’s Premiere Pro, or Apple’s Final Cut Pro. We also encourage using these programs in conjunction with related programs such as Adobe’s After Effects or Apple’s Logic Pro.