Top 3 Questions About Speeding Up Ad Production

By : Victoria Dubinski


Top 3 Questions About Speeding Up Ad Production

We recently held a webinar with VidMob’s own Tricia Lee, Sr. Director of Demand & Integrated Marketing, Brian Boggess, Creative Director, and Jerry Bell, Director of Product Marketing, for a 30 minute session on how they’ve sped up ad production. The conversation led by the panel drove insightful discussion afterwards during our Q&A. 

From 2023 plans to how they’ve increased collaboration between teams, they tackled some tough questions. Here are the top 3 questions – and answers – from our session.

1. How do you increase performance marketing and creative team collaboration? 

The best way to increase collaboration is making sure everyone agrees on where to start. Surprisingly, for a creative person a blank page can be overwhelming. Providing guidance and building in constraints from the getgo can be very effective.

How do you get everyone to agree on where to start? You work through the creative brief. Within the brief, provide info such as where the ad will be placed, what the campaign goals are, and how success is being tracked to ensure that both teams are aligned. In addition to the basics, the performance team should also be including data and creative analysis on what worked well (or not) in the past.

Leveraging creative analysis gives the creative team flexibility in leveraging the same concept or idea and repackaging it with new learnings so that it can be retested. This approach also speeds up ad production because you aren’t having to start from scratch every time a new asset is needed.

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2. How do you determine what works and what to test? Who should own the platforms? 

You need to understand what you want to learn and what hypothesis you want to test. Think of the scientific method – the first step is always making an observation and asking a question. Start by looking at your account and making observations. 

For VidMob, we noticed our top performing ads were videos from a customer spotlight series. We wanted to know what elements from those videos to adapt for other video ads. Once we knew what creative elements drove those high performance metrics, we built a testing plan around them. The initial observation led to questions that guided our testing plan.

For platform ownership we recommend it lives with the performance marketing team and the creative team be power users. The creative director can leverage VidMob’s Creative Network to build and optimize production. Meanwhile the performance marketing team can leverage the Creative Analytics tool to optimize ads and performance.

3. What are some focus areas for this upcoming year?

For performance marketing, 2023 is about efficiency and personalization. Focus on finding efficiencies working with partners, like the creative team, and in how you execute ad production. You can do more with less by leaning into analytics and creative data. 

Personalization is a table stakes, but how can you scale that? A not-so-new method is leveraging UGC content. UGC content can sometimes come at a fraction of the cost of full-scale production while feeling authentic and personal to the viewer.

Lastly, ads need to tell a story. For VidMob, we are driving a product-led motion. We want to focus on Customer Zero – ourselves – and then retell that story in our ads. 

Watch the on-demand webinar for further insights into how you can improve efficiencies and increase collaboration between creative and performance teams.