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Great social media ad design is a balancing act. Graphic design principles. Brand identity. Creative instincts. Ad performance. It’s easy to get bogged down in the details. VidMob’s Intelligent Creative platform lifts the load by automating routine tasks, keeping your team on brand, and backing up your instincts with hard data. So you can focus on innovation.

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Discover how Chira Shaad, VP of Brand Engagement at L’Oreal, uses VidMob to help support one of the most productive and innovative social media marketing teams in the world. Unlock performance insights about target audiences, social media platforms, influencer videos, social media ad campaigns, and more.

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VidMob Creative Studio simplifies the design process. Create briefs, manage assets, leave feedback on drafts, finalize approvals, upload finished work to an ad library, and even publish ads directly to your social media ad accounts. All in one place.

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The best digital marketing teams push the boundaries of social media advertising, identifying new trends and channels as soon as they appear on the horizon. VidMob helps you infuse your team with new talent even when you can’t add to your headcount. Tap into our global network of creatives for support on any project, any platform, any format.

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VidMob is the only official partner of all major social and digital platforms. As new platforms appear on the horizon, we’re dedicated to keeping you on the cutting edge of social media advertising.

Use VidMob to optimize Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads, TikTok ads … you name it. Create eye-catching, data-driven designs for Instagram posts, Instagram reels, Snapchat ads, Pinterest ads, video ads, carousel ads, banner ads, story ads, animations and gifs, and more. You can even get insights into graphic design elements and design styles such as fonts and typography in your social media post designs. Whether you’re driving brand awareness or e-commerce conversions, VidMob can help.

VidMob works with many of the top brands in the world. You can explore a wide selection of case studies in our Resource Library

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