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mobile_eats_world_ben_evans“Leave the PC behind. Presume mobile-only or mobile-native, not mobile-first.” — from Ben Evans

snapchat_disrupt_tv“Cable TV and Snapchat aren’t the same. But it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t swap one for the other—I have. I have taken TV dollars and put them into Snapchat.”  — from AdWeek

Two big takeaways: “The next big thing: social video,” and “digital is inheriting the earth.” — from Business Insider

all_video_5_years_social“We’re seeing a massive increase, as I’ve said, on both pictures and video. If I was having a bet, I would say: video, video, video.” — from Neiman Lab

foley_artists_sound_effects“We asked Adam DeCoster, a veteran foley artist at Larson Studios […] to demonstrate a few effects for us.” — from The California Sunday Magazine

The Archives

Week of December 5th 2016

vevo_music_video_second_only_youtube“Video on the other hand is much more engaging and offers much more opportunity for advertisers and brands to cut through.”  — from Music Business Worldwide

“So, why did this campaign resonate with millennials? Patagonia pursued a more human approach, pushing against traditional norms—and millennials loved it.” — from Forbes

attn_gets_millions_facebook_video_views“Attn:’s most effective tool: short viral videos, particularly animated ones spread on Facebook.” — from Business Insider

“Morales spoke to about the rise of the marketing creative as a force for business growth, how graffiti artists are like brand managers, and the one quality that even the best creative leaders can’t teach their teams.” — from CMO by Adobe

“If you secretly harbor the idea that Snapchat is frivolous or somehow a fad, it’s time to re-examine your certainties.” — from the New York Times

Week of November 21st 2016


“Within the mobile category specifically, video and search advertising posted significant upticks, with spending growing 178% and 105%, respectively.” — from the Wall Street Journal

snapchat_appinstall_ads_adage“Manning Field, Acorn’s chief commercial officer, said it started trying app ads on Snapchat a month ago, finding 40% higher install rates than Facebook.” — from AdAge

uber_airbnb_etsy_1thousand_1million“To get from zero to 1,000 customers, the three startups faced a chicken-and-egg problem: How could they attract suppliers if they didn’t have any users?”  — from Forbes

mic_newsapp_neveropen“You’ll be able to watch short videos and read news summaries directly from your notifications. (The videos […] will have subtitles […] and they’ll download in the background, so you won’t get a notification until they’re ready to watch.)” — from TechCrunch

lowes_blackfriday_fblive“On Nov. 2, Lowe’s teased out Saturday’s effort via Facebook Live, getting more than 2,700 real-time onlookers. Since then, the recorded version of the video has garnered 1.4 million views.” — from AdWeek

Week of November 14th 2016

“Twitch […] announced its plans to begin selling video ads in its partners’ live streams which can’t be blocked by third-party ad blockers.” — 
from TechCrunch


“Providing options allows for creative teams to come back with creative solutions that work for each individual video.” — from Julian Cole of BBDO via SlideShare


“But the rise of new distribution and marketing channels, on-demand infrastructure and consumer tracking stands to dramatically reshape this funnel, collapsing it in on itself, opening up new battlegrounds for brand competition and ushering in significantly more consumer choice.”  — from REDEF


“It’s the most recent example of what the Venice-based company is calling Snapchat Shows, a new offering distinct from Live Stories and Discover, the content formats that have powered 10 billion views per day on the app worldwide.” — from Variety


“While the financial markets may be in for a tough time, possibly a prolonged tough time, there is no correlation between startup success and strong financial markets.” — from AVC

Week of November 7th 2016

“‘People are spending more and more time on mobile, especially video,’ David Wehner, Facebook’s chief financial officer, said in an interview.” — 
from the Associated Press

“BuzzFeed’s food brand Tasty exemplifies just how crazed publishers are in chasing digital video—a $10.3 billion industry this year that will be worth $12.5 billion in 2017.” — 
from AdWeek

“AWS made it easy and cheap to start an online company; YouTube, launched a year earlier, made it cheap and easy to share video; Facebook, launched in 2004, made it possible to spread said video to millions of people.”  — 
from Stratechery

“Businesses can now tap a hand-selected group of publishers, production shops and independent creators to help craft compelling content well-suited for the platform.” — from Business Insider

“This [bottleneck of consumer attention] shifts the balance of power from determining what should be made to finding a way to convince people what to watch, listen to or read in a world of infinitely abundant content.” — from REDEF Media

Week of October 28th 2016

blog_future_video_redef_phone“The traditional bottlenecks to content production and distribution have been opened up by technology,
reducing the power and value of gatekeepers.” — 
from REDEF Media

blog_full_screen_revolution“These new formats fill a gap in the marketplace, offering brands the opportunity to engage audiences on mobile screens without sacrificing either scale or creativity.” — from The Drum

blog_rei_360video_“The 360-video effort racked up more than 822,000 views on Facebook and reached more than 1.5 million Facebook users.”  — from Digiday

blog_future_video_redef“As they become ubiquitous, I doubt we will think of these things [recording devices/wearables] as cameras much longer. ” — from Matt Hackett on Medium

blog_spotify_vertical_ads“A branded moment is more about reaching users in a specific context. Based on the playlists that they’re activating, we know the moments they are in.” — from AdAge

Week of October 21st 2016

“Somewhere between Facebook and Netflix exists an invisible pink unicorn: a streaming video platform that offers the best high-quality short-form web video content.” — 
from Digiday

snapchat_ambitions_namechange_800“Snapchat – well, Snap – is no longer pitching itself as a social media company but that the CEO sees it as a camera company. Explain that.” — 
from NPR

“But an abundance of data, largely self-reported by internet platforms that are in direct competition with one another, presents a challenge of its own. Namely, what numbers are truly reliable?”  — 
from The New York Times

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves. — Steve Jobs” — from NomNom Insights on Medium

All of those things [we create] are sort of unnecessary in the sense that we could all survive without doing any of them,’ Eno says, but in fact we don’t. We all engage with them.” — from Open Culture

Week of October 14th 2016

techcrunch_historic_video“There have been a few moments in my life when it felt like the world was in the middle of installing an update; this is one of them.” — from TechCrunch 

8baa134d-e582-4f4d-8482-6f626039d58c“Such fear of novelty may pose a significant obstacle to creativity: if an animal avoids approaching any new objects, innovations become rather unlikely.” — from Scientific American

human_algorithm_gatekeeper“Far from disappearing, human curation and sensibilities have a new value in the age of algorithms.”  — from The Guardian

DJI_mavic_pro_review“The Mavic Pro is tiny enough to fit in a back pocket, and weighs just 1.65 pounds.” — from Gizmodo

snapchat_power_video“Since introducing Discover in January 2015, Snapchat has become a web of highly edited video content—whether made by users, celebrities or media companies like Buzzfeed and CNN.” — from the New York Times

Week of October 7th 2016

“As digital video becomes ubiquitous, every major initiative at BuzzFeed around the world will find an expression as video.” — from the New York Times

opensource_economy“Technology is about making tools for us to express our humanity. To make our creative expression frictionless.”— from Nadia Eghbal on Medium

snapchat_adweek“How big is Snapchat? How sorry is Facebook? How advanced is Google? How long does Twitter have left?” — from AdAdge

how_mobile_changed_game“We have these big hit videos, probably 25 of them, and 50 to 60 percent of views come from mobile. The mobile side is going through the roof.” — from TheWrap

dream_video_vine“Some [videos] look like animated landscape paintings, while others attempt to capture what could be possibly described as a six-second window into the sublime.”  — from The Creators Project

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