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Working from home is the temporary new normal for the world.

For VidMob, it’s business as usual and we are at-the-ready to make sure brands don’t skip a beat. Particularly at times like this, marketers need a steady flow of digital content and VidMob has the talent and tech to deliver high performance ads on a global scale.

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Looking for Project Work?

Our platform connects professional artists with high paying, WFH freelance jobs in digital ad post-production. If you’re interested, and have an exceptional portfolio to share, email us at

These are some of the most

in-demand skills:

  • Creative Direction

  • Editing

  • Motion Graphics Design

  • 3D Modeling

  • Animation

  • Graphic Design

  • Illustration

We’re Evolving Creativity for the Better

VidMob understands the best place for creativity isn’t always an office. That’s why our platform allows our creators to work the way they want, no matter where they are in the world.


What We Believe

Creative freedom drives captivating results. VidMob understands that the rules of video are constantly evolving, and trends unveil overnight. That’s why we believe in scalable, efficient work that suits your creative drive.

Enjoy the best of freelancing and ditch the annoying stuff.

No more hustling for work, no more chasing payments.

Work when and where you want.

When you win work, geography never gets in the way.

Create for world-class brands.

Build your dream portfolio.

Be first to learn new ad formats and design techniques.

Up-level your technique with challenging projects.

Use cutting-edge tech.

Award-winning workflow tools at your fingertips.

Work with a team

Collaborate with other creatives and receive support from a project manager.

Ready to get started? Email your portfolio to


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Questions? We’re here for you.

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