Beyond Beauty: L’Oréal’s Journey to Data-Driven Creative

What’s Inside

Creative is the biggest driver of campaign performance, and with so many different platforms, ad units, and creative elements constantly evolving, how can brands measure, monitor, and optimize creative effectiveness? Join Chira Schaad, L’Oreal’s VP of Brand Engagement, and Susan Naci, VidMob’s Beauty & Luxury Lead, for a conversation on the importance of platform-first, scaleable creative, and how Intelligent Creative has transformed the way L’Oreal approaches content. Walk away understanding how to create global content that’s relevant, localized, and scalable, and how VidMob and L’Oreal are continuing to innovate and push boundaries on creative excellency.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why creative analytics is revolutionary and should be a key component affecting marketing decision-making.
  • How to use scaleable insights without losing brand integrity.
  • Actionable steps to drive brands’ most relevant KPIs.

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