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Built with enterprises, for enterprises, VidMob’s Intelligent Creative platform gives you the data.

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Give your team the power of Intelligent Creative

Our platform uses AI and machine learning to quickly identify what’s working, what’s not, and why — so your team can act on those insights at every step of the creative process.

See how your creative measures up

Automatically score your assets against platform best practices so you know which ads are ready for flight — and which live campaigns need attention.

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Know what's working and why

Find out which creative elements are responsible for an asset’s performance and gather learnings to guide future campaigns.

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Collaborate with your team and our network

Bring all your creative stakeholders on board and apply insights directly into the production flow. Need talent? Tap our network of creatives.

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Stay on brand as you scale

Use high-performing automated creative templates to make catalog ad personalization simple.

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Create and collaborate from your phone

VidMob customers can take Intelligent Creative on the go with draft review, ad preview, and project chat. The power of VidMob is now on your iOS device.

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Choose the approach that works best for you

Train up your team, work with an agency, or partner with us.

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Build expertise in-house

From account setup to onboarding to training, we’ll help you and your team become Intelligent Creative experts

Work with an agency

Our trusted agency partners can help you make the most of Intelligent Creative. Have an agency you love to work with? We can train them on Intelligent Creative.

Hire VidMob's premium service team

Work directly with our experts, who are leading the latest innovations in Intelligent Creative.

“Our team was awarded the Global Award for Data Inspired Creativity for our work using VidMob’s AI platform to optimize Neutrogena’s creative assets and media in record time.”

Tyler Rochwerg

Digital Marketing & Innovation Manager, Neutrogena

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