Cervejaria Colorado Boosts Clicks and Views with Social-Optimized Video

The Challenge

Cervejaria Colorado, owned by the beverage conglomerate AB InBev, is one of the most iconic and brand-recognizable craft brewers in Brazil. Drawing inspiration from native Brazilian ingredients such as coffee, molasses, cassava, and honey, Colorado’s beers have captured a mass audience, not only in Brazil but also abroad.

Ahead of their release of an exclusive new beer called “Brasil com S”, Colorado released a minute-long video, titled “Manifesto,” that amplified the brand’s craft soul. Despite engaging visuals that emphasized Brazil’s ability to provide quality beer through biodiversity and tap into customers’ national pride, the video was not optimized for social, resulting in low views and high drop-offs.


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Brand Awareness, Engagement

The Solution

Colorado partnered with VidMob to create social-optimized teaser videos to drive click-through that would lead viewers to the brand’s site to watch the full video. VidMob’s Creative Intelligence data identified four key insights about Colorado’s creative assets:

  1. Subtle branding garnered the best viewer response—featuring Colorado’s bear logo in initial frames increased view-through rates.
  2. Emphasizing the Brazilian origin of the beer and ingredients drove retention.
  3. Live action and dramatic movements in videos outperformed static creatives.
  4. Click-through rates increased by 424% in Instagram in-feed videos vs. Instagram stories.

In under 24 hours, VidMob transformed one Instagram in-feed video and two Youtube videos into final assets. The entire project was turned around in under five days.

The Results

With VidMob’s data insights and team of creative experts, “Manifesto” experienced a drastic lift in viewer engagement. Overall, VidMob’s assets drove a dramatic increase in click-through rate and view-through rate compared to total account average. Creative Intelligence highlighted key insights for the brand:

  • Visuals of locally sourced ingredients produced a 31% increase in click-through rate.
  • Citrus fruits specifically drove a 37% increase on Instagram in-feed.
  • Showcasing an up-close shot of the bottle yielded an 8% increase in click-through rates on Instagram and Facebook in-feed.
  • Short-text overlays, specifically the word “Brasil,” drove a 27% increase in click-throughs.

Colorado was not only able to raise customer awareness for its “Brasil con S” line, but also find long-term video solution partner in VidMob by launching an additional phase of the campaign to yield even more learnings.

“I was really impressed by their creative analytics tool. They scrutinized the brand’s last year’s presence on social media and came back with what has worked and what didn’t, plus some really good insights on  how to perform better in future creatives. On top of that, they delivered the new creative optimizations within a few days that actually performed way better, increasing our engagement by over 30%. This is AI turned into practice in an extremely handy tool for us marketeers. That’s exactly the definition of Better Faster Cheaper.”

–Nilson Kalili, Head of Marketing ZX Ventures, an AB InBev company.