Chat Upgrades & Real-Time Project Updates Now Live!

Another week, another set of exciting new features and updates! Ready to jump in and see what’s new?

Chat Gets a Fresh Spin

We’ve added a few features that will help you expedite the collaboration process—like the ability to include attachments within a chat and to tag fellow collaborators:

Add Attachments to Chat

Having a tangible reference when providing direction or feedback is a must-have for successful collaboration. Sometimes, that’s re-sharing a brief or attaching a reference visual. Other times, it’s providing edits to a script or a supplying a new music file.

Whatever your needs, we’ve made it easy to attach media files directly into chat—so when you’re referencing a clip you’d like to use for the opening, you can drop it right into the conversation.

User Mentions

We all miss messages here and there. And if you’re involved in a particularly busy project (we’re talking lots of chats, feedback, notifications, etc.), it can be all too easy to miss your most important notes. In order to help solve for this, you can now tag your collaborators with an @mention to ensure they get notified on chats that’ll benefit from their input.


You might have noticed that VidMob’s Chat has bit of a different vibe. We swapped the soft grey background for a stormy, more serious shade to really make the text pop for easy reading.

Real-Time Project Updates

When you’re logged into VidMob, you’ll now have instant visibility into your project and team’s activity. So when changes happen, you’ll be able to track and respond to them in real time.

Activity Feed

Keep track of what your team is up to on VidMob in real time.

Chat Alerts

Receive chat notifications the minute they’re delivered.

Project Status

The state of your project will automatically update in your left-hand nav as you and your team progress through project creation.

Excited about these updates? Let us know what you think or, better yet, write to us with your ideas for the next new feature!


Editor Update: What’s New in 2017!

Hello, editors!

We have several big additions to our Edit Suite so far in 2017, and we want to take a moment to explain each of them:

Folder Support for File Management

We now support folders in a project’s source media. This will simplify how media is organized and transferred while maintaining the original file structure. You can then batch all of the media together into one zip file to quickly get started on your project.

Pro Tip: If you choose to put everything together in one zip file, we highly recommend using a download manager like Chrono Download Manager for Chrome or XDM. If your internet connection gets interrupted, you will be able to easily resume the download from where you left off. If you have any troubles, please feel free to reach out to

Hours Per Draft

Now, when you upload a draft, you’ll be prompted to input the number of hours you spent working on that draft. This will not replace the end-of-project survey, but ensures that we have more accurate information on the work that goes into different post-production services.

Final Assets

On the Completed page, you’ll find the Final Assets button. Clicking this will prompt you to add any project files (ex. .prproj, .aep, etc…) and any additional source media found from the Source Media tab. If a client prematurely closes out a project only to realize they need changes when you’re unavailable, having these final assets allow for the client to easily make any changes.

Improved Source Media Bundling

You will now have a status indicator letting you know how far along you are in the process of bundling your source media. You can also see which zip each individual file is in and the ability to bundle any new files that have been added to the project. If you receive any errors, please reach out to us at

Non-Video Drafts

You can now upload non-videos, such as .gifs and music files, as project drafts. If you have a few pieces of music you want the client to sample or a first pass at a particular graphic, you can now upload the music or image files directly to your client’s project for review. These will not count toward the draft limit on a project and are a great way to ensure that you’re on the right path.

If you have any questions about how to use these new features, please reach out to us at

Keep cutting, editors!


Introducing VidMob Desktop

At VidMob, we pride ourselves in listening to our clients and delivering solutions to make their lives easier. As more and more businesses have begun using VidMob to rapidly scale the amount of video content that they produce, one of the consistent requests that we have heard from folks was for a desktop version.

The reasons for the request were many: that’s where their higher-end media lived; it’s easier to chat with an editor on a work computer; they would prefer to review drafts on a computer’s big screen; typing out long feedback was much easier on a keyboard than an iPhone; it’s easier to get group feedback from co-workers on a computer; and many more.

You asked, and we listened.

So we have spent the past six months talking with clients about the specifics of their needs, designing an experience to match that, and then implementing the technology. Through all of this, we kept today’s award-winning mobile experience in mind. Because the only thing better than a great desktop app, is a seamless experience across desktop and mobile, that enables you to interface with your projects in the optimal way, wherever you are.

What we are rolling out today is only an MVP (minimum viable product). It has bugs. And there are still many features that we plan on adding to today’s framework in the coming weeks and months. But it’s a significant step towards our goal of enabling any company in the world to create a virtual “production department” in about the time it takes to enter your email address.

Here are some highlights of the new desktop version of VidMob:

Create your company’s new
“Production Department” in seconds.


Invite other team members to join you.


Manage the roles and privileges of your team.


Create new projects in seconds.


Upload media with ease, no matter where it lives.


Manage your project assets in a single place.


Create brand asset repositories.
Chat privately with other team members.
Access VidMob’s libraries of licensed music, stock video clips,
motion graphics, and more.


Browse curated pools of professional post-production experts.


Collaboratively review drafts of your video, and respond
with color & time-coded feedback.


A single dashboard to manage all of your team’s
video production.



As I said earlier, we know that there are bugs. Our team is small, but we punch above our weight. We will find them, and we will fix them. In our usual spirit of transparency, we have included links on the homepage dashboard of the desktop version to all of the latest Release Notes, so that you can see the features/bugs that we are working on, and what we have fixed already. There is also a link on the homepage to a form where you can let us know about new bugs or features that you’d like to see added to the list.

Visit the New VidMob Desktop Here:

To stay in touch and up-to-date on the VidMob Desktop’s upcoming new features and improvements, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

App Update: 3 Requested Features Now Added!

Like clockwork, we’re working to build and improve VidMob’s offerings by adding the best and most-requested features to our platform on a consistent and frequent basis.

So what have we got for you this time around? Two pretty exciting new feature improvements to help you create and communicate more exactly—plus, a lovely UX addition to make interacting with our app that much more pleasant.


Who doesn’t like extras? Now, you can select up to six Additional Services to include in your project to help you find an editor with the exact skill set needed to make your video exactly as you envisioned it.

2 Ways You Can Use this Feature to Find the Perfect Editor for Your Project Needs

1.   Add Extras in Project Details

If you know you’re going to need a moving logo or something like subtitles, you can account for these extras by clicking “Add Additional Services.” Replace “Basic Editing” with any of the six offerings in order to find an editor with the right skills to complete your project.


2.   Filter Editor Bids According to which Services You Need:

Maybe you’re not sure what add-ons your video needs. or perhaps you’re more focused on how these additional services will affect the project cost. When you choose “Find an Editor,” and are presented with available bid cards, you can then filter bids according to which services you are or are not interested in.


As such, the bid selection will respond to your applied filter, displaying different bid prices and available editors. Want to change your mind and get rid of all services? You can do that here, too.

What Are the 6 Additional Services Offered?

 1.   Color Grading

Great for when you’ve shot footage in low lighting and want to brighten it, or when you need to cool an overly orange-colored shot.

2.   Motion Graphics

Want to add some special effects to your video, like a moving logo or animation? You’ll want to make sure you hire an editor with motion graphic skills.

3.   Overnight/Same-Day Turnaround

Need a final cut within 24 hours? We can help you find an editor to make it happen.

4.   Sound Design

Hoping for special sound effects? Or need to even out some not-so-great audio? Hire an editor that offers sound design and your video will sound just right.

5.   Subtitling

Whether you need captions or foreign language subtitles, selecting “Subtitling” can help you choose an aptly skilled editor to do the job.

6.   Title Design

Want to add a little flare or flourish to your video? Hiring an editor with great title design can help give your video that creative touch.


If you prefer to add detailed Project Notes via a Word doc or PDF, or want to include a brand style guide, well, now you can—all directly through the app thanks to our latest integration improvement to DropBox. Because if you can store it on DropBox, you should be able to access it for your VidMob project.

Google Drive Coming Soon!

Love this feature but wishing it was for Google Drive, too? Well, good news is that’ll be coming soon. Stay tuned!


Because thumbnails in Media Selection and Media Summary display on the smaller side, it’s often necessary to view the media in full-screen mode to discern which clip is which. But what used to be a bit tricky about that, was you couldn’t swipe through media in full-screen view to move from item to item. Thankfully, all that’s changed—so swipe and select away, media reviewers!

And that’s a wrap for the latest App Update 1.7. We’re excited to release these new features to you guys and hope that you’re as excited about them as we are.

Have feedback, questions, or suggestions? Reach out and let us know at And to stay on top of the latest and greatest with VidMob, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Our New Draft Feedback Features

We’ve been busy here at VidMob, working on a mountain of exciting new updates for our users—from content production to platform improvements, we’ve been drumming up ways to make your VidMob experience easier, faster, and flat-out more fun.

Next up on our list of new releases? App Update 1.6 aka “Draft Feedback as it Should Be.”

For the full scoop on what this update means for you, check out the video below.

Prefer to read about these updates instead? Here’s a quick rundown:

1.   Reactions

Smiley faces aren’t just for emoji fans. No, no, they’re also a highly innovative (if we do say so ourselves) tool that allows you to dog-ear both the moments you liked 🙂 and the ones you didn’t 🙁 , all while seamlessly watching your draft. This makes for a quick reminder post-review about which moments you might want to leave feedback on.

2.   Timestamps

Now, when you write up a comment on your draft, it will coincide exactly with its timestamp…because “remove this shot (3:01)” is way easier to communicate then “remove that shot with stuff in the background.”

3.   Project File Attachments

Even more precise than timestamps? Project file attachments. Because if at 3:01 you want to replace “that shot with stuff in the background” with “that shot of more stuff in the background” you can simply attach the exact file instead (ah, clarity!).

4.   Feedback Feed (okay, we lied, there’s actually 4)

We promise we can count! But this feature is really more of a “bonus feature.” Now, whenever you or your collaborators use features 1-3 during draft feedback, their actions will appear in an easy-to-read feedback feed to update the rest of your group. Because who doesn’t want to be on the same page?

Curious to know what this update will mean for editors?

1.   Dual Viewing

We’ve simplified how our editors review and handle client feedback. Now, viewing the clip in question alongside its corresponding feedback can all happen on the same page.

2.   Quick Reply

Respond to client comments directly into the feed for a nice, neat record of the draft’s direction. Just be sure to remember to notify your client of the new comments by sending them a note in “Messages” (draft comments don’t receive push notifications on the user’s end).

draft reply

3.   Easy Access to Reference Attachments

Preview the file your client has attached for a quick reference, or even download it right then and there for simplified access.

media reference

And that is your iOS Update 1.6 and Edit Suite release. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions for how we can best build this platform to suit your needs, be sure to reach out to us at

Want to stay up to date on the latest feature updates, announcements, or be the first to know when we’ve release a new video? Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


5 New Feature Updates to Your Edit Suite

Hello, editors!

Editor Czar, Matt Dubroff, here with an update for our editors on five brand new Edit Suite features.

As you know, we work hard to create a platform that best suits our editors. And these feature updates are no exception. If you have ideas for improving the Edit Suite, write to us! You just might see you suggestion on the next list of updates.

Here are a few of the biggest changes:

1.   Time Zone Support

Up until this point, all times displayed on our site were in UTC or Coordinated Universal Time. We now offer time zone support throughout the site. If you go to your profile by clicking on the button with your name in the top right, you’ll see an option to select your time zone. Pick the appropriate one, and you’re good to go!

2.   Portfolio Organization

We have just introduced the ability to sort your portfolio items in whatever order you would like. Going to the portfolio tab of your website, you will see “Up” and “Down” options for each video. Videos will appear on your profile page and in the app in the same order they are displayed on the site.

3.   Video Thumbnail Selection

There is now a button with each video in your portfolio that says “Choose Thumbnail.” Clicking on this button will prompt you to upload a new thumbnail image for your video. This will carry to your profile page and in the app, as well.

4.   Pause All Bids

Going on vacation? We now have the ability to pause and resume all of your bids at once. Under the “My Auto-Bids” and “My Manual Bids” tabs, you will see a button that says “Pause All Bids.” Clicking this on either page will pause all of your manual and auto-bids. You can resume all bids from either page.

5.   Removing Previously Bid on Projects

If you place a manual bid on a project, it will automatically be removed from the “Find Jobs” tab and added to your “My Manual Bids” tab. If you want to change your bid, you can go to the “My Manual Bid” tab, but this will alleviate the issue of an editor placing multiple bids on the same project.

Those are our biggest updates at the moment, but we’re constantly working to make every aspect of our platform as strong as it can be. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve moving forward, please let us know at

Keep cutting editors!


New Year, New VidMob

With the year coming to a close and the new one fast approaching, we’ve been thinking a lot lately about not only how far we’ve come but, more importantly, where we hope to be in the year ahead.

Given that this time last year VidMob was basically just an idea, we look excitedly towards 2016 to see how we’ll change, grow, and evolve even further. Because we want our community to play an active role in shaping the development of both our app and Edit Suite, we wanted to share with you a little forecast about what we’re working on in 2016. We hope that this will not only give our community something to look forward to, but will also allow you to think thoughtfully about how we can build this platform to really work for you.

As a company enthralled with video and video editing, we see great potential in the untapped market of the millions (literally) of smartphone users that either already are or are capable of capturing great video content—meaningful video content that could become that much more meaningful with a talented video editor’s touch.

In fact, it’s this future potential that gets us most excited about 2016: to spread the word about VidMob with the hopes of changing the very way we capture and remember our lives. Just how apps like Instagram changed the way we take and share photos, or the way Uber changed the way we get around town, we too hope to change the video atmosphere by empowering anyone with a smartphone to capture their lives in video and to connect those people with talented video editors excited to help craft their stories.

As we’ve learned in the past year, making great change takes time. Building an idea into a platform and a concept into a community didn’t happen overnight. Turning an untapped market into a reality by evolving consumer behavior won’t happen overnight either, as we’ve learned in the short month since we’ve launched. Instead, tapping into this market and encouraging smartphone users to look at how they capture their memories differently, is the biggest uphill battle we’ll likely face in 2016. Yet it’s a critical one.

Luckily for us and those who know the power of video, all it takes is one video to make this fundamental change. One video to turn those millions of smartphone users into regular, active video creators that will bring in as many jobs for our editors as Uber has drivers, or Instagram has trending hashtags.

So here are a few of the ways we’ll be working in 2016 to make these changes happen. To bring in lots and lots of work that would’ve never existed otherwise. To build something amazing, together.

Collaboration: We’re working hard in 2016 to improve the collaboration functionality of our app to make the experience for all who collaborate as exciting, fun, and, well, collaborative as it currently is for the project owner. Thanks to a lot of our early user feedback, we hope that these improvements will help make every user’s experience with VidMob feel more connected. Additionally, we hope that these improvements will give new users and collaborators a sneak peek into the process and encourage them to make their own awesome videos. The changes will include things like collaborator group chat, cost sharing, the ability for collaborators to view and comment on drafts, the ability for project creators to post a “brief” for collaborators, and much more.
MobFeed: Like Instagram’s “Explore” feature, we too want to show off and promote the most buzzed about videos in order to not only promote the great work of our editors, but allow people to create viral collaboration projects. To get this where it needs to be, we’ll have to move away from the current simple feed to a display schema where we can add an editorial point of view. We think this will make the MobFeed more fun, more useful, and better at highlighting editors so that consumers can ‘favorite’ them for future work. As part of this redesign, we’ll also add the ability to highlight weekly “best of” videos for each category, promote public collaborations, and much more.
Web Interface: While VidMob will always be a “mobile-first” product, we realize that many of our users also have media on their home computers. And not all of them use cloud accounts like DropBox. So we plan on rolling out a web interface, which we expect to be equally integral as our VidMob Pro service expands (see below for more on VidMob Pro).
Android Version: We expect this sometime in Q2 of 2016. Now all smartphone users can get in on the action!
Consumer Music Review: VidMob has licensed over 100,000 tracks for people to use in their videos. But today, only the editors can preview and search through that library. We’re working on a way for consumers to browse this catalog on their own, and then make recommendations to their editors.
Enhanced Manual Bidding: We have heard MANY requests from our editors that they want to make manual bids. And while we remain convinced that auto-bids are the best tool for finding work on our platform, we do recognize that there will be certain situations where a manual bid makes sense—for example, if a consumer has already worked with an editor and wants to hire her again, he could just ping her for a manual bid on his next project. This puts the editor in a position of not only being likely to win that bid (and thus hopefully not waste time on unwinnable bids) but also helps to connect the consumer and the editor in a relationship with greater visibility.
VidMob Pro: We’ve touched on this in the past, but it’s such an important part of our future that we thought we’d highlight it again. In short, this is the first of our product expansions (like Uber’s expansion to offer Uber X, Uber Black, etc.). To-date, most of our projects have been consumer projects. But over time, we expect the majority to come from businesses looking to fill their social channels regularly with the content they need now (and forever after).
VidMob Now: More to come on this front in 2016…but you can probably make a good guess based on the product name.
Certifications and Visual Search: This is a feature that we’re actually really excited about—the ability for editors to ‘level up’ into new credentials and badges that will expand their desirability. For example, this might include a GoPro-certified editor, or someone who has received ten or more 5 star ratings. Over time, users will be able to easily search based on the specific badges, certifications, and credentials that matter most to them.

This is just a peek into what’s coming down the pipe. What do you think? Now do you understand why we’re so excited for 2016? Here’s to a happy New Year for all, made all the happier through the amazing power of video!