Our “Find Jobs” Tab: Just the Tip of the Iceberg

If you’ve been wondering where all the jobs on our platform are, we’ve got some news: The few you’ll see under our “Find Jobs” tab is only the tip of the iceberg. To get access to the thousands of jobs actually available on our platform every day, read on.

How Our Platform Works

In building the VidMob platform, we wanted to create the most efficient system possible for our editors. Manual bidding is not a productive use of your time, because if you don’t win a job, the bid is deleted. To encourage our editors to set up strong auto-bids, we hide any projects that do not have sufficient information for you to place an informed manual bid.

In fact, there are currently 13 times as many jobs available exclusively to auto-bids.

Why We Favor Efficiency

To create the most jobs possible on our platform, we want to make the process of setting up a project and picking an editor simple and straightforward. When a client is finished creating their project, they are shown a selection of 10 available auto-bids as determined by our algorithm (more on this shortly). Thus far, over 90% of VidMob projects have been awarded to auto-bids.

In many of these cases, the client is selecting their editor from the initial crop of auto-bids; by not creating your own competitive auto-bids, you’re essentially disqualifying yourself from these jobs.

Further, we have noticed that many of our consumer clients are not exactly sure what they want from a project. This leaves insufficient information for you to place accurate manual bids. Which is why we do not display these projects under Find Jobs.”

Why You Shouldn’t Want to Manually Bid!

Manual bidding represents a high-cost, low-value proposition. If you don’t win a job, the manual bid is deleted because that bid is only valid for that individual project.

Also, if this was the only available avenue for you to bid on projects through VidMob, it would only reward editors who sit by their computer, constantly pushing bids out. Our goal with VidMob is to make it as easy as possible for our editors to get work. So after setting up your auto-bids, you can step away and receive an email notification as soon as you are awarded a project.

How Our Algorithm Works to Support Auto-Bids

Once you have you auto-bids set up, the next thing you should focus on is optimizing your profile for the VidMob algorithm. In our system, we do several different things to match up editors and clients. One of the factors we consider is the “completeness” of your profile. You should make sure to fill out all available fields in your profile including “About Me,” your phone number, your preferences, and as many videos in your portfolio as possible.

Our algorithm looks at the category of the client’s video, and tries to present editors that have a portfolio video in the same category. For example, if a client has a wedding video, our algorithm is more likely to display those editors that have a wedding video in their portfolio.

We recognize that auto-bids are our first attempt at trying to solve some of the problems mentioned, and we are always open to suggestions of how to better our system. Please send any feedback to us at support@vidmob.com.

Also, if you haven’t already watched our video on the optimal set up for your auto-bids, please do so as soon as you can!

3 Ways to Promote Your Editor Brand with VidMob

We hope as VidMob grows that our editor community will grow and thrive right along with us. And to ensure that this happens, we want to do our best to give our editors the tools they need to promote their work and find success within our platform.

Which is why we’ve recently built the “Share Profile” feature in your Editor Profile within the Edit Suite. Now, editors can promote their portfolio work by easily sharing their VidMob editor profiles online—and hopefully attract a slew of new clients in the process.

Here are a few tips for sharing your profile in order to gain the most reach:

1) In an Email: Sending your editor profile link in an email to all your friends and family is a great way to put the new work you’re doing with VidMob on your team’s radar. And, hopefully, if they know someone who is in need of video, they can easily forward along the right editor for the job!


2) On Social Media: This is arguably the best channel to promote the work you’re doing, given how far-reaching these social networks are. Because, who knows, that friend of friend from high school just might be in need of a great video editor.


3) With a Video: When sharing your profile, also consider featuring a video that you’ve really proud of (and that you have permission to share!). This way you can attract interest, show off a greater scope of your talent, optimize your post, and lead viewers to your editor profile.

And the best part? If someone views your profile and clicks your “Download app to hire [Your Name Here]” button, not only will you automatically be added to their list of favorites, but you’ll also show up as the first bid on every project they create (so long as the project fits your auto-bids).

Editors, to check out your editor profile and get sharing, log in to the Edit Suite here. And don’t forget to tag VidMob in your profile shares for a chance to be featured on our social pages!

Early Tips for Our Editors

Matt Dubroff, Editor Czar, here. We have been live in the iOS App Store in North America for almost a week, and we have already learned lots of valuable information. Be on the lookout for a blogpost in the coming days that will have some great statistics for you, but in the meantime, we have a couple tips to help you better use our platform.

  • Respond PROMPTLY to your clients

In our testing, clients who consistently received quick responses (within a few hours) have a much higher degree of satisfaction and are more likely to give their editors high ratings. We recommend you respond within a few hours of being awarded a project or receiving a message from a user, but the quicker the better. Also, our algorithm takes into account the response time in replying to these messages, so quick responses will help you get more work.


  • Fully complete your profile

Our algorithm prioritizes editors who have completely filled out their entire profile. This means 6 portfolio videos (with proper categories), your About Me section, and your Preferences.  


  • Set up robust auto-bids

In order for your auto-bids to be set up most efficiently, we recommend you watch a video we made earlier this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3_uO0YCYN4. If anything comes up that would prohibit you from working on a VidMob project, please pause your auto-bid.

While we are live in the iOS App Store in North America, we are still a new app and don’t have that many users…yet! We are seeing a steady growth in the number of consumers downloading the app, but please be patient while we ramp up our userbase.

On behalf of everyone at VidMob, we want to thank you for taking the time to sign up and build great profiles in our system! We think we have a very special platform here, and we couldn’t have built it without the amazing feedback you have been sending us. We want to make VidMob the best platform it can be for our editors, and to help us do this, your feedback is invaluable. Please reach out to us at support@vidmob.com with any thoughts or suggestions for how to improve the site, and we will keep working on making better every day.

Thanks again to our Mob—here’s to the wild, winding road ahead!