VidMob Celebrates Video at VidCon

VidMob headed out to Anaheim to attend VidCon, the world’s largest video conference. It’s a pretty spectacular event that brings together creators, industry leaders, and communities (thousands of screaming teens) to celebrate…video! For the over-30 set, it can be a daunting experience with mobs of fans, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since N’Sync’s No Strings Attached tour.

VidCon is officially the start of summer for hundreds of thousands of these teens, replete with Ferris wheels, food trucks, and pop-up concerts. ferris-wheel-vidcon-vidmob

VidMob, and most fully grown adults, stuck to the industry panels and keynotes. Here are some highlights from the team:


The ah-ha and oh-wow moments from Tubular’s presentation:

Teens Don’t “Watch TV” Anymore—They Just “Watch”

What happens when a panel of teens share their views on television? Well, for those younger than 15, the TV-as-device simply isn’t considered when it comes to consuming video. YouTube and Netflix on the other hand? Major players, with teens subscribing to an average of 23 channels on YouTube alone.

Every Moment Is a Video Moment

What happens when a Gen Xer asks a millennial how many hours a day they spend online vs. offline? You get a confused look and a shoulder shrug. What is offline? These teens wouldn’t know because they’re never offline—it’s not a state of being. It’s not a thing. The proof? Over 1 trillion video views per month are now consumed online.



YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki delivered an unconventional keynote as a Q&A with comedians Rhett & Link (of Good Mythical Morning). Here’s what stood out:

Tube Shots & Big Views

In between test tube shots of “gross things,” they grilled Susan about VR, YouTube TV, and new original series. Not sure which was more impressive, the stat that “1.5 billion logged-in viewers visit YouTube every month” or that Susan actually drank beetle juice.

The Future of VR Is Here

VR was, not surprisingly, the main highlight from the discussion. Susan announced that YouTube and Daydream have worked together on a new format, VR180. That, and new cameras from LG, Lenovo, and Yi will be on the market soon to let the everyday consumer capture 3D and 180-degree footage. Get ready, because VR is making strides.

Algorithm Advancements

YouTube also announced an algorithm update for video. The new algorithm will dynamically modify video to optimize presentation across desktop and mobile, enhancing the consumption experience no matter where you prefer to view.

A Dozen New Series for YouTube Red Originals

Last, Susan let everyone know that YouTube TV is expanding markets and growing the YouTube Red Originals slate with 12 exciting new series. Woohoo! Another great excuse to indulge in binge-watching.



Video is all the rage on social, and product director Daniel Danker came to VidCon to share his point of view on how Facebook will lead the way. These are the noteworthy takeaways:

The Facebook Video Trifecta

Daniel explained Facebook’s approach to video as a three-pronged framework: Foundation, Community, Storytelling. Plus, the tools to go with it:

1) Foundation – These new tools will include the monetization of ads and branded content, DRM, and data insights—all important features for advertisers trying to gain a deeper understanding of their video fundamentals.

2) Community – Community sits in the center and is the ultimate priority and end goal of Facebook video. As such, these new tools will broadly include chatting with friends, creating pages for groups, and viewing video together (virtually speaking, of course).

3) Storytelling –  Storytelling is all about enhancing the experience of photos and video through better cameras and tools that transport and connect—like their new Creator App, which gives users the simple tools to create videos about your everyday. There are stickers, frames, and pre-canned intro/outro options to stylize your video, too.

Evolving the News Feed: VR & New Series

Fidji Simo, Facebook’s Head of Video, also gave a great talk about how they are pairing video with social functions. The News Feed is becoming more immersive as it has evolved from text to photos to videos. How will Facebook keep that evolution moving? Next up will be VR and Facebook’s move into new originals. They are financing new shows to understand how Facebook can bring communities together through original series. 



VidMob visited with top new digital-first studios including Vice, Full Screen, New Form, First Look, Jaunt, Mythical, RYOT. The common underlying video theme is a move away from “view count” toward quality and depth of engagement—which poses an exciting opportunity for video creatives to really flex their artistic muscles. Coupled with the bulk of content out there and the challenge these companies now face (i.e. how to help consumers find the best stuff to watch), the goal now is to simply start creating worthwhile content.


If you know Snapchat, you know there’s nothing quite like it. What started out as an image-sharing app, popular just among young teens, has now blown up into today’s most influential and buzzed-about video platform. With 10+ billion video views a day, Snapchat is a powerhouse that is just getting started.

If you know VidMob, you know how much we believe in and celebrate the power of video storytelling. We built VidMob to meet this shifting content demand—to equip video creatives with the tools they need to succeed and thrive in an ever-changing media landscape. So whether you’re an editor looking for cutting-edge jobs in the industry or an agency looking to provide your clients with the most effective Snap Ad creative, we want to help you get in on the action. Which is why we (as we write these very words!) have to pinch ourselves:

Snapchat Partner BadgeWe are humbled to announce that VidMob has been named a Snapchat Partner.

While this is a major milestone for our company, it’s also an even bigger moment for our community of video editors. It both validates the hard work they’ve put in to make this partnership possible and affirms their dedication, quality, and capability as innovative talent in the video space. So while we absolutely have Snapchat to thank for this one-of-a-kind opportunity, we also have our editors to thank for helping VidMob earn this sought-after spot in the first place. Editors, this one’s for you!

So here’s to the future—to the future of an exciting partnership with a true front-runner in the emerging video frontier and of the inventive and exciting content we’ll be able to create together as a result.

Snapchat, it’s an honor to be working with you.

New Feature Release: Favorites, Files, and Drafts

Upon launching our beta of VidMob Desktop, we’ve received an encouraging amount of feedback and suggestions. With each feature release and improvement, we hope to make our platform its absolute best for you and your team. And while the feature list is still growing (but very much in-progress!), we’re happy to say we can cross off these three from the wish list:

1.   Notify Your Favorite Editor*

Let’s say you just made a new project and were excited to work with an editor from your Favorite Editors list (currently accessible only in the iOS app). But there’s an issue—your favorite editor isn’t showing up in your bid selection!


Now you can easily send your favorite editor a message, letting them know to place a manual bid on your project if they’re interested in taking on the work. How easy is that?


Not sure how to favorite an editor on iOS? Here’s a quick refresher:

–     Find editors to favorite in the MobFeed.


–    And manage your list of Favorite Editors from your Profile.


*This feature is temporarily unavailable for enterprise clients with custom editor pools.

2.   Request Final Project Files & Extra Assets

Sometimes, it’s useful to have access to the different assets or files that make up your final video. Once requested, editors can share these files or custom assets with you on the Project Home screen. Once added, they’re made available for download under the new folder labeled “Project Assets.”


Because this is a special feature, it is available only for enterprise clients. Interested in features like these? Try a VidMob enterprise solution today.

3.   Download Drafts

Now, when a project is complete, you can easily download any or all of your project’s different drafts from the Draft Preview screen.


In the meantime, we hope that these features will help to make your lives a little bit easier as we continue to build and expand upon the VidMob platform.

And if you have any suggestions for new or improved features you’d like to see, write to us! We love hearing from you:

App Update: 3 Requested Features Now Added!

Like clockwork, we’re working to build and improve VidMob’s offerings by adding the best and most-requested features to our platform on a consistent and frequent basis.

So what have we got for you this time around? Two pretty exciting new feature improvements to help you create and communicate more exactly—plus, a lovely UX addition to make interacting with our app that much more pleasant.


Who doesn’t like extras? Now, you can select up to six Additional Services to include in your project to help you find an editor with the exact skill set needed to make your video exactly as you envisioned it.

2 Ways You Can Use this Feature to Find the Perfect Editor for Your Project Needs

1.   Add Extras in Project Details

If you know you’re going to need a moving logo or something like subtitles, you can account for these extras by clicking “Add Additional Services.” Replace “Basic Editing” with any of the six offerings in order to find an editor with the right skills to complete your project.


2.   Filter Editor Bids According to which Services You Need:

Maybe you’re not sure what add-ons your video needs. or perhaps you’re more focused on how these additional services will affect the project cost. When you choose “Find an Editor,” and are presented with available bid cards, you can then filter bids according to which services you are or are not interested in.


As such, the bid selection will respond to your applied filter, displaying different bid prices and available editors. Want to change your mind and get rid of all services? You can do that here, too.

What Are the 6 Additional Services Offered?

 1.   Color Grading

Great for when you’ve shot footage in low lighting and want to brighten it, or when you need to cool an overly orange-colored shot.

2.   Motion Graphics

Want to add some special effects to your video, like a moving logo or animation? You’ll want to make sure you hire an editor with motion graphic skills.

3.   Overnight/Same-Day Turnaround

Need a final cut within 24 hours? We can help you find an editor to make it happen.

4.   Sound Design

Hoping for special sound effects? Or need to even out some not-so-great audio? Hire an editor that offers sound design and your video will sound just right.

5.   Subtitling

Whether you need captions or foreign language subtitles, selecting “Subtitling” can help you choose an aptly skilled editor to do the job.

6.   Title Design

Want to add a little flare or flourish to your video? Hiring an editor with great title design can help give your video that creative touch.


If you prefer to add detailed Project Notes via a Word doc or PDF, or want to include a brand style guide, well, now you can—all directly through the app thanks to our latest integration improvement to DropBox. Because if you can store it on DropBox, you should be able to access it for your VidMob project.

Google Drive Coming Soon!

Love this feature but wishing it was for Google Drive, too? Well, good news is that’ll be coming soon. Stay tuned!


Because thumbnails in Media Selection and Media Summary display on the smaller side, it’s often necessary to view the media in full-screen mode to discern which clip is which. But what used to be a bit tricky about that, was you couldn’t swipe through media in full-screen view to move from item to item. Thankfully, all that’s changed—so swipe and select away, media reviewers!

And that’s a wrap for the latest App Update 1.7. We’re excited to release these new features to you guys and hope that you’re as excited about them as we are.

Have feedback, questions, or suggestions? Reach out and let us know at And to stay on top of the latest and greatest with VidMob, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

The Remaking of Our Auto-Bid System: Easy as 1, 2, 3

If you weren’t a big fan of our old Auto-Bid system, we don’t blame you. Since it was a bit tricky, we decided to give it a complete and thoughtful overhaul.

As such, these past few months we’ve been heads-down on researching the fastest and easiest way for our editors to create successful auto-bids—keyword “easiest.”

We kept a close eye on the projects that traveled through our platform, and listened intently to the feedback from our editor community. And after some finessing, we built out a solution that we’re both proud and excited to introduce to our editors.

The New Auto-Bid Sheet

What our research revealed was that media length wound up being the most influential factor in determining the scope (and thus the price) of a given project.

This led us to develop the Auto-Bid Sheet: a straightforward way for our editors to calculate an appropriate auto-bid for a particular project, simply by entering their average hourly rate.

This video was editing by VidMob editor TJ McCarthy. Hire TJ here.


Here’s How it Works:

1)   Convert Your Old Auto-Bids into the Auto-Bid Sheet

Previously, you had to set up auto-bids one at a time. Now, with the Auto-Bid Sheet, simply enter your average hourly rate and our platform will convert your rate into multiple, unique auto-bids based on project data from our platform.


2)   Adjust by Including Post-Production Services

You can also account for additional services, like extra drafts, color correction, or sound design, by adding in your fees for those add-ons. Then our platform will calculate and adjust your auto-bids accordingly when a user requests those services.


3)   Wait for the Jobs to Come to You

With accurate and well-calculated auto-bids, expect to see even more, even better jobs through our platform. And, just like before, if you’re planning on taking a vacation or won’t be able to take on extra work, simply hit “Pause All Auto-Bids.”

Thanks again to all our editors who participated in the survey and sent along their thorough and useful feedback on the auto-bid—we couldn’t have done this update without your help! To keep the lines of communication open, let us know what you think of this update by reaching out to us at

For the latest on all our platform updates, stay in touch on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Our New Draft Feedback Features

We’ve been busy here at VidMob, working on a mountain of exciting new updates for our users—from content production to platform improvements, we’ve been drumming up ways to make your VidMob experience easier, faster, and flat-out more fun.

Next up on our list of new releases? App Update 1.6 aka “Draft Feedback as it Should Be.”

For the full scoop on what this update means for you, check out the video below.

Prefer to read about these updates instead? Here’s a quick rundown:

1.   Reactions

Smiley faces aren’t just for emoji fans. No, no, they’re also a highly innovative (if we do say so ourselves) tool that allows you to dog-ear both the moments you liked 🙂 and the ones you didn’t 🙁 , all while seamlessly watching your draft. This makes for a quick reminder post-review about which moments you might want to leave feedback on.

2.   Timestamps

Now, when you write up a comment on your draft, it will coincide exactly with its timestamp…because “remove this shot (3:01)” is way easier to communicate then “remove that shot with stuff in the background.”

3.   Project File Attachments

Even more precise than timestamps? Project file attachments. Because if at 3:01 you want to replace “that shot with stuff in the background” with “that shot of more stuff in the background” you can simply attach the exact file instead (ah, clarity!).

4.   Feedback Feed (okay, we lied, there’s actually 4)

We promise we can count! But this feature is really more of a “bonus feature.” Now, whenever you or your collaborators use features 1-3 during draft feedback, their actions will appear in an easy-to-read feedback feed to update the rest of your group. Because who doesn’t want to be on the same page?

Curious to know what this update will mean for editors?

1.   Dual Viewing

We’ve simplified how our editors review and handle client feedback. Now, viewing the clip in question alongside its corresponding feedback can all happen on the same page.

2.   Quick Reply

Respond to client comments directly into the feed for a nice, neat record of the draft’s direction. Just be sure to remember to notify your client of the new comments by sending them a note in “Messages” (draft comments don’t receive push notifications on the user’s end).

draft reply

3.   Easy Access to Reference Attachments

Preview the file your client has attached for a quick reference, or even download it right then and there for simplified access.

media reference

And that is your iOS Update 1.6 and Edit Suite release. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions for how we can best build this platform to suit your needs, be sure to reach out to us at

Want to stay up to date on the latest feature updates, announcements, or be the first to know when we’ve release a new video? Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Embrace Change with Our “Additional Services” Feature

We’re excited to introduce a new feature into the VidMob platform: Additional Services.

This latest feature seeks to enhance the workflow of projects that wind up exceeding the initial project scope. In the VidMob platform, you bid to work on a client’s project based on the initial amount of media provided by a client—but what we’ve noticed is that, as a project develops, clients sometimes want to continue refining a project beyond the initial agreement. So instead of disrupting this natural evolution, we decided to refine it by allowing our editors to work with their clients to get a project exactly where it needs to be.

Our Additional Services feature is currently available only for additional drafts, adding significantly more media, or reimbursement for purchasing music. We structure each additional service like a line item on an invoice; so to add multiple services, you will need to create multiple, corresponding up-charges (read on for the step-by-step process).


These additional services are not intended to be a significant portion of a given project, and are therefore capped at the total value of the initial bid. For instance, if your original bid was for $10, we cap the total up-charge at $10. The up-charges for these additional services are processed exactly as the original bids, with the same platform fee for each up-charge. The only exception to this is when purchasing music. Music additional services are always capped at $5 and do not incur the traditional platform fee.

How it Works

When a client expresses interest in services that extend the scope of the original project details, we recommend suggesting this new feature. Here’s a brief rundown of how the process works from both the client and editor perspective:

As a Client

  1. The additional services process must be initiated by the client. Therefore, prior to initiation, we recommend that editors and their clients agree upon the additional services and their related cost via chat.
  2. The client will then initiate the request for additional services within the app.
  3. And once the editor has drafted a corresponding invoice for review, the client can accept these additional services and the project will continue according to the new details.


app-update_additional_services (1)


As an Editor

  1. After discussing the additional services in chat, and once a client initiates the request, editors will notice a new “Create Upcharge” button in the Project Overview (below).
  2. Upon selecting this action, editors can create the upcharges for each additional service.
  3. Once the client accepts these upcharges, VidMob will automatically apply them to the project.



Since we opened our platform last year, we’ve seen numerous clients so inspired by the early drafts of their VidMob projects that they’ve wanted to put in even more effort than previously anticipated. We hope that, with this new feature, not only will our editors be able to deliver on this excitement, but that you’ll also be appropriately compensated for doing so.

If you have any feedback on this feature, or have ideas for new features in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out at And follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram