Highlights from Our Creator Meet & Greet in LA

Earlier this week we invited a group of our LA-based creators to swing by our new office in West Hollywood and get to know some of the VidMob team. We feasted on hearty barbeque and sipped on cocktails, as we learned more about the talented people that make up our community.

We were blown away by the enthusiasm and above-and-beyond dedication of our creators. Their excitement and passion for what we’re building, their insights for how to grow the platform, and their down-for-anything hustle meant so much to hear in person. We’re so lucky to have them on our team!

It was also great to see both old and new faces alike—from those that have been with us from the very start and those who’ve recently joined the ranks. Providing an opportunity for our creators to meet in person and get to know one another was a fantastic way to not only learn more about the similarities and differences, but also to foster our growing creator community.

Even VidMob West’s office pup, Burt, got in on the action.

Many thanks to all who attended! We feel so lucky and energized after meeting with our community. We learned a great deal by getting everyone together to share their stories, discuss how they use the platform, and get to know one another. We can’t wait to announce some of the exciting updates we have coming your way as a result of this event, and we look forward to hosting our next meet-and-greet!

Stay tuned for our next creator mixer, which will be held at our headquarters in NYC. Want to attend? Reach out to us at support@vidmob.com to get on the invite list and receive event updates. 

3 Ways to Promote Your Editor Brand with VidMob

We hope as VidMob grows that our editor community will grow and thrive right along with us. And to ensure that this happens, we want to do our best to give our editors the tools they need to promote their work and find success within our platform.

Which is why we’ve recently built the “Share Profile” feature in your Editor Profile within the Edit Suite. Now, editors can promote their portfolio work by easily sharing their VidMob editor profiles online—and hopefully attract a slew of new clients in the process.

Here are a few tips for sharing your profile in order to gain the most reach:

1) In an Email: Sending your editor profile link in an email to all your friends and family is a great way to put the new work you’re doing with VidMob on your team’s radar. And, hopefully, if they know someone who is in need of video, they can easily forward along the right editor for the job!


2) On Social Media: This is arguably the best channel to promote the work you’re doing, given how far-reaching these social networks are. Because, who knows, that friend of friend from high school just might be in need of a great video editor.


3) With a Video: When sharing your profile, also consider featuring a video that you’ve really proud of (and that you have permission to share!). This way you can attract interest, show off a greater scope of your talent, optimize your post, and lead viewers to your editor profile.

And the best part? If someone views your profile and clicks your “Download app to hire [Your Name Here]” button, not only will you automatically be added to their list of favorites, but you’ll also show up as the first bid on every project they create (so long as the project fits your auto-bids).

Editors, to check out your editor profile and get sharing, log in to the Edit Suite here. And don’t forget to tag VidMob in your profile shares for a chance to be featured on our social pages!

Ghosting: What to Do if a Client Becomes Unresponsive

Unfortunately, things come up. And our app users are no less immune to the 180’s of life than the rest of us. So while it’s definitely a bummer if your client all of a sudden goes A.W.O.L., know that we’re here to help get you through it.

Here’s what to do when a client becomes unresponsive:

 1. Reach out: Maybe your client was super responsive and then all of a sudden took a hiatus from communication. It happens—but before you begin to worry about where they ran off to, keep in mind that all they might need is a friendly reminder to get back in touch. We recommend reaching out to prompt your client and giving them 24 hours to respond. Users receive notifications via email and through the app, so ideally they’ll get your message shortly. If 24 hours goes by and they’re still MIA, it’s time to…

 2. Let us know: Email us at support@vidmob.com with the name of the project and the client’s name, and we’ll reach out to the client on your behalf to see if we can figure out what’s happened. Because communicating with a client outside of our platform is a violation of our terms and conditions, we don’t recommend that editors and users try and get in touch outside of our platform (i.e. email, cell phone, etc.). And…

 3. Know that we’ve got your back: We’ll do everything possible to re-engage your client. And if all else fails, know that you will always be fairly compensated for the work you’ve done up to that point. That’s our promise.

While we don’t expect this to happen often to our editors, we hope that these tips will help you get through it with ease should you need them.

For more tips on how to become a successful VidMob editor, follow us @VidMob on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


3 Ways to Find the Perfect Editor’s Bid

You’ve created a project, chosen the clips and photos for your video, and have sent that baby to bid—congrats! You’re on your way to making a great video.  

Now all that’s left to do is pick that fateful editor’s bid. For those of us who struggle to just pick an entree for dinner, deciding on who will be the one to help craft your video masterpiece can feel somewhat daunting.

But not to fear! We’ve gathered up our top three tips for using our platform so you can guarantee you’ve found the perfect bid (and spend your time figuring out what to eat instead):

    1. Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down: Not just for emojis anymore. Our thumbs up and thumbs down buttons help to definitively tell our algorithm which bids you want to see again and which bids you want to eliminate—in fact, thumbing down is the easiest and fastest way to see new bids. This way, if you’re holding out for that perfect bid (but are too scared to get rid of some “maybes”), the next time you open the app or manually refresh, your bid selection will be replenished to show brand new bids, to hold on to those you’ve thumbed up, and to completely eliminate those that you’ve thumbed down.
      thumbs_up_down_screenshot copy
    2. The Swipe vs. The Tap: When you swipe by an editor’s bid, our algorithm takes note. And when you tap in to view an editor’s profile, our algorithm notes that too. These actions help our algorithm feed you bids that are more in line with the ones you’ve tapped-to-view and less like the ones you’ve swiped by so that we can bring you a more perfectly curated selection of editor bids (now only if restaurant menus did this…).SwipevsTap copy
    3. Favoriting: Found an editor you’d like to work with either on this project or in the future? You can add them to your list of favorites! Unlike the thumbs up, which will preserve an individual bid for a particular project, favoriting saves the editor to a list so that they appear first in your bid selections (and, in an upcoming version of the app, you can ping them to bid on projects in the future).GaryRoach copy

Moral of the story? The more you play with the bid cards, the more likely you are to teach our algorithm exactly the types of bids and the types of editors you’d prefer to see. Because, who wouldn’t want a uniquely personal curated list of top editors vying to work on your video project?

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