NEW YORK, NY – January 30, 2017 – VidMob announced today that the company has been named a Creative API Partner. VidMob will make it easier for brand advertisers to create Snap Ads that they can run on the platform.

With over 10 billion video views daily, and over 150 million daily active Snapchatters, brand advertisers are increasingly turning to Snapchat as part of the marketing mix as they assess the future of today’s $70 billion TV advertising business. Television viewing among 13-34 year-olds has dropped significantly recently, forcing advertisers to rethink traditional spending patterns. 80% of Snapchat’s US user base falls into this category, making it an attractive platform as brands consider new ways of reaching this valuable audience.

Through its API integration with Snapchat, VidMob has built a technology platform that is designed to make it easy for brands to get approved Snap Ad creative ready to run on Snapchat, and then makes that creative immediately available for brand advertisers directly on Snapchat.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the relationship with Snapchat,” said Alex Collmer, founder and CEO of VidMob. “Snapchat is such a unique and wonderful platform, and the whole team at VidMob is thrilled that we can help brands make content that is customized to maximize its impact in that environment.”

Because Snap Ads differ in format from traditional television and other online creative formats in that they are fullscreen and vertical, new creative is often required from brands. Through its integration with Snapchat, Brands are able to utilize VidMob’s marketplace of professional creative personnel to efficiently recut existing media, or build new creative from scratch.

“Brand dollars will continue accelerating in their migration from TV to online platforms like Snapchat,” said Collmer. “But those online platforms often have different formats that require unique creative in order to be effective. VidMob was designed to make it incredibly easy for companies of any size to get the creative they need to market effectively as these platforms continue to evolve.”

About VidMob

VidMob is the first truly scalable end-to-end post-production platform, creating a single hub for all of a company’s video creation needs. The VidMob platform enables companies and people to connect directly with over 4,500 post-production professionals and manages the entire post-production process: file transfer and media management, draft review, collaborative tools and messaging, publishing and analytics. By using its technology platform to empower human creativity, VidMob’s clients are able to create high-quality video content with unprecedented efficiency.

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