VidMob Teams Up with Slack for Better Communication

When it comes to creating great video, there’s no shortage of moving parts. You have drafts to review, feedback to send, teams to manage—there’s a lot to juggle.

As a default to help you stay on top of active projects, we send email alerts for every new update. Unfortunately, that can add up to quite a few emails!

Introducing VidMob for Slack

Work simply while keeping your team nimble. Make VidMob a part of your daily routine by funneling real-time project notifications to the platform where you and your team communicate most—on Slack, of course.

Never Miss a Beat: All Your Updates in One Place

Gone are the days of missing messages in the shuffle of email. Create custom channels to get real-time notifications on draft uploads, messages, or when new collaborators join projects—all from the convenience of your Slack workspace.

Stay In-The-Know: Easily Oversee Company Activity

Curious if a project has kicked off or if a new team member has joined the company account? Admins can create activity channels to stay up-to-date on their team’s status.

Stay Focused: Customize Your Notification Preferences

Specify which notifications you’d like to receive in order to avoid distraction and keep focused on only those updates that matter to you.

Jump To It: Access Projects from Slack

Click on your channel notifications to drop directly into VidMob and respond to feedback or review drafts.

We think VidMob and Slack are the perfect match. We’re sure you’ll agree. Start working smarter by syncing your Slack workspace to VidMob today.

A New Way to “Create a Project” and Other New Feature Updates

As VidMob grows and evolves, so too does our platform. With every new hire, every new partnership, and every new innovation in video our menu of services continues to expand.

Today, we’re excited to make a few product announcements. If you’re pressed for time, here’s one line that sums it all up: we’ve made it faster and easier to create new video projects, add media files, and publish directly to social channels.

If you have 30 spare seconds, read on to earn bragging rights for knowing more than your colleagues do about VidMob.

Your New Project Create Flow

We’ve built a better way for you to jumpstart your projects by simplifying how it’s done.

Now, when you log into VidMob, tell us what kind of project you’d like to make and you’re off to the races. We’ve made it easier to get specific with your video creator on which social ad formats you need, how many you need, and how quickly you need them.

Pro tip: Create a lot, learn what works best, then invest media dollars on the winning creative. Choose the VidMob Intelligent Testing Package to let your video creator know you want multiple ad versions to test. S/he will proactively recommend creative versions based on channel expertise.

One more thing! You can now upload customized briefs instead of entering project details manually.

Log in to VidMob and give the new project create flow a test drive. We’d love to get your thoughts!
**Note: This new flow currently applies only to the Social or Digital Ad type. We’ll be launching updates to our other video offerings in the near future! Stay tuned.

Organize and Delete Multiple Files at Once

By popular demand, we’ve made it a cinch to organize and reorganize your project media. Select multiple files at once in order to relocate to other folders or mass delete in one fell swoop. Simple as that.

The Project Share Page Gets a New Look & More Apps

When you click on the “Share” button after finalizing a draft, you’ll now see a heartier list of social accounts and storage platforms to select from. Depending on which platform(s) you choose to share to, you can either save and store your new video for later, push live to your favorite video hosting site, or even publish directly to your social ad accounts to instantly kickstart campaigns.

Thanks for taking the time to check out what’s new here at VidMob. Have a great idea to make VidMob next-level? Don’t hold back—we’re all ears!

PS: A whopping round of applause to our dev team for pushing these updates in near-record time. How lucky we are! Want to join this insanely talented group of tech superstars? We’re hiring.

New Draft Review: Invite Non-Collaborators to Projects

What do you think of when you hear the word “draft”? If it’s endless notes, comments, or iterations (instead of beer menus and happy hour) then this update is for you. We improved our review experience to simplify how your team gives feedback—so you can spend more time sipping drafts than reviewing them.

Your New Draft Review Screen

We added a few new elements to the draft review screen to help improve your ease of navigation and ability to quickly and easily review your team’s comments.

Breadcrumb Trail:

Efficiently navigate through your project structure to identify which draft you’re viewing and for which output or version (if applicable).

Collapse Comments:

Quickly toggle between your team’s feedback for easy approval and a list-view of current contributors—with the option to invite more.

Share Button:

Invite Draft Contributors (i.e. those not involved as Project Collaborators) to view specific drafts and add their comments for approval.

What’s a Draft Contributor?

Unlike a Project Collaborator, Draft Contributors only participate in the draft they were invited to join. Project Collaborators are involved for the entirety of a project.

Similar to Project Collaborators, Project Owners invite Draft Contributors via a unique invitation link. This link will only allow a contributor to view the specific draft associated with the invitation link.

When to Use a Draft Contributor vs. a Project Collaborator

Project Collaborators are ideal for feedback that you’ll need to receive throughout the life of a project. But what if you’re an agency and you don’t want your client to get involved until the project is a few steps away from wrapping up? Simply invite them to join as a Draft Contributor, so they can view and comment on more finalized iterations.

How to Invite Draft Contributors

There are two ways you can invite contributors to provide feedback—plus two ways to modify a contributor’s permissions.

1)   Invite

–   Share by Email

Send a share link via email with a custom message.

–   Share by Direct Link

Generate a unique share link that you can send however best suits you.

2)   Modify Permissions

–   Password Protected:

Worried your draft might get into the wrong hands? Password protect it for an extra layer of security.

–   Disable Comments:

Allow contributors to access a draft for viewing only.

New: Comment Approval

For both Draft Contributors and Project Collaborators, it’s important to make sure too many cooks aren’t stirring things up in the kitchen. To avoid flooding your editor with contradictory feedback, all Project Owners and/or Co-Owners must approve comments before they can be seen by the editor. This way, you can maintain control of the project’s overall vision without too many distractions.

We hope these new features will make draft review as relaxing and fun as it is to knock back a cold one. As always, if you have any feedback on these new features or ideas on how to improve the VidMob experience, write to us!

3 Ways to Find the Perfect Editor’s Bid

You’ve created a project, chosen the clips and photos for your video, and have sent that baby to bid—congrats! You’re on your way to making a great video.  

Now all that’s left to do is pick that fateful editor’s bid. For those of us who struggle to just pick an entree for dinner, deciding on who will be the one to help craft your video masterpiece can feel somewhat daunting.

But not to fear! We’ve gathered up our top three tips for using our platform so you can guarantee you’ve found the perfect bid (and spend your time figuring out what to eat instead):

    1. Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down: Not just for emojis anymore. Our thumbs up and thumbs down buttons help to definitively tell our algorithm which bids you want to see again and which bids you want to eliminate—in fact, thumbing down is the easiest and fastest way to see new bids. This way, if you’re holding out for that perfect bid (but are too scared to get rid of some “maybes”), the next time you open the app or manually refresh, your bid selection will be replenished to show brand new bids, to hold on to those you’ve thumbed up, and to completely eliminate those that you’ve thumbed down.
      thumbs_up_down_screenshot copy
    2. The Swipe vs. The Tap: When you swipe by an editor’s bid, our algorithm takes note. And when you tap in to view an editor’s profile, our algorithm notes that too. These actions help our algorithm feed you bids that are more in line with the ones you’ve tapped-to-view and less like the ones you’ve swiped by so that we can bring you a more perfectly curated selection of editor bids (now only if restaurant menus did this…).SwipevsTap copy
    3. Favoriting: Found an editor you’d like to work with either on this project or in the future? You can add them to your list of favorites! Unlike the thumbs up, which will preserve an individual bid for a particular project, favoriting saves the editor to a list so that they appear first in your bid selections (and, in an upcoming version of the app, you can ping them to bid on projects in the future).GaryRoach copy

Moral of the story? The more you play with the bid cards, the more likely you are to teach our algorithm exactly the types of bids and the types of editors you’d prefer to see. Because, who wouldn’t want a uniquely personal curated list of top editors vying to work on your video project?

For more tips on making the most of your VidMob experience, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media: @VidMob for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Are You Ready for Our Next Open Collaboration?

What is an “Open Collaboration” you might ask? Well, that’s a great question. In short, an open collaboration is a VidMob-sponsored project that we’ve opened up to the whole wide world to collaborate on. Neat, right?

At VidMob, we’re really into collaboration.  It’s arguably one of the coolest features of our brand new app. And we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what is possible—of what doors can open and what dreams can be realized—as a result of getting others to join in on the experience with you!

So what can happen when many people get together to participate on a project? Well, we think the possibilities are endless. And as a result, we’re quite excited to get our next open collaboration project off he ground. We’ll be the first to admit that VidMob’s scale is still relatively small, so a collaboration today is nothing compared to what a collaboration will be like once the platform has achieved true scale down the road. But even with our current, relatively small reach, we still think collaborations have power.

Given the success of our first open collaboration project, “Thanksgiving Dos & Don’ts,” we wanted to make this next one bigger. Better. And with the timing of the next installment of the Star Wars saga set to premier this week, we couldn’t think of a better pairing to inspire our next open collaboration project! So for all you Star Wars fans out there, this one’s for you—and stay tuned, because we have even more up our sleeves.

To start guessing as to what exactly we have planned for you all, follow us on social media for when we’ll reveal more hints and clues (notice any in this post?) for how we plan to celebrate Star Wars and announce our next open collaboration!

To view last week’s open collaboration project, click here. To watch our MobFeed Spotlight on why we loved last week’s open collaboration, click here. And to follow us on social media, click the any of the links below to follow us on the platform you’re active on:

And (for all of our iPhone users) if you haven’t already, be sure to download the app so you can get ready to join in on this upcoming collaboration!

Making Your Collaboration. Better.


Finding the Magic

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on why we think VidMob is going to create jobs.  A lot of jobs.   One of the central premises of that post was that we are in the early stages of a general transition from a text-based society to a video-based society.   And as this trend accelerates, we will continue to see companies attacking all aspects of the expanding video ecosystem – storage, delivery, annotation, compression, deep searching, advertising, etc.

We argued in the last post that while most areas of the video continuum are increasingly well-serviced, the front-end creation point remains a pain point – a pain point felt by billions of consumers and nearly every business in the world.

Not surprisingly, VidMob is not the only company attacking this problem.  This gets us to the topic of today’s blog post.  And it also gets us to the idea of magic.  From the earliest days of childhood, nearly all of us have grown up exposed to video.   Movies inspire us.  They scare us.  They make us cry.  They make us appreciate our own relationships more.  And increasingly, television is doing the same thing.  In short, from an early age, we are conditioned to feel enhanced emotion from watching video.  But it has always been outside of our reach, something that could only be created by unknown geniuses thousands of miles away.  We idolized the people who created these masterpieces, and assume that the process through which it is done is nothing short of magic.

In many ways, YouTube originally helped reinforce this belief.  The videos on YouTube were just like our videos.  The fact that so many other people created stuff just as bad as mine gave me comfort.  But that has all started to change rapidly as the quality of video on the web increases.   Now, countless people and businesses around the world are realizing that they need to get a piece of this magic on their own, and they are trying to figure out how.

And herein lies the crux of the issue – what is the nature of the magic and where does it live.   For the companies attacking this problem, there is a near religious-level difference of opinion on the answer to this question.  VidMob’s competitors believe that the magic can be provided by an algorithm, either in the cloud or resident on your device.  They believe that people are the problem, creating unnecessary cost, delay and difficulty.  They believe that human creativity can be replicated by a software program, offered instantaneously, cheaply, and scaled to infinity.   When the magic is in the algorithm, all of the problems associated with person-to-person transactions fall away.   In this schema, we all become Spielberg in a few seconds with nothing more than an “easy button” on our phones.

IMG_8332 copy


We actually agree with this to some extent.  We believe deeply in the vision of an easy button on our phones being the only things standing in the way of anyone getting a great video about any important life event.  Where we differ is on where the magic lies.  At VidMob, we believe that you cannot replace human creativity with a machine.  The algorithm doesn’t know whether my kid scored a goal or fell on his face.  It doesn’t know whether I landed the joke, or if everyone is actually laughing at me.  And most of all, the algorithm doesn’t know how to construct uniquely creative works.  A small business video “scaled to infinity” and looking essentially the same each time is actually worse than no video at all.

Technology is important at VidMob too.  But our technology does something different.  It ensures that that same “easy button” experience exists, and then shepherds you through to a truly wonderful video with all of the ease of getting a car on Uber.  It matches you up with a human editor of your choice.  It manages your communication so that you get to the end point with remarkable ease.  It handles versioning.  It does all of this in a safe and secure environment.  And finally, it handles payment so that editors are paid immediately for their work, and consumers pay after they’ve received their little piece of magic.


We agree with our competitors that there is plenty of magic in video editing.   We just think it’s a little further left on the diagram.

How to Interact with Your Clients

In my last post, I walked through what the average VidMob project will be like.  I worked with our designer to customize a few of our editors’ site mock ups to show how this project will go.  Just as a note, due to the nature of VidMob, we have a bidirectional approach supporting both editors and clients.  Right now, the clients will be using the App, but editors will go to a site on their desktop.  This is done primarily to streamline the process to eliminate confusion, but also because editors will need to be able to access their clients’ videos on their desktop to do the editing.

Our first mock up, is an example of the editors site showing what you will see when a client sends new media for a project:


Here, you can see the interaction with the client.  The page displays relevant data like client and project names, so that you can easily keep track of everything if you’re doing multiple projects.  Below that are different clips that the client uploaded, along with the client’s notes.  This is a convenient and organized way to group everything together.

Our next mock up shows the screen that editors will see after uploading a new iteration:


Here, we can see the newest iteration, with a few notes from the editor.  Here, I hadn’t touched the audio yet, and the ending needed to be fixed up, but it was an opportunity for me to let the client see the new cut before I went through and tweaked the individual clips.

Our last mock up shows the communication between the editor and the client.


Here, you can see all of the communications with the client in one convenient place.  This makes sure that you won’t miss any notes from the client and allows for one inbox for all of your VidMob messages, as opposed to clogging up your email inbox.

Please note that we still have a ways to go before we launch VidMob, so these mock ups aren’t necessarily representative of the final design.  If you have any notes, suggestions, or comments, please send them my way!