3 Types of Clips You’ll Want for Your Next Travel Video

As the winter chill begins to spread and grow across much of the northern hemisphere, so too will the number grow of those traveling to indulge in or escape it. Because, whether travelers are hitting the slopes or chasing the sun, winter is always a popular time to getaway—which means it’s also a popular time to take some great video to remember your trip by!

If you’ve got an upcoming trip in the books, we’ve got a few noteworthy trends in Travel video that you can capture and recreate to make your vacation as memorable as the pro’s:

  • Bird’s Eye Views: Soaring shots of the landscape help provide a framework and context for your trip—it places viewers in the grander space of the environment. And it’s got an amazing “wow” affect.

How to Get It: Invest in a drone. They were all the craze at this year’s CES and there’s good reason for it; the resulting footage these cameras can capture is simply breathtaking. Think overhead shots of snowboarding down a mountain, hiking in a rainforest, or boating in the bay.

  • Action Shots: This footage really helps bring a user into the thick of your adventures so they feel that they’re living the events of the trip just as you did—snorkeling, on the slopes, or chasing waterfalls.

How to Get It: While some tech exists for waterproofing cameras and mobile devices, we think the best way to capture these shots is with a GoPro. These cameras are rugged and built to endure the elements. Plus, they easily attach to the tip of your surfboard, ski helmet, or fishing pole.

  • Personal Points of View: Similar to the footage you could capture with a GoPro, having that personal perspective helps bring a viewer directly into the world of your vacation—so whether it’s a close up of your friend enjoying hot chocolate in the lodge, your feet in the sand, or the breeze blowing in the treetops, capturing the smaller, more sensory moments help bring your trip to life.

How to Get It: Capture these moments with whatever you’ve got on hand, which is likely your mobile phone. Considering iPhones now have 4k camera, shooting high-quality footage is easier than ever. And if you’re an active user on mobile-first video platforms like Snapchat or Periscope, save what you share so you can use it later on in your video.

And who knows, with all this amazing travel footage you’ll capture and create with VidMob, you might just be the inspiration for someone else’s next big trip! To get your travel video started, download the app here and then check out here or here for tips and inspiration on making your next video.

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MobFeed Spotlight: Travel

With the holidays behind us and winter in full swing, it’s no wonder our MobFeed is beginning to fill up with some amazing travel videos of people hitting the slopes or adventuring beachside. Which is why this week’s MobFeed Spotlight is all about amazing travel video.

So whether you’ve already taken a trip, are planning one for the near future, or even if you’ve got great footage from years ago, we challenge you to make a video to rival this week’s MobFeed Spotlight:

The Land of Plenty: Australia 2014” edited by VidMob editor C. J. Bezuidenhout.


Why we love this video:

 1.  Drones: The shots captured from the bird’s eye view of a drone are downright breathtaking. If you’re lucky enough to own one of these bad boys, travel with it and use it! You won’t regret the video that results (see minutes 1:21-1:38, 2:28, 2:58, and 3:10 for a few reasons why drones rock).

 2.  Music: We love how C. J. blended a popular Australian-themed tune with a touch of tradition in the modern didgeridoo music, aligning with the environment and theme of the Walker family’s vacation.

 3.  Title Cards & Transitions: These are not your basic title cards! They have a personality and movement that match the content of the video perfectly, while still remaining practical and functional to help tell the story of the Walker family’s vacation.

What videos are you loving from our MobFeed? Or, better yet, have you made any travel videos of your own? Share them with us in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

What the New iPhone Means for Video

Here’s the lowdown (in case you hadn’t heard): just a few weeks ago, Apple launched their latest version of the ever-famous, always-evolving iPhone. The most exciting new features of the iPhone 6s? Five words: Live Photos and 4K Video.

Live Photos are cute, little expansions of a photo memory that enliven the captured moment (further proof that video is becoming the way we preserve our lives—because life isn’t static, afterall!). And while the tech here isn’t nearly as impressive as the new quality of the 4K video, it’s still a fun, hidden bonus feature that adds a special dynamism to the memory.

And then of course, there’s 4K video. Cue collective sigh of relief. Now, the ease with which we capture stunning photos is also available for our videos. So catching those elusively wonderful moments in sharp, vivid resolution (aka doing them justice!) from the convenience of your phone? No longer just a dream.

With video capture on the rise, it only seems natural that Apple would beef up their latest and greatest iPhone with these video-focused perks. Which—like everyone and their mother—we also can’t wait to get our hands on (can you blame us?).

As a video editing marketplace, it goes without saying that we’re psyched about the phone’s new features. Because it can only mean one thing: that people not only want to watch more video but that they also want to capture more video. And for us, the more video that gets captured the more jobs can get created for our editors!

So, here’s to the iPhone 6s and all the amazing video and photos you’ll take with it. Here’s to a crisper shot of your kid riding a bike, a more vibrant video of your dog splashing in the lake, or a clearer memory of that epic road trip up the 101. And as for turning those clips and pics into a well-polished, professional video memory that will last a lifetime? Well, we’ve got you covered.

VidMob, making your iPhone 6s videos. Better.